Its Not About Perfect…

10338739_10152444871554936_4962905441616677313_nIts Not About Perfect…

Been immersed in the tribe this week in Cabo at an event. Heard a beautiful comment today from one of the parents visiting who brought their daughter for the first time. She had to return to Texas a day early because of her job. From the airport she called to say she felt sad because she was already missing the people. When a room full of strangers can form into a community of love in 3 days, you know something special is happening. Christians don’t think about it often, but when they come together for the right reason, (even from other countries) they create an atmosphere that is different from any other culture on earth. It’s not because of the super-spirituality of the gathering, far from it. It’s because authenticity combined with hunger for God creates an atmosphere that invites the presence of Heaven on Earth.

We often look for a sudden breakthrough, but the reality is, if you keep moving in the direction of your dream, a gradual, perpetual transformation is taking place. Know that God has a unique and special calling on your life. You have gifts that were meant to be developed and demonstrated. There are people connected to your purpose. You have a work to do, an assignment to complete. You can’t do it alone. You need real friends and competent colleagues who can provide accurate feedback on what you are doing right and what you need to improve. Don’t quit. Change is happening! God is bringing people into your life that are uniquely qualified to help you get across the finish line. Live so you can hear “Well done!”

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