Time To Advance

I just left an amazing meeting in Bend, Oregon with Hub Nation where they have a hub for each mountain.  It is fascinating.  There is ground to be taken.  I could feel the rush in the room.  Angels are on assignment to give Jesus his inheritance in media in this period of shakeup globally.

Angels are on assignment to give Jesus territory in Hollywood.  Just think the New York Times and CNN; what’s happening with Johnny Depp and Bill Maher as they are running their mouths.  It’s like God is literally taking the wheels off the chariot of Pharaoh as he is trying to persecute what God is doing.

So THIS is the time to advance.  I want to train your sons and daughters on how to raid Babylon.  Go to LanceWallnau.com/camp.  Five days of training on how to debate worldview, how to be filled with the Holy Ghost, how to walk in unity with the Spirit of Jesus, how to understand free enterprise and the battle of sheep nations, and the 7m revelation and how to network with each other.  How to form cohort groups that can advance.

Some heavy hitters are coming.  If you want to network your kids with entertainers, funding, producers, get them there.

There is going to be a move of God in Bend, Oregon and Chester, UK and then they are going to Arc and connect around the globe.  Then our micro-churches are going to fill in the gap.  It has to be about Love because the Love of God attracts the anointing… WATCH VIDEO!

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