A Word for Mother’s Day!

The ancient conflict between Satan and the woman moves to a new level in 2017. I seldom share what I tell on this broadcast but my spiritual Mother, Esther Mallett, imparted to me a message I need to share now. Pastor Mallett was a true Prophetess, intercessor, and church planter. She taught me things about the end of the age that I’ve not shared often. But why not do so on Mothers Day in honor of our natural and spiritual Mothers?

(If you’re feeling spiritually weak, or under attack Fast Forward video to 29 min when I pray and join in! Then rewind and listen.)

For those asking, it’s true, my wife was born on Kathryn Kuhlmans birthday (May 9) and she is speaking in Chicago this week at:
Destiny arising .com.

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