What if Jesus Has Left the Building and is Waiting for Us to Join Him?

Prophetic WATCH WORD….

Left the buildingA great deal of prayer has gone up for America. 

What if God has actually heard all those prayers for revival? 

What if He has answered them? 

What if a movement has ALREADY STARTED but we don't see it? 

What if we are waiting for a move of God and He is waiting on a move from us to catch up? 

What if Jesus has left the building…. and is waiting for us to join Him? Is this not the pattern? 

When the women came to the empty tomb, an angel told them, “He has risen; He is not here; behold the place where they laid Him. But go, tell His disciples and Peter, “He is going AHEAD OF YOU to Galilee; THERE YOU WILL SEE HIM, just as He told you.” (Mark16:7) 

“He left Jerusalem and went to Galilee, like he already told you! Go meet him where He is.”

Amazing. Jesus already told them what was going to happen and where he would meet them: “But after I have been raised, I will go AHEAD OF YOU to Galilee.” (Mark 14:28) 

I missed this, till today. They missed it too and stayed in hiding for eight days more.

Indeed, what if the move of God has happened and HE IS WAITING FOR YOU to show up?

I think I've been dumb myself, 'cause He told me to write a book. I'm still carving out time to finish it. Been to China and Guatemala in the last 8 days. But what if a lot that I am waiting for in the nations is held up 'cause I didn't go where He told me….in print?

I keep wondering about you, too. What if your workplace is actually hosting a dormant movement…if the monster potential of the church – you and me included – is trapped in the “7M” void. A sort of Twilight Zone between the resurrection and the next meeting with Jesus, 8 days later. 

God has been visiting many of us in various ways as we've talked about “something coming.” I don't think I am wrong in talking about “Seven Mountains.” I'm certainly not wrong in believing that God is larger than our local churches and that the deterioration of our Nation is because of the powers of darkness operating largely unopposed in the bullying places where this worlds “giant” people dwell in giant “walled cities.” I guess it really is intimidating. Not unlike what the fearful Jews saw when Moses sent them to spy out their future inheritance and came back “hiding,” as it were.

So, Jesus told the disciples in advance to meet Him in Galilee after He arose. Then reminded them again through an angel that spoke to the women at the tomb – yet they stayed hiding in a room “for fear of the Jews.” And after eight days,…. That is, after another week, the same day a week later, his disciples were within; within doors, in some private house; probably the same as before, likely in some part of the city of Jerusalem. The doors were locked. The Lord had to come to them. He walked through the wall and materialized where they were. 

The apostolic mission to lay hold of nations involves 7 mission fields. “7M” stands for those seven domains that shape the minds of nations. Jesus is there waiting for you.

And yes, spiritual wickedness occupies much of this territory. Giants are still in the land in our day. They are the ultimate powers that mold the culture. Still, didn't Joshua cross over and take land? He did it under an inferior covenant while New Covenant believers with superior promises do less. 

The 7M world is made up of:
Family – (take yours and go after the generational root)
Religion/Faith – ( go to church and start your micro church)
Education – (tell your kids to take ground)
Government/Law – (can we ever get this right? Volunteer)
Media/News & Commentary – (start writing)
Arts/Entertainment – (expect new 7M celebrities with teeth)
Business/Economics – (take over your sandbox)

Our apostolic era will witness THE 7M ACTIVATION OF THE LATENT UNTAPPED POTENTIAL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST. The workplace needs a TRANSFORMATIONAL MOVEMENT that will impact cities and nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom. For those obsessed with gloomy eschatology: consider the promise of Isaiah that darkness will indeed cover the earth… 
“But the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.…” (Isa 60:2-3) 

Maybe your light won't shine till you start “rising” where the darkness is?

May the Lord meet us where we are locked up so that we can get unlocked and meet Him where He told us……”in all the world.”

Jesus has left the building and is waiting for us to catch up.

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