12011331_10153669330149936_7659976378198015915_nMAKE YOUR ASSIGNMENT PERSONAL.
When God gives you an assignment in His Kingdom He expects you to own it and run it like it’s your own kingdom. Therefore, what shows up in your kingdom – you take it very personally.

You see if it’s His Kingdom then you very well might say that “I’m trying hard.” But if it’s YOUR kingdom to be administered for Him by you then everything including the parables that Jesus taught about ownership and stewardship apply.

When He gave talents to servants or gave “this” to that one or “that” to this one when He returned home – He checked in on what they did with what He entrusted to them.

Matthew 25:14-30 (paraphrased): Like a man going on a journey, who entrusted his property to his servants. One got five talents, another two talents and another one talent, each according to his ability; then went on his journey. After a long time the master returned and settled the accounts with them. First servant said, you entrusted me with five talents; I have gained five more. His master replied, well done, good and faithful servant! Come and share your master’s happiness! The next servant said, you entrusted me with two talents; I have gained two more. His master replied, well done, good and faithful servant! Come and share your master’s happiness! Then the last one said, I knew that you are a hard man, so I was afraid and hid your talent in the ground and here is what belongs to you. His master replied, you wicked and lazy servant! You should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so I would have received interest. Take that talent and give it to my first servant for he will have abundance and throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness.

These three servants were given resources of their master to administer or administrate. They should have taken it very personal.

What if YOUR DESTINY is connected to: what FRUIT are you called to manifest, what TERRITORY are you called to take, or what FOOTPRINT are you called to leave on planet earth…
that YOU are anointed, assigned and created to fulfill?

If you were to take ownership of it, you would put up with a lot less garbage from the devil in that territory. When it’s not yours anything can be going on in that “region” – but when it’s yours it personalizes it for you.

So, when David is looking over a few sheep in a field he takes ownership of the flock as though they were his, as though it was his own business. The sheep were actually his father’s sheep but he tended to them as though they were his.

Because of his personal regard, when a lion or a bear came he didn’t say “sorry dad a lion came and killed one of your sheep”. No, instead his response was: “hey, that’s mine, that’s my sheep; touch it and you’re dead!” Something goes off in his head; he’s now not thinking normal; he’s not thinking fear nor the size of the opponent, he’s thinking stewardship and ownership of a sphere assigned to him and he takes it much more serious. He takes you running off with one of his sheep very personally.

So … what do YOU think? Any examples in your life that come to mind?


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  1. Hi Lance,
    I’ve been watching your free videos on youtube and feel greatly inspired by your teachings.

    I’m a Christian of Chinese descent from Malaysia where we’re undergoing some challenging times of late as our Prime Minister and his government is steeped in corruption, injustice, dirty politics, racial tension,etc. If you google Malaysian politics, there are a great many articles written about it. It is a scandal of huge proportion.

    Our currency Malaysian Ringgit is now at a all time low against the US$ which has made things a lot more expensive.

    I was wondering whether there’s a way you can mentor me to be a change agent using my God given talents that I’ve managed to turn into a skill that I believe will benefit God’s Kingdom.

    So what do I do for a living? I’m a online forex trader for the past 10+ years. During this time, I’ve managed to go through peaks and valleys but I know God has stirred in my heart to do something for God’s Kingdom.

    I’ve managed to develop an expert advisor or “robot” in collaboration with a programmer. The Robot can trade automatically and profitably based on certain specifications and algorithms that has been set in advance.

    I guess, what I really want to ask is how do I become entrepreunial as you’ve suggested. I’m not a marketing person but I do want to take this to another level in the financial world. Would you be so kind as to mentor me? I consider this as a divine appointment.

    Your advise and help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    God bless,

    • Esther..hi I read your comment.. I see it’s a long time ago.. Can u help me with raising’s a long story but as much trouble the US is in..i m yelling from the rooftops.. But need $to care for all the birds and horses I own..I need better housing for them and $ to hire help so I can do God’s work preaching and saving souls..I’ve been attacked at every opportunity I have done by evil thieves.. Any advice wf be greatly appreciated. As it will further help God’s Kingdom..thx n God Bless You..Kimberly
      PS..I just found you Lance..I’m on periscope are an amazing teacher.. Thank you so confirm everything I’ve been preaching to all that will listen..

    • In this regard I was given the distinct clarity of raising my two sons, whom God told me had a special calling each to fulfill in His kingdom. I was 40, they being 6 & 8 young years, when we were suddenly abandoned by their father and then in a spiritual battle that was waged over the following 6 years of which I protected them like David did his father’s sheep. As they have long since grown up, with the help of my late mother, and their beloved grandmother who helped me raise them, they have forgiven their father. I see God’s loving hand in and on my life, my mother’s and of course theirs. We have overcome so much and even one son defeated the enslavement of addiction while the other has found his own broken spirit healed and heart filled as Father’s voice speak to him in of all places…San Francisco, California where he moved for his first career job after he got a Master’s degree at Indiana University. And both my sons God decreed, are called from birth to help mankind in their generation. Both are talented Entrepreneurs in business and I believe are going to be part of the move of God in this era of Pentecost, the prophetic times of a fresh outpouring of God’s power, and I decree this over them too, and their names are Alexander (27) and Christopher (25).

  2. Yes, I can feel I need to own this. What I have continued to battle is a religious spirit that tells me to be polite, also known as politically correct. I am a warrior by nature and I will no longer hold back. Thank you Lance for being yourself.

  3. I am a female veteran. I was with the first battalion of women who trained with men at Fort McClellan, Alabama. When we went to bivouac, which is when we are put in combat situations for training, women were not yet allowed to carry guns. When the drill sergeant ordered me to go out into the “battlefield” and tend to a soldier who suffered an abdominal gunshot wound (plastic guts were everywhere….), I requested a gun. He was upset and said “What did you say, Private!?” My response was, ” Why would I think that the person who shot him is not going to shoot me? Where is my gun, sir!” I was immediately dismissed but not for being a smart aleck kid of 17. I was dismissed because the sergeant realized I actually wanted to serve and I was their to train…I was not there to make pretend I was training. At the time, women training with men in boot camp was highly controversial. Officers were concerned over the effect that women would have on “real soldiers”.

    The drill sergeant respected my response and he dismissed me because there was nothing more in bivouac training I needed. That portion of the training was to get us rookies acclimated to the sounds of bullets, being shot at, chemical gas and equipment, and wilderness training, etc. All of that training is useless without common sense and a strong survival instinct. I believe the drill sergeant sensed I had both in spades, so my training was completed on the second day. Even though at 17 I was still a snotty nosed kid, I recognized the approval that my sergeant had given was rare and personal. Everyone else had to finish bivouac.

    Three years later, women were allowed to train with guns, but by then I had completed my term.

  4. I would like to say that if something costs you, you are less likely to let go of it that easily. A series of processes had to occur to me for me to become more rooted in what He specifically assigned to me that took several steps. At each time the floods, winds, and rains came I was able to withstand at every stage. Or at least if I did fall He gave me what I needed to get back up again.

    I know after doing many things His way and many things My way what my jurisdiction and authority is and it makes me more and more unmovable…in regards to what you have shared I absolutely agree that God gives us gifts and talents but many don’t personally own them. I’ve had to go through my garden of Gethsemane, carry my own cross, and learnt without the suffering that God uses for His purposes we won’t receive or inherit or walk in His glory that to me is like tiers it gets stronger and stronger more and more intense.

    I had to go through stages of maturity and this is ongoing, to really own what I own today. To know its my domain. So thank you very much I love the way you explained this.

    • Your probably going to verbally shoot me BUT I do NOT AGREE with women in Battle! as HELPMEET in Battle Yes, tending wounded men maybe helping in the strategy but fight NO! we were made to nurture I believe that this is the correct Balance.

  5. Dear Lance : I just saw this post – I was in JerUSAlem when you posted this – celebrating the Feast of Tabernacle in 2015. WOW : It is now 1.3.2019, but please read along… The LORD says : As the Heavens are above the sky so are MY ways higher than your ways, now just learn to walk in MY WAYS… The following comes to my mind : The day was Sunday 12.8.1996 : “LORD, somewhere in here (the pink Bible I was holding in my hands) the mountain falls into the sea. I don’t know where. Show me please, LORD”! Closing my eyes, I let HIM open HIS page in HIS WORD: “NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD ALMIGHTY, FOR WHEN YOU ARE WEAK HE’LL MAKE YOU STRONG FROM HEAVEN, THEREFORE, NO MOUNTAIN HOWEVER TALL CAN STAND SAYS ZECHERIAH 4:7….” WOW! (PS: this verse is read every day during the 8 days of Hanukkah in the Synagogues – (PS: In John 10:22 Yeshua celebrated Hanukkah – Feast of Dedication) … That was a powerful testimony from the LORD and I finished my poem which I titled : “MIRACLES” (I can send the entire poem) with the following sentence : “The people of this world say”Seeing is Believing”, but GOD IN HEAVEN says : “BELIEVING IS SEEING!” I was attending Sunday Service at Assembly of GOD Church in Mound, Pastor Rod Kimbled got up to give his message and said : “I have to change my sermon today (12.8.1996) and talk about “Believing and Seeing”…. WOW! GOD matched the Pastor’s sermon to my poem. COOL! That is the way the LORD follows my spoken & written WORD, thus I am writing to you today with this most URGENT information : Get ready for THE BIGGEST MOVE OF GOD IN HISTORY OF MANKIND – starting 2.19.2019 – with signs & wonders like never seen before; with our JEWISH Brethren accepting YESHUA as LORD & SAVIOR; by uniting the 2 Tribes (JUDAH) and the 10 Tribes (EPHRAIM) into the 12 TRIBES all together, worshiping the GOD OF ISRAEL, YESHUA HA-MASHIACH – THE KING OF THE JEWS as written in JOHN 19:19. Check the date to the Jewish Calendar : Purim Katan = Small Purim…. Adar I/ 2.18-2.19.19/ But there is nothing SMALL about this event – Always Look up, never give up! HE IS HERE! …. Shalom to JerUSAlem & all the World with YESHUA in the heart of all people. Shalom to you & your family.

  6. Hello Dr.Lance,I bless the Lord for making you His beautiful vessel.Iam Terry vihenda kochi,Iam from Kenya Africa and Iam an online preacher of the Gospel, I have purposed to distribute kingdom wealth here on Facebook and where Iam called locally to preach the Gospel of Christ. Kindly here is my mailing address if you are lead to assist me course I need material to help me teach the word of God,and also I need financial assistance because I have never asked funds from the ones I minister to so it becomes challenging in buying airtime or bundles to be online.+254724804059 is my cellphone number,you can download the WAVE MONEY APP,and send it through that mobile number. I will appreciation your assistance.

  7. I am claiming ownership, founder of the 8th Mountaintop sphere of influence released in Revelation 5:14. Worship is manifested as the “church” the last mountaintop in need of kingdom restructuring. From Chicago to The Vatican, the church needs to return to true worship. Worship will give believers the power base to occupy territory by the Spirit of God.
    The body of Christ is the church or bride of Christ. All commands from the throne of God are orders the body of Christ is authorized to issue upon the earth. The church in this millennium is completely separate from the first seven churches the Apostle Paul initially worked to establish.
    The seven churches of Asia were under the command of the Old Testament laws. It is from their letters that the New Testament was compiled.

    The first seven churches of Asia had a time of discernment which lasted through its given period of prominence. After being warned by letters from the exiled Apostle John the seven churches lived through its time before coming to an end. The 7 churches in Revelation 1-2 development with little evidence in the supernatural. Their end created a void that opened the door for an 8th church to come forth.

    The 8th church is alive and thriving by the power of Holy Spirit. The first seven churches lacked an understanding needed to allow Christian Jews to unite with the believing Gentiles. That void was filled by the entrance of the 8th church. It emerged with proof of Holy Spirit power to unify all people under one faith and one Lord of all

    More details supporting the 8th mountaintop is at

  8. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to Math. History, unfortunately, isn’t my forte either. Psychology, especially human behavior in Business (NASH), Sociology, Science, Writing, Public Speaking, Teaching, Event Planning, Theatrical Production, Music, Dance, Visual and Therapeutic Arts, Holistic and Spiritual Healing I accel at. But my best quality is relating to people. Everyone wants to tell me their life story all the time. I am a magnet for people wanting to vent. I dig that. Getting down to the mat. Letting it all out no phones, or iPads scribbling notes. I’d like to “coach” your crowd in the back based on your sermon focus. There would be gains. I assure you of that. I’ve been to the bottom many times. I know what to say when. I dont confuse or agitate, especially with the Word. If I bring someone down, I’ll be judged. Plus thou shall not put obstacles before a blind man. So, you just will have to take my word for it. I also know a thing or two about handling Demons. We’d have to be on the same page but I think we already are anyway. Please email me, text, or call. 8634582966 soon. I can leave yesterday.

  9. Thank you got assignment now h ve to mive into it this lesson will propel me into it focus focus focus THY KINGDOM COME
    Alta Edwards Ministries
    South Africa

  10. Hola Lance vi su videó con Sid Roth sobre el dicernimiento de Espíritus me pareció muy interesante e importante para los tiempos que vivimos, bendigo su vida y lo que Dios está haciendo a través de usted, por favor si tienes libros traducidos al español envieme el link para comprarlos le saludo desde El Occidente de Honduras

  11. 2 kings ch.3v17 for Israel miracle provision for Whatever they need as Gods people! He Himself SHALL DELIVER THE LAND OF ISRAEL NO FOE CAN WITHSTAND YAVEH! May the viel from their hearts be removed Amen!

  12. Lance- I understand the message you were providing about praying and believing which transforms under the HS into expectation. And I believe in sacrifice. I got to the website by simply putting your name in Google- I found out about you well before Trump won the nomination and related to your comments about Isaiah 45. The Lord picked whom He needed for the battle, not what We wanted.

    Here is my point; Our Lord is a God of great leverage- are you praying for believing He has a plan (cure ) for Corona and expecting it? What is your prophecy about Coronavirus. I am on board as a prayer warrior; about being expectant in prayer–at the end it was a little like Joel Osteen. I sense you are a man of God and feel comfortable sharing my unadulterated thoughts with you.
    God bless your steps
    Jim Nance

    I was thrown by the end of the 19 minutes asking for $$ support.

  13. Yes! The Lord is giving me an a assignment for protecting the US Constitution. I’m prophetic and a man working in the briefings with President Trump is bring highlighted to me as the servant he has marked prophetically to use to protect it. His name is,Patrick Heim. A war strategist Professor from West Point,CIA,a diplomat etc…He is similar to John Adam’s from what I am being shown by God, but without the divine wisdom and discernment, John Adam’s used. Patrick is agnostic. I believe God wants to connect you and he somehow. Currently I am writing a letter to him about the threat of Constitution’s existence and how God sees him in this. I am an owner of, Laughing Bark Dog Spa, in NJ. I have been in advertising and stand up comedy. I am following the Lord’s destiny with the 2 goals of wisdom and discernment. What do you think?