When The Fire Falls, Donald Trump Goes To Church

America's cities are literally burning and many of us watching the rioting are horrified because we thought America was more unified than this. Politicians, journalists and actors are cheering on the anarchy and we need to wonder where are the voices that will bring reason, calm, and clarity back to this situation? There is an evil in America right now, there are organizations out there that are exploiting what's happening in order to create an even greater incendiary manner. This is being fanned by media and supported by organizations funded to produce anarchy.

I want to tell you the story you haven't heard about the incendiary picture of President Trump standing outside the church in Washington DC, the reaction of the Democrat clergy, and Donald Trump's faith in America's Christians. Also, what was the President going to be doing at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine? Who has been funding this anarchy? Socialism is a huge part of their anarchy and they plan to overthrow the economic stability of the United States.


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8 thoughts on “When The Fire Falls, Donald Trump Goes To Church

  1. Lance,

    Great show, and I agree. If you noticed when Nancy Pelosi had up the Bible in her LEFT hand and read Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:1-8, that was a signal for the protesters to start and they did after that. On the other hand, Donald Trump held the Bible in his right hand and signaled to all Christians that he has our back thru Jeshua. Isn’t that kind of coincidence? Not really. He is God’s anointed one and this is a spiritual warfare that we will win!!! Thank you for all you do and for your words of encouragement in thid time of trouble. Be blessed always!

  2. Agree completely . Thank you for keeping us Chritians updated. Unfortunately, many in the church are still sleeping. It is hard to find unity on these subjects. Always look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I believe in prayer. I believe that a righteous person (meaning righteous only through the blood of Jesus) who prays fervently before our Abba Father can get some pretty impossible things accomplished!! However, in the craziness of all that is going on in our country, I have felt pretty useless.

    I see or hear of people getting stuff done, I.e. pulling poor little Elmer Fudd’s gun out of his hands, starting a new country (CHAZ), getting half a nation to agree with defunding our police, and the list goes on and on.

    They are doing this while Christians agree to pray. This is a spiritual battle!! It is fought on our knees yes, but it seems to me throughout the Bible God called His people to action. He had them use absurd things like jars, trumpets, and sling shots. One thing that God loved to do was minimize the numbers in his armies. He enjoyed showing His power when his armies of small numbers would defeat their foes who far outnumbered them. I loved the way He always got the enemy to become confused, turn on itself, and self destruct.

    Every morning when I wake up I read of another one of our American rights being jeopardized. Another well meaning patriot being attacked and/or losing his or her financial support or another business being boycotted.

    Christians I am afraid that the days of saying a nice little prayer that God will spare our country as we take the last gulp of a Twinkie are over. In Matthew the Bible says the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

    What is my role in all of this? What is your role? Do we silently sit back and watch a generation of entitled know it alls plunder and destroy what our parents and Forefathers fought to preserve? (Disclaimer.. there are some awesome kiddos out there. This is not a generalization).

    I am writing this as a question. When do we say enough is enough and we begin to get off our butts and make a change? Not once in the Bible do I read where God told armies to just pray. He always called them to action. In these modern times, what does that action look like?

    It really doesn’t matter because it was never the army and their acts of war that won the war anyway. God always saw to it that there was no mistake who won the battle. It was God himself. If He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, would He not show up for us as well.

    My prayer is that God shows me what it is I can do in addition to praying! It is in unity we take back our country. It is working together with Jesus, the captain of the host.

    The day I gave my life to Jesus as a young child, we sang Onward Christian Soldiers. I remember it so well. I never dreamed I would write something like this in my lifetime. I thought America was for Jesus. I thought I was safe! I thought most everyone agreed on moral, ethical, and spiritual matters. I remember as a teenager singing in a youth choir “I am thankful to be an American, to be part of a land that’s free. I am thankful to God for allowing me to be an American.” The choir director/youth leader said there may come a day we won’t be able to sing a song like this. We poo pahed his statement, but little did we know he understood how easily, insidiously, and overwhelmingly this could happen.

    Perhaps our call to action is to meet somewhere without masks and sing to the top of our lungs God bless America. Perhaps it will mean taking a brick to the head or a crow bar to the back. It could possibly mean coming out of the comfort of our homes and our upholstered prayer pads and showing we are not going to take this any more.

    I know this post is not going to win me any popularity contests. I really don’t care! This is not a political post it is a call to arms!! It is saying warriors in Christ rise!! Quit being complacent, because people who are anti-Christ are bold, aggressive, and serious.

    Maybe, just maybe if we show up with our trumpets and jars, God will show up with His almighty power to give us another chance. Let’s face it Christians, we have blown it. Why would the world want what we have? Come out of your snoozing!! It’s time to fight! It’s time to forgive! It’s time to love! It’s time to to reform! It’s time to be the Church!!

    • That was SO well said, Teressa, and you are SO right! Thank you, dear sister!
      I’ve known the Lord since 9 and sang Onward Christian Soldiers too! This generation needs to learn every verse and we all need to apply it! LOVE is ACTION!
      I lived through the Jesus People movement too, and remember how we went to the streets, had a Christian Coffee house with open doors & open arms to all who entered, so we could share the love of Jesus and watch the Holy Spirit change hearts and lives. This next move will be so much more awesome, if each one of us does what the Lord tells us to do. Even the smallest acts of kindness or standing strong when needed, God will bless us and back us up, doing wonders!! Essential: Open our mouths & hearts, and MOVE our hands & feet! All by God’s strength and all for His GLORY!

  4. This is so spot on. Besides praying and influencing our circle I think we need to do something- I just don’t know what.

  5. This is the new narrative of the radical Democrat party because;
    The Russia hoax didn’t work,
    The Mueller Probe didn’t work,
    The tactical insurance policy by FBI leadership to get the new President ousted didn’t work,
    The Ukraine Phone Conversation and letter narrative didn’t work,
    The Impeachment of President 45 by hate filled House Representatives didn’t work,
    The overarching death ‘theme ‘of COVID-19 and Trump’s failures within it…narrative didn’t work,

    So now we live with their ‘new and improved’ tactical approach by Left progressives, to just plain create an impossible racial narrative that encourages outrage on every level against any and all who remotely might vote for Donald Trump in November 2020.
    In the pea sized brains of this Left community this is supposed to create a certain level of submissiveness by all of those who remotely might vote for Donald Trump and or Republicans in November. By causing over 65% of the population to feel bad about “everything” including the color of their skin, white or black. And in particular to cause them to desire to repent of being Caucasian accusing them of “White Privilege.”

    This is absolute usury of civil powers and racial profiling.
    ANYONE who claims to know Christ as Lord, and cannot see this enormous desperate planned,
    coup d’é·tat, being performed by these sick thinkers in Washington DC and anywhere else where they cluck together, are so asleep and living in such a dark vacuous condition, if you cannot see this, you simply cannot be Born Again.

    Of course its ridiculous to bow, bend a knee and scrape the ground paying homage to such a narrative.
    God made everything beautiful in its own time and that includes everybody and every race and ethnicity each in their own time.
    God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.
    Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NLT)
    If people everywhere were thinking about the eternity that has been planted by God within the human heart, they would ONLY bow before holy Christ and bend a knee in prayer for the reality that is already planted within them.
    True Repentance to Holy God and not before mere men, is all that is beautiful or acceptable for this time. PR-Trump went to the St Johns church stood with a Bible in his hand in hopes to remind people of that.