What are Sanballat and Tobiah are doing?

Here’s what the enemy is posting. You need to know what Sanballat and Tobiah are doing. What does this mean? It’s simple. The Attorney General William Barr is about to expose illegal intelligence community activity, and former Obama CIA Chief John Brennan and McCain and Clapper are going to be linked to the fake Dossier […]

Important Word On President Trump, Turkey, Syria And The Kurds

A lot of you have been wondering what’s happening with the President and Turkey and I’ve got a very important update for you. I just flew home from Tel Aviv, Israel, Brazil, and San Diego. Just when I arrived in Jerusalem in Israel for the Feast Of Tabernacles, I actually edified myself about God’s faithfulness […]

Trump Takes On The U.N.

Nothing amazes me more than the BREAKING NEWS nobody hears. Trump takes on U.N. world order and follows up with first ever U.N. meeting on the plight of persecuted believers – and nobody knows! At the end of my step by step analysis of Trumps bold challenge to nations. Each punch thrown at corrupt players […]

BE BOLD for what you stand for, and discerning about what you fall for.

A Prophetic Word is coming to the church. I am wrestling with it now. Here is what I am hearing… The Lord is allowing the nation to feel the tremor of shaking to let it know that that it’s foundations are eroding under its feet. God gave us a divine reprieve from judgement when he […]


Before the bodies are even buried in the earth, it’s all Trump’s fault. Yet, as things start to develop, you find out the Dayton guy was a leftist Elizabeth Warren supporter who was “anti-Trump!” CNN won’t mention it! No one mentioned it. The El Paso shooter said “I had these opinions before Trump was elected.” […]

Finally Got This Wild Mario Murillo Interview Recording

Finally got this wild Mario Murillo interview recording for you. We went down some incendiary paths on that call. Catch it while it’s available. I pinned it to the top of my “Lance Wallnau” Facebook page. Also, I’m so mad at this fake social security scam I’m getting calls about. I’m half ready to prank […]


Find out what is happening behind the scene and pray the prophetic prayers that make a difference. Why are rulers raging right now? Why is the moment urgent? Franklin Graham called for prayer and we have over 2000 that locked shields together in a “live” prayer call. We need you in this battle. Join in!