Amazing Proof of the Resurrection!

While they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement, he asked them, “Do you have anything here to eat?” Luke 24:41

I missed this point in the video and Annabelle just mentioned the verse, so I am adding it here. The disciples gave Jesus a piece of broiled fish and a honeycomb. He took it and ate.

Why is this important? Critics of the resurrection say the disciples suffered from a delusion of seeing Jesus risen, all induced by stress.

So consider.

According to Luke, the disciples saw him and then he spoke and vanished. No doubt they might question if it was real…but the food they gave was gone. Or maybe a bite was still in the honeycomb.

The point is, these men who did not yet fully believe would become martyrs for something they believed happened.

They were the ones chosen to be a witness to his resurrection.

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17 thoughts on “Amazing Proof of the Resurrection!

  1. Thank you for keeping us on point, like the Sons of Issachar. May I ask you, Lance, are you an “anon” — Aware of the Q movement on Twitter? These are warrior believers with coded communications with a White House operative.

  2. Lance, yout message about the plague of the heart is in line with two other messages that I heard saying that we should repent as a nation. As long as pur nation supports abortion, ssm and a whole host of other egregious things that we allow, God can’t bless us. Also, failing to take our authority is huge. Ive heard so-called religious leaders saying that we should crawl under the covers and hide until this plague blows over. Well, sirs, if the plague is in your heart, you could be hunkered down for a while.

    Can we get a National Day of Repentance started between now and Pentecost? It’s time for Christians to stand up so God can show out (Mr Cuomo)????

  3. Lance, I was in tears as you were going over Greenlief’s study. I am so thankful for your words, wisdom, and tireless pursuit of spreading the gospel. Much blessings and love to you and Annabelle

  4. Lance, I greatly appreciated this teaching on the truth & power of the resurrection, and of the blood ???? of Christ . I thank god for your faith . Loved where you took your bible and opened it parting it as a mouth saying “ this is the mouthpiece of god, every time you open it & read it”

    Stay strong & true
    Your sister in Christ

  5. I so appreciate your teaching us truths, giving prophetic insight and updates. I look forward to your teaching on the Apostles’ Creed. I used to recite it at every Presbyterian service I attended with my parents.
    God bless you and your household.

  6. Thank you for your understanding and knowledge of what happened. I have been around for 86 years and have never understood and wondered about many things. I only wish I have a copy of what you drew on the board about how it happened. It opened up so much and made me feel closer to my Lord. Thank you again you are a true watchman for the body of Christ. Alice Claar in St. Petersburg Fl.

  7. I would like this video. For I desire to not just hear it but to have it so deep in my spirit that it will pour out of me when the time is right. I have been in study of the book of John for months. Also would like Greenleaf’s book if I can find the book. I have worked for 3 Jewish dentist and my daughter-in-law is Jewish and they are raising my only 2 grandchildren in the Jewish faith. Although her mother was Catholic until a few years ago she join the Jewish Religion. My Grandchildren are in a private school that is Lutheran .The granddaughter did sing me a song from the Christmas program, with the words Jesus is Savior. That was a great Christmas Present from God. My son is in Medical Reperch and needs to return to the Lord. Thank you for any prayers or any help you can give. Rita

  8. Amazing insights. For such a time as this were you sent. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying to His Bride. God bless and increase you in the knowledge of Himself.

  9. Lance, I have prayed for many things in this life, More times than not the Lord has answered them. Not because I an supernatural but because I an meek and love the Lord, his servant to be exact.

    I do like your ideas, keep up the good work.