Stock Market drops as CEOS insult Trump

The CEOs of some of America’s largest companies are patriots in name only. These waffling, spineless CEOs are walking away from Donald Trump due to the liberal media’s attempt to link him with white supremacy. Why are they doing this?  Because they can’t handle the pressure.

God sends us a president who helps Wall Street to rally and creates a million jobs, but the Bolshevik liberal press activates their base to try to tear him down. The stupidest thing that business leaders could do in this situation is to insult the sixty million voters who voted for Trump. It is not surprising that the stock market has now had its first setback since our new leader has taken office. This is not a coincidence. This is a prophetic response to the uprising and insult that came from these CEOs.

There were four or five CEOs who decided not to grandstand their politics. However, the CEOs who ditched Trump’s Business Council and the political left, in general, have blatantly ignored the sixty plus times that Donald Trump has disavowed the KKK and white supremacy.  It doesn’t matter to the left – they want to pin that narrative on him regardless of the facts.

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