Dealing with Disappointment

One of the battles in life is to stay in the state necessary to get done what we need to do. So often I have found that the difference between something going well or something going poorly wasn’t preparation or prayer, rather it was how I showed up. Did I come free, or did I come preoccupied? Discouragement is one of those things that can rob you of the ability to show up strong for the next appointment.

The mischief of discouragement is that it is an emotional hangover from some expectation that wasn’t fulfilled. The act of being thankful for what is going right in your life is not just some superficial tip. Instead, it is a brilliant strategy for believers. It means you are disciplining yourself to find what is going on and celebrating what is working. This ability to focus your mind helps you to find encouragement in any circumstance.

If you do not remain vigilant, the enemy will happily invade your thoughts. The news media has a daily budget in the billions of dollars to traumatize you with something. They make their money by keeping your attention on negative news. This is why the act of making a list of the progress you are making and the things that are going right in your life is essential. Don’t forget: whatever gets your attention gets you!

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