There are times in history where speakers, their words and their ideas shape nations

547111_10151139358444936_320586201_nThere are times in history where speakers, their words and their ideas shape nations. This is both good and bad. Good because the church has no lack of anointed oratory. Bad because the battle of big ideas isn’t fought in the church. Hitler and Churchill were secular prophets. They sought political endorsement thru carefully scripted use of their oratorical gifts, spin on events and leverage of national media. We live in a perilous time where the power of media, combined withthe short attention span and shallow thinking of average Americans makes for a dangerous cocktail. There is already a furious manifestation of mental manipulation thru media (called witchcraft on the left and right, but mostly the left – whose head spinning pea soup spitting exorcist rants from Bill Maher and Chris Mathews are bad enough to be almost entertaining.) But I digress….
To love God with ALL MY MIND as well as heart will require me to wrestle thru to clarity on complex issues, especially economic….
What sources do you go to in order to get clarity? Who do you think is objective? Do you think Christians need a crash course in some basic worldview issues? Does it bother you that millions of Christians are not even voting?

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