Gospel of the Kingdom

1395249_10151999909634936_1436433019_nJust spoke at a unique gathering of International ministry and business leaders who are convening this week in Dallas. They are called “ICA”: “international coalition of apostolic leaders.” We are discovering new ways for the people of God to advance and make a difference. The term “apostolos” is actually a Greek word for “envoy” that came from the Phoenician use of the word to describe the Admiral of a Navy coming to colonize a recently conquered territory. Alexander the Great used to word to describe bringing the best of Greek culture into Greek occupied territory. Jesus is the “Apostle of our faith” and invaded earth to change it. You are a part of a “holy and apostolic church.” You are not called to sit and watch – but advance and occupy. Cities and Nations will be either sheep nations or goat nations. Do your task.

The “Gospel of the Kingdom” enters a new phase everywhere. We have hyper focused on making converts and neglected the discipling of nations and occupation of gates in our cities.

Nations are shaped by their key cities- cities by gates. 90% of the cities targeted by Paul were key centers of Government. We are called to do both, win souls and disciple nations – not hide out till we're raptured out. The church needs to be right up close to the gates of hell…and those gates are fortified at the top of institutions of power. The 7 mountains of culture.

God told the Israelites that they either deal with the spirits occupying the land or those spirits “that you let remain will be pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides.”
(NU 33:55)….. They will harass you until you deal with them.

1. Every believer is called to “occupy till He come.” You are a leader in your assigned sphere. Become the problem solver in your territory and keep working your way to the top- where Kings make decisions and shape culture.

2. To the degree you don't “occupy” the sphere assigned to you, the devils in that sphere will harass and torment and vex you – till you do!

3. We are called to lead from a position under authority. That's a Joseph, Daniel and Esther calling. You can dominate the spiritual environment from any level of status.

4. Believers are rising up in favor and authority to restore foundations. They are rising up in places the church once influenced but surrendered. Godly American Leaders laid a foundation for a great nation, but the devil has taken these places and occupied them. It is time for you and your children to retake what has been stolen.

5. BIG missed point! “You shall inherit he land by lot according to YOUR FAMILIES.” NU 33:54
The first territory you disciple and occupy is the one you actually do rule over – your family. Teach your children to be warriors and war according to prophecy so that they WIN!!!

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