the Holy Spirit “helpeth” us in our infirmities

WATCH WORD from Lance

THINK ABOUT IT… The Bible says that the Holy Spirit “helpeth” us in our infirmities. This indicates that He literally bears the responsibility to help us remove all obstacles. Have you ever moved a chair or a couch? You could pick up one end but needed someone to lift the other. This word “helpeth” gives the idea of someone doing the lifting on the heavy end along with you.

Rick Renner says “The Holy Spirit wants to grab hold of the obstacles you face and push against them until they are moved out of the way. The word “helpeth” indicates that two are better than one. You and the Holy Spirit can do a better job together to remove an obstacle than you can do by yourself.”

As you enter territory where you feel a bit overwhelmed let the Spirit help you move past the infinities of the flesh, the limitations of your knowledge or strength and push you past the resistance. You are never forsaken because the Holy Spirit is in you!


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