Invitation from the Garden of the Gods

It is the season for riots, manipulated media and demons on the loose. I want to give you some clear-cut prophetic insight on what is happening in the news cycle. I want you to be aware of who is funding the anarchy as well as the organizations behind it who are seeking to bring down the Trump administration. There is a major demonic assault that is trying to take down everything that God is trying to do in America.

There are very few Christians who are aware of this and even fewer who are actively fighting it. It seems like they are thankful that Donald Trump won the election, but plan to go back to sleep for the next four years. We need to understand that there is a battle raging all around us!

Listen, even if you’re not currently a member of the 7m Underground, you need to get down to our Orlando conference. It is going to be a powerful time to mobilize intercession, prophetic, and political engagement/activism for the frontline cultural warriors. It will give you access to my inside political perspective and prophetic activist training. America is getting shaken, and we need more of you to get activated and engaged.

Get your tickets NOW, because this event fills up FAST -> Reserve your seat at the 7m Summit in Orlando this October!

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