The Deep Divisions Within The Church

God is doing a work in you as you wrestle in this season. You are increasing in favor with God even as you fight for righteousness to prevail in this election fraud.

This chapter of history has caused deep divisions within the church. I say that’s good actually. The Apostle Paul wrote that God uses divisions among His people in order to identify those that are “approved.” Approved for what? I’ll explain.

PLUS I’ve got an important update on Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia!

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6 thoughts on “The Deep Divisions Within The Church

  1. Lance,
    I recently found you. How refreshing to find someone who recognizes the powerful prayers in Psalms. I pray like that all of the time. It is an honor for the saints. May God separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares.

    Thank you for your refreshing, confirming words.
    Joe Grant

  2. How I thank God for you, Lance! That you have the courage & God-given wisdom to stand up & come against this wickedness going on right now. And that you share it with someone like me in small town America so that I can stand strong in the midst of our enemies & not become discouraged because I know what’s going on & can share it with my family & friends. God bless you & your family, Lance! Standing strong together in this fight for our nation!

    • I so agree with what you said! I found Lance months ago during this plague. He has kept me on the right track. I so thank God for Lance and leading me to him!

  3. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for speaking out on the events of our time.
    After being fed up with the fake news we just happened to stumble over the show America Stands…flash point….( it certainly was God) and we have been watching you
    And the others give us God’s News….we are thanking the Lord for this show and will be telling others…Christians need to get in this fight for the life of this great country….America….and pray, pray, pray…with one heart we are Bob and Bernadette