Moral Dilemma – Does God Restore Virginity?

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Moral Dilemma – Should you still obey a law, if the law isn’t working?

Does God restore virginity?  Can the Lord restore a virgin spirit?  A virgin identity?

There must be revival in the land!  The youth at the 7mGen Camp said that they wanted their parents to experience it.  Can you imagine a revival that turns the children’s hearts to the parents and the parents to the children?  What an awakening that can happen when that kind of agreement comes when they pray. Generational curses will be broken. As that happens, we will make progress in the other mountains.  The Elijah spirit on the secular world is coming to the church.  God is moving to heal the breach in American by healing families!

The orphans in America, let’s stand for them.  This move will hit the campuses.  Share this message with your friends!  God wants others in agreement with this move that he is doing!

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