A Few Testimonies From Our LiveStreamers and Dream Trippers

I wanted to highlight a few of the testimonies that have come in from the recent Dream Trip in Lake Tahoe!


Being surrounded by 300 like-minded saints, all hungry for more of God & getting our VOICES BACK! Reminded me of the upper room, everyone was in ONE ACCORD, therefore, mountains will be moved. Greater works! Using the tools Lance provided to identify .the buried soundbites ( lies ) from the enemy which seem to surface, uninvited, in times of stress, difficulties, etc., and replacing them with God’s truth in a practical manner. Moving the truth of God’s word from head knowledge to Rhema knowledge. Being given the tools needed to discern the needs of others & demonstrate a boldness to trust in the Holy Spirit, speak out, and reach out to everyone in your pathway. No more “us 4 and no more”, no more concentrating on our own situations to muddle through our day to day lives, but vocalize and demonstrate to a lost and dying world the love of Jesus for all. Life changing revelations with practical tools for immediate implementation. Amazing revelations! So grateful! ~Lee Ann Dolph

Tahoe Pic by Blake

I’m at a loss for words how much I’ve gotten out of today’s sessions so far. Omg.   I have a few takeaways from the sessions.  Lance had been talking to us on Livestream directly and a couple times he did he spoke prophetically. One of those I really resonated with – had to do with depression and joy. I mean it was to the “T” for me. Wasn’t expecting that so I was really encouraged.

The process of changing my state, dealing with toxic thinking using “the truth is____” weapon….  I had several things come to mind regarding my personal history where I’d never seen a connection before – which then identified specific toxic thinking I’d -previously- felt trapped by.  Doing that last exercise that dealt with toxic thinking felt like the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t do it at first but that last time Lance had us do it, I succeeded! ~Sheri Preston Horton, Seattle.sheri notes

Oh my goodness! Found my passion and now have new direction! Church reformation, here I came! Getting a revelatory outline for my book! Hallelujah! Oh, and the lie…’Women don’t belong in leadership’- and the truth? We are all the same in Christ! (Eph 3:28) So grateful. tina novack

Holy Spirit did a destiny changing shift in my thinking. I have been on leadership teams in churches AND my husband and I are successful business owners. I assumed ‘business’ was my mountain. Right after Gary prophesied ‘When your clock stops at home you will know it is your time now.’ I remembered my clock had stopped and then the revelation came! It’s not business, it’s the church! Reformation! Hallelujah! Getting revelation for a book! There is way too much more to put here…. So excited to enter the next chapter of my destiny! So thankful for Lance and team!??? ~Tina Novak, Lakeland, Fl.

My passions buried over the years are legitimate and should not have been left hidden for so long. It is ok to have passions and dreams.   I can tell you that just this week God have given me more money, more opportunities at wealth creation with a company that puts God first and wants to help small businesses thrive ranita oneilland be blessed and then be introduced to the King and I applied and got an extra job that will help take back territory – church& family mountain.

Wow!!!! ~Ranita O’Neill, Melbourne, Australia

Finally have practical tools to rewire stronghold and patterns with the power of the Word and Blood of Jesus ~ Rosemary Garrison, New Jersey

Mine is that I needed to look at the road I have already traveled to see where I am going! Seeing things that I thought were dead dreams coming back to life! It definitely sparked my imagination toward what is possible even if I think I have limitations that cannot be overcome. SO Blessed!! ~ Cat Lerner, Quincy, IL area

dream trip meme

I loved the organizational charts to sort all of the info..made it easier to free up the thoughts. Brought back dreams. I love the info on society- the 4 faces of Christ on people. I related to that easily since i work with the public. As a livestreamer, I am amazed with Lance’s organizational skills with volumes of information, all of which have my interest.  Dorothy Bradford
Occupationally, I have worked publicly for years involving sales, management and training, therefore I easily connect with people. So learning the characteristics of
the four faces of Christ just took my people skills up to a new level. Also, knowing this is faster than the prophetic, as Lance said.

Learning how to create a trajectory from the giftings and experiences towards the prophetic destiny all clarifies the “big picture” for myself and others.
I could go on, but I’m grateful and blessed to partake of this vast wealth of knowledge. Thank you exceedingly! ~Dorothy Bradford

tahoe mountains

Ohhh my goodness! I am uberly superly blown away by the content in the Dream Trip Live Stream…

Session 1, was just killer sheep infusion of steroids on Vision, Passion, Purpose, Power!

Session 2, just went deeper into the ocean of Truth and even Deeper about life!

Seriously, I am pausing the video just to absorb the revelation!  If you can get in the LIVE STREAM get in… I’m having inner healing, passion infusion and deeper revelation all at once!  And look… it’s 4AM in the corner of my world, yet I’m still standing!  Thanks, Lance and team for being so generous with the LIVE Stream… Expect a bigger LIVE audience next year!!! ~Josh Europa, South East Asia

Millenial Testimonies!

I was able to create my passion statements and discern what I am going to do with my career.  I have started journaling again every day and am saying my passion statements everyday!  ~Brookolyn Newton, 20, Tampa, Fl.lance journals

This picture is of my dad, my brother, Blake, and myself getting new journals for the event!

This came from my MILLENIAL son as he was landing, returning home from Tahoe Dream Trip. Even the youngsters got mightily touched this weekend! ~Tari Newton, Tampa, Fl


Warriors do not fear death.

In fact, true warriors their greatest honor is to die in battle – a warrior’s death.

There are many aspects of death.

There is leaving this physical earth. There is dying to your flesh – laying down your own personal needs.

Only the strongest make it to the battlefield. Those willing to sacrifice their need of control to simply listen.

Those that make it through training come out with the ability to die for the one on their left and right. Because they have died to themselves. The lives next to them and around them more important than their own.

People call themselves “warriors for the kingdom” so casually. But to do that, you have to die to your flesh. You have to sacrifice what is yours, what you know as life. Giving 100% of yourself. Giving your need for safety – for comfortability.

Not everyone is made for that. There are those who created to take care of the wounded – to nurture and to love those still at home.

And as crucial as that is. This is to those called to fight – to fight for what they believe in – to fight for what they desire to see in the world.

Do not give up. Do not give in. You were called for a time as this.

You will be beaten down.

You will be ridiculed.

You will be mocked.

You will be slandered.

You will be stabbed in the back.

You will be __________

But you were called for such a time as this.

Is the journey not worth it? Is the reward not worth it?

To those that much is given, much is received.

I would rather die to myself than to live a life of mediocrity.

I would rather die to myself than to never see lives changed.

I would rather die to myself, than ___________

This goes out to my brothers, my sisters.

This goes to the warriors.

I know I am not alone. 
lance water blake



Blake Newton, 22, Tampa, Fl

Strategies of Using LiveStream to Build Community

Several LiveStreamers used Lance’s prompting to share the opportunity to gather several in the 7MU tribe to watch the stream and do the exercises together!  There are some that are holding weekly or monthly viewings so that those who couldn’t watch it live can continue watching it until everyone that wants to has seen it!

I’ve been going over to my friend’s place and replaying sessions she missed live,”  reported Sheri Preston Horton.

Another LiveStreamer, Maria Martinez said, “We will replay them for anyone in the Houston area that can’t watch it live until everyone has seen it!”

This is such a great opportunity to build community and can be the beginnings of your micro church!  You are encouraged to connect and begin coming together…


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