Shatter Ungodly Beliefs

Lance shares transparently about a warfare that he is fighting.

In this video, Lance also shares principles such as:

What do you do when you hit warfare?

And how do you command your state when you get down? God wants us to command your state so that you have an overcoming state.

Find your voice this year.

Whatever gets your attention, gets you.

Sometimes you have to have opinions because people are being shaped by the propaganda that they are being exposed to. So if they never hear truth, there is never a doubt put in their mind about the propaganda.

You are either moving toward the kingdom or away from it.

How do we shatter the narratives that come into our heads and our hearts that would hold us captive?

God wants us to dig deeper into us.  Because we have authority to cast down thoughts and imaginations.  But if we can’t cast it down, then that is because we have some agreement with it in some unconscious area.

Don’t be bound to the opinion of anyone other than Jesus.

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