Extreme Dream Trip

We’re taking Dream Trip to the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. again this year!

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The Body Of Christ Is Awakening And Nations Are The Object!

Join me as I interview Hany Soryal the co-founder of the Global Leadership Symposium. The world’s most unique gathering of young Daniels and Esthers and Joseph’s with experts, mentors and trainers. Right in Prague, the romantic and prophetic heart of Europe where the first martyr of the Reformation, Jon Hus, pastored and preached.This July 2nd-20th, […]

LIVE at 100X speaking to 300 Kingdom Business Entrepreneurs! 850 views

Today I’m speaking at the 100x Acceleration conference and I tell them about my first conference talk I gave, called doing business supernaturally. In it, I was talking about the 7 mountains and I realized the 7 mountain message took off way more than doing business supernaturally! From looking at what all of those attendees […]

Shocking: What The Pastors Preached During The American Civil War

I’m coming to you from the East Wing of the White House here in Washington D.C. Before the midterms, people were talking about “red and blue state waves,” but I knew that there wouldn’t be. What we ended up with was what President Lincoln had, a house divided. We’re in another civil war, this time […]

Our Next Generation Leaders!

I’m always looking for next-generation leaders. I was in a meeting here in Washington D.C. and came in contact with this young entrepreneur, Britnie Turner. Now, she is someone to know about! In my conversation with her I discovered she was in a class I taught when she was 17. She had been wondering at […]