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9 thoughts on “Team Trump’s Lawfare

  1. Lance, I so appreciate your daily updates, encouragements, scriptural prayers, and admonitions sprinkled with your Lance humor. You have kept my focus where I believe God wants me to have it. God bless you and your family and may He bring tou encouragement strength and wisdom.

  2. Thank you Lance for keeping us encouraged through this fight. And thank you for your transparency a couple of days ago when you confessed that you started succumbing to discouragement and overcame. My prayer is that the Light of Truth will drive out the darkness of systemic deception and corruption! God bless you brother for speaking Truth and helping us understand the Biblical precedent of our current events…

  3. Lance,
    When I receive a video from you, it’s so significant to me! To hear what you have to say, and the way you say it, the encouragement and hope you deliver it’s just a refreshment to my soul. I pray for you daily! Never ever get discouraged. We are the church of the living Christ! And together we will prevail!

  4. Lance I really want to say two important words to the Trump team of lawyers, and to Sidney Powell. Expect and Expose.
    I heard SP say that Georgia plans to use the very same corrupt voting system for the runoff elections Jan 5, as crazy as that sounds. Red team MUST be preparing now. Expect what Blue team will do, and respond accordingly. Be ready for them. This runoff election in Georgia is an opportunity to Expose the lie perpetrated on the entire United States. This vote counting system is doing what its designers programmed it to do: count votes to keep our side from ever winning another election.
    We need to set up a situation whereby we can catch them dead to rights as soon as the fraudulent behavior occurs. Let us NOT stand by and watch the arrogant and boastful Blue team finish their deception. This is the moment to expose them and finish them off. If Trump’s lawyers do not capitalize on this final opportunity to expose the corruption, then they are not the top level lawyers I take them to be. We the People must not have our will be defeated and subverted by a fraudulent scam of such magnitude. These characters have to be exposed when they least expect it, while the fraud is taking place. Bring in Dan Bongini. Set up a foil they cannot resist that will bear out the truth! Show them up plainly to even the most ardent Blue team supporters. Expect and Expose. Thank you for this opportunity to pass along what I believe us Godly counsel.

  5. We definitely want to see rightousness and truth prevail!! We want our president to remain in OUR White House where he belongs! We will stay strong and faithful!! I love how you can put a smile and laugh in me! Thank you for being YOU! God bless you!

  6. I totally love your name for Chris! He is one of the most “see which way the wind blows” politicians in our time. I never liked it when he was trusted by President Trump. This guy will stab you in the back every chance he gets.

  7. Lance. I watch for your updates daily.
    you are one smart guy with alot of Godly knowledge as well. You are a blessing to me. Ive learned alot watching, reading from you.
    Thank you for letting God use you to touch soo many lives.
    you have such a humorous way as well.
    Thank you again for all you do to reach soo many people. Ive shared you to many friends and FB as well to get the word out there.
    Keep praying for President Trump, Gods got a plan and we are a part of it!!!

  8. Lance. I am an avid viewer from Australia. Been following your comments for over a year. This year because of your elections I started to take notice of situations that were not clicking with me. Now I understand the election process I can see discrepencies here. Have been following the outcomes and have been praying earnestly for Pres Trump’s re election. I am aware of 2 notable Prophets who spoke of 2 terms President. They were faithful servants of The Most High. Those words are still unfulfilled at the moment but it takes prayer warriors to keep contending. There will be a breakthru, because God does not lie. Like the walls of Jericho, USA is going to have those walls come tumbling down for all the world to see. Aussies believe in “fair go”. If we lose because things are done right then we accept the decision, however, if it is not, then we fight. I share your info with a lot of my friends. Love your explanations so easy to understand. Keep up the good work…