Alignments – Assignments and Angelic activity!

Alignments – Assignments and Angelic activity! This is the year to see the force multiplier of heaven work in your life. —- NOTE when camera goes SIDEWAYS I told my friend Dave Yarnes – “we need to flip the camera!” And he says ” no you don’t.”

Enjoy this brief message.

In Bend, Oregon talking with Dave Yarnes, vice president of Morning Star about the 7mGen training event for the young people, 18-25 years old at Morning Star. Very powerful event.

The nature of your alignment has to do with the angelic activity that happens in your life. God starts to bring constellations into alignment. Getting your kids into the right tribe is vitally important. The anointing that is going to be on this event is to face the fury of this next decade. To face the collision of principalities and angels over the direction of America.

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