Merv Griffin Show!

I surprised my friend, Jeff, with a live broadcast on our Merv Griffin set.  I asked Jeff to talk about the “witness that the world will know.”

Jeff talks about John 13 and how they will know by the love we have for one another.  He talks about how many people have interpreted that scripture as Christians loving the world into the Kingdom, versus how he now sees this Scripture lived out.  He says he now sees this Scripture as being more if we, as Christians, love one another as brothers in such a way that the world has never seen then they will want to be a part.  It will be a sign that we have been with Jesus.

What is the difference between being loving and emasculated?

Watch the video for the rest of the LIVE LATE NIGHT broadcast!

ALSO……Join us in the Underground for the 2nd part of the interview in a PRIVATE, exclusive video

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