The Late Awakening & Reopening America

The Great Awakening is the theme we want to see manifest. Believers are all talking about it. But these things historically follow or precede a crisis or war. If we don’t handle this next 30 days right, we won’t go out of a crisis, we will go into a deeper crisis and meetings for Awakening will not be any more likely than stadium sports events or airline travel with a full row.

We live in two realms and the spirit realm better overlap government or we are in for a Rude Awakening. The worst part of this nose dive is that we are doing this to ourselves. A Self-Inflicted Great Depression. 22 million thrown out of work. Dare I say that certain political persuasions want more shut down and don’t care about a Great Depression?

We can make this all turn around.

I believe that.

Sign the petition: Reopen American Business

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5 thoughts on “The Late Awakening & Reopening America

  1. Dear President Trump and Cabinet Members,
    Thank you so much for your passionate efforts to save the United States of America and the American people! It appears to be a thankless job at times but truly GOD is no man’s debtor and HE will reward you. Be encouraged because GOD is awakening His people to become passionately involved, I am one such person.

    • Thank you Mr.President and Vice President and cabnet members and families, for your countless time energy and hard work through much opposition, to truly make America great! And Many of us are standing behind you to see this nation Great again! Praying always, for you, may the Lord bless you mightily and give you great strength and stamina and wisdom from heaven to know what to do with what he reveals. Many blessings ????

  2. So grateful for the way your are shepherding the United States through these years & presently through the pandemic crises. I am grateful for your insight & the way you stand strong for truth!

    God bless you all! We are standing with you & praying consistently on your behalf.

    We love & appreciate you!

  3. I’m a small family business owner w/ only 4 employees. Have applied for small business loan? No response from IRS? Only 2 out of 4 employees have received a stimulus this month?

    Mark Fiskeaux, Manager
    Fiskeaux Finish & Trim Inc.

  4. Very good job so far considering that certain events and real news coming out of China have been so obviously skewed. I believe we are seeing the end of an age.
    You are being prayed for! God’s blessing on you and yours.
    Frank Gibson