Iyar-The Month That God Will Reveal

Here's a special word from the mountains of Nevada...

This is the month of Iyar- the month Divine Revealing! This is the Hebrew month of Issachar.

It is the Issachar moment for what is hidden in you to be revealed.  It is time for your identity upgrade – for you to find out who you really are!  Find out what your gift is, what you are called to release, who the people are that need to hear your voice.  There is something that you do or have that no one else has.  There is no one like you!

It is time the church found out how to do a multi-pronged attack.  It is not good enough for us to just focus on the good in the world.  Some of you need to take on the madness of culture like Stephen did- to rise up in our mountain of influence.  We have to make our voice relevant in culture again!  We need Christian comedians who will go ninja into the secular market!

It is time for Issachars to release hidden information….



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