Rude Awakening

Before the Great Awakening?

Remember this – the anti-Christ of the Bible emerges as a little horn that speaks great swelling words. 
The mouth of the enemy is the enemy and the delivery system is media, what poisons people. Gods remedy is the VOICE of the Lord. The year 5777 is the year of the clashing of utterance – where is the voice of the church? Where is it in the nation?


Hint: We're around the corner talking to ourselves.

When that changes we will see a huge debate in the church about the role of Christian engagement in culture. It's inevitable. There are 25 million of us standing on the sidelines watching crazy people try to burn down Rome.

The biggest weakness? We have leaders that want a Church Mountain Revival – the old Jesus Movement or Toronto with some updated Millennial flare! But God is calling us to the world outside – and that audience doesn't pray in stadiums or pay very well.

We may have a rude awakening before the great awakening.

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