The 10 X Factor

After Midnight WATCH…and look again for increase:

I will NEVER forget this lesson….

The 10 X Factor

A women I know in the U.K. was flying with a wealthy philanthropist. The man told her he wanted to fly with her to see her base and hear her vision.

She was ready and had rehearsed over and over again a beautiful and compelling picture of what she could do with ONE MILLION more dollars.

To her shock the philanthropist asked her point blank: “What can you do with $10 MILION Dollars?”

I asked her “what did you say?”

She said, “I had to quickly take my vision and multiply it
10 X!”

She learned a lesson. We all tend to believe for something realistic based on we can do with Gods help rather than asking God what He want's to do and draw on Him for the faith to match the assignment.

But beware: His vision will be 10X larger than your comfort zone.

Here's a great test for your vision – the 10 X formula.

It's no hype! God made Daniel and his friends 10 X SMARTER than everyone else! (Dan 1:20)

Are you called to win youth? – GATHER 10 X more!
You called to teach and preach? – IMPACT 10 X more!
You called to do miracles? – DEMONSTRATE 10 X more!

—- and —-

Are you are called to do business? – EARN 10 X more!
Are you are called market? – SELL 10 X more!

That is the only way you can – GIVE 10 X more!

Hey, ask anyone who fills up big events, just say:
“Does it take 10 X more effort to put on an event for 5000 people than it does 500 people?”

The answer is always – NO! It's the same amount of work – just different scale of result.


Something cool just came together. In TWO WEEKS some of you will be in my home where I will be hosting a PRIVATE DINNER for 10 business owners. I don't know who all of you are (I know some) but I do know …Your business is poised to EXPLODE!

After our dinner party I'm going to be working intensely with some of you for 3 DAYS. Then we follow up with IMPACT COACHING for 60 DAYS afterward. The reason why I am so excited is because I'm doing this with an absolute master in marketing and business makeover's. My co-conspirator is Best Selling Google Expert: Perry Marshall.

Together we will take apart and put together what you are doing from A to Z in the selling process. I know from experience that just 3 or 4 key changes in your business can produce a 25% to 30% increase in your profitability. In fact we guarantee results or refund tuition.

Look, I only do ONE event ONE time like this each year.
It's a bit intense and we only have 10 seats.
and…because not everyone belongs there, we have an application process required.

Interested? You should be. This thing pays for itself in results or you get the money back.

I just made a 59 second video and 10 min audio for you. I recorded the video this week in Guatemala.

I shot the message from the lobby before the building was opened up for 600 Business leaders. The folks waving are my interpreters and hosts. Powerful breakthrough for 600. Want to put that laser focus now on just 10 more.

Note: check video (Its uhmazzing what you can now do with an iPhone and Youtube!)

More Love to you! 10 X
– Lance

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