Remove The Legal Groundwork Beneath Your Enemy’s Feet

Weak-strong-peopleSometimes, before you can deal with a spiritual enemy, you need to remove the legal groundwork beneath his feet. This is where repentance comes in. An act that involves accurately judging yourself and owning where you are wrong.

Here’s a trap: ”all or nothing” thinking. Suppose you are mostly right and the other person is mostly wrong? What if you are 25% at fault but they are 75% at fault? Can you do a 25% repentance and reconciliation? No.

But you can take 100% responsibility for your 25%….and this often releases the GRACE on the other person to own their 75%.

There will be other times when you need to ignore the enemy. This isn’t easy. Ever get into a fight where you want to keep at it? The hardest thing to do is to stop and disengage! If you are accustomed to verbally persuading and influencing others, something inside you wants to talk, text or type your way into triumph! But it never works. You can’t ever kill off a spirit by conversation.

And if the spirit has an offended person attached, you are in for a season of never ending verbal volleyball.

That’s where you need to ignore the situation. Bide your time. David ignored the deeds of those who conspired against him…..but told his son Solomon that he needed to deal with those specific troublemakers if his administration was going to succeed. Think of yourself as a combined David/Solomon. David is the guy that screwed up and gave the enemy an opportunity to injure the dynasty. Solomon is the “wisdom” that came out of that screw up (talking about Bathsheba.) Once you get wisdom (often from the consequences of your bad decisions), God gives you a season to deal with your enemies and uproot them.

Revenge is not an option.  “…Avenge not yourselves but give place to wrath: for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.’ ” (Ro 12:19) If we do our best to overcome evil with good, and it does not work, there is always the prospect that God will take matters into His own hands and overcome evil by visiting it with an ax. Isn't that the point Jesus made about the unfruitful tree?

Jesus taught that an unfruitful tree may have a delayed execution, but, if it persists in its unfruitful state, it will be uprooted. What if God does that with areas of our life? He “dungs around the tree” so to speak, but after a while, if thing's don't yield to the master, He uproots it.

 This cycle is manifest in David’s unfinished business being taken care of by Solomon.

Be wise. Remove the legal groundwork. Repent of 100% of your 25%, if need be. Bless… do good… Ignore judging – till the time comes, if necessary, to judge… when that time comes.

Lance Wallnau

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66 thoughts on “Remove The Legal Groundwork Beneath Your Enemy’s Feet

  1. Before I read your mail, I received a mail from a friend where he told me, that he is mad at me, because I accused him unjustly. From my side it looked the opposite. Asking myself what I shall do I received your mail with the answer I needed. It came right in time. Thank God!

  2. What if its a spirit over your workplace? Say that there’s a strong witchcraft/ manipulating style operating – people are being bullied (including me) and broken and its only seeming to increase in power? How do you remove the legal groundwork under its feet? It is not ok for that to be in the place God has put me. Really keen to know your thoughts.

    • Overcome evil with good. If you can not honor the persons action honor their position. If you look at evil as darkness and good as light. When you continue to do good(light) the evil(darkness) will have to leave.

    • I’ve been going through the same thing at work – being bullied by male co-workers. Would like to know the same – how to remove the legal groundwork under its feet? thanks

    • Thank you so much for this post! Truly a blessing! I needed to see this at this time. I have been going through a similar situation. I reported the bullying/intimidation, only to have things intensify (this was being coupled with attempts to fire me and denial of potential promotional opportunity). I noticed that when I ignored people and continually laid my case before the Lord (whatever they said or did that hurt me…just put b4 him and allow him to impart strength on me [to ignore it/stand in my identity in Christ].); I noticed that things began to dissipate…people who attempted to stare at me/follow me would stop. Now, I believe that now I am out of the way…the Lord can do what he needs to do to allow for justice, righteousness, peace and joy to come over this situation and the workplace environment.

  3. This is helpful to me today there things the enemy is trying to do in my life, work and community so I will just ignore him because the word declared him as a liar and the father of all lies.. Thanks Lance

  4. This is a really really helpful and instructive word for my recent and present season. Thanks for your sensitivity Lance. Owning our sins is a big deal in God’s Word.

  5. Wow, thank you so much for that amazing statement. That is EXACTLY one of the areas in my business life I have to focus on right now and keep in mind. To make sure on a very regular basis (mostly in prayer and in my readings-I suggest Myles Munroe’s leadership books) to bring myself in the spiritual state of examination so if needed my heart can knows exactly where I have to repent, in what areas and so that can regain and also expand in the confidence I have in God which I HAVE TO HAVE to be victorious in business. And then if this is kept in perspective I always can be at “rest” or “chill” so to speak because I know without a shadow of a doubt that God in all of my business endeavors and in the business itself with all the other folk will bring about his will and purpose. Great, great work Lance. i would be so happy to get more fresh revelation on strategic points which can and have to be used in business as a believer. God bless!

  6. Thank you Lance Walnau.
    This post is so spot on. This is exactly what i need today. The warfare is just increasing all the time, but so is the GRACE of God. Sufficient for the enemies schemes and traps.
    Please keep posting.
    God bless you and the work you do.

  7. Even if you unwittingly hurt someone you love and they shut off their heart from you, and don’t give you more than non – committal one-liners. There is so much I want to say to try and fix it, and I have to let it go,hoping one day they come around . Great post, very confirming, even though the hard part is to actually DO what it says:)

  8. Yes this is a timely word for me. We recently moved from Charlotte NC to Nashville TN. My daughter for the past 2 years had been a Home School student. She is now in public school. She has been having difficulty in her class with her teacher. It seems that Victoria is in her line light and cannot escape it. She is only 9 years old but her teacher is very picky and writes her up for the least infraction; such as drawing on her hand instead of having her total focus on the teacher while she is speaking. She has only been in the school for less than 2 months and she has had over 10 write ups. I feel the need to go and speak to the authority in charge and see what can be done to help this situation and I request prayer that my words be seasoned with love and grace not accusation of the teacher or her abilities. I also pray that God will release my daughter from her class and allow her to move to another teacher who may have a different method of teaching. My concern is that my daughter who excelled in Home School will now fall behind because of this current method of teaching. Thank you for your prayers.

  9. The Lord told me years ago, never let the enemy take your peace and joy, when you lose them, he wins!

    Also, just re-listened to your “Level 10 Living” from back in 2010, WOW, stuff jumped out at me that I had never seen before! Lots of other stuff breaking free, my passion is back!!
    Appreciate your teachings very much!

  10. I found this incredibly valuable. I have a had a personal situation now carrying on for years. There is certainly a 25% that I can take 100% and repent. Also, I have been in that back and forth texting war with my enemy and didn’t realize what was happening. The hardest thing definitely was to stop and disengage. Just yesterday I got the impression that I must look for a better solution than the “back and forth”. This revelation of stopping and biding my time is wonderful. To make room for God’s vengeance is miraculous for me. I certainly am reaping issues from a bad decision that is now giving me wisdom for my coming season. It is so encouraging that the Lord can give me a season to deal with my enemies and uproot them. It is more encouraging that God Himself can take the matter into his own hands and overcome evil with an axe. I believe in scripture it says: that the righteous will not be visited with actual evil. It is also encouraging that Jesus taught about delayed execution. It gives me greater belief and faith in Romans 8:28 that all things are made for the good……
    He then can uproot what doesn’t yield to the master.
    So I will strive to be wise (James 1:5) Repent of 100% of my 25%. To pray for those who persecute me and despitefully use me will yield to a manifestation of His Grace (unmerited favor) in my life.
    This gives me much hope in the future. Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Praise God for His faithfulness and His Rhema Word of revelation for His chosen people.

    Thanks so much for your post and your continual dedication to the Body of Christ.

  11. Lance, This was very good. I often share the message of taking care of my 5,10, or 20%. There is great freedom and liberty when we do that. Good reminder.

  12. Thanks for putting into words and clarifying a particular situation in my life. I have repeatedly had opportunity to exact revenge on someone that has not been dealing justly with me. But each time I have set my mind to settle this once and for all, it doesn’t happen. I end up losing my anger or become a source of rescue for this person. It always leaves me baffled because this was not the intent that I started with. I know now that God’s hand was at work. It is his place to deal with this person not mine. It is good to know that this person does not have a free pass to continue their behavior. It is also good to know that God is protecting me from actions so that He will not have to deal with me also.

  13. Thanks, about the spirits there in operation a friend who is a teacher in our org sings a little chant “bind what you dont want, Loose what you do want. ” from Dean Sherman who teaches on spiritual warfare. I believe that bringing the kingdom of God into every area of thought and life will involve more and more of this, thanks for opening up the conversation, we need more on this subject in the marketplace teaching for Believers. Thanks Doug Groves

  14. Awesome!!!!!!!!! This speaks directly to my current situation. I am struggling with what I perceive to be tremendous wrongdoing against me—-AND I am a trained advocate and persuader who habitually wants to verbalize how unethical, unjust, and immoral my enemy is. This message brought peace and was a direct response from God, concerning my prayers to Him.

  15. Oh my gosh, tears came to my eyes as I read this!! I have been struggling with pride and ego, asking God to remove it and return me to my first love! To help me see clearly once it is gone. So right on, like Jesus talking to me ‘face to face.’ Thank you Lance for your insight!

  16. Thanks Lance. By forgiving those who have come against me, I am setting them free and setting myself free from the traps of the enemy. I need to forgive on a daily basis. Thank you Lord for forgiving me.

  17. I am interested in how you advise Chantelle . My son is in a work environment similar to what she described . He is in despair , the abuse has gotten to him . He has tried to leave by transfer but it got blocked . The two guys over him are very vindictive !

  18. Thanks, Lance! I think Christians just love drama and the more drama they have in their life that they can classify as “warfare” – they feel validated or important. Ignoring it means no drama. Love it!

  19. This is very helpful Lance. As a matter of fact, the Lord has already dealt with me to make peace with my enemies, and take that 100% responsibility of my 25% in the issue. When I did this, I felt a weight lift off of me. I hear you mention the jezebel spirit sometimes. A lot of Christians don’t understand this spirit or know how to deal with it. I would like to learn more strategies against this spirit of witchcraft, control, and manipulation, especially when it is family members, or even a spouse or a son.

  20. Excellent post, Lance … The removal of the legal groundwork from beneath the feet of my enemy many times is like mountain climbing. Gravity is the great equalizer. From my perspective, in the
    spiritual realm the great equalizer is the silence of the tongue. Many times He reveals Himself as my Justice in my silence. Then the fowler falls at my feet …. the devourer, the accuser and the liar as well. (speaking of spiritual wickedness of course) …

    Then I am lifted up and revealed in the presence of my enemy … in a broad and level place of justice above and over him.

  21. Indeed when we remove the legal ground work beneath the enemy’s feet then the enemy becomes incapacitated no longer will he even be the ‘accuser of the brethren” I like what you said… ‘you can’t ever kill off a spirit by conversation’ so true. We must always identify who the real enemy is; and deal with it instead of using words such as haters the devil and his demons are the real haters, “ignorant” people avail themselves to be used by the enemy that is why we must examine ourselves always to know what spirit is leading at any given time or situation..
    .I appreciate your wisdom and insights. Great read and thank you

  22. Spoke to me in many relationships where I am not sure how to handle the situations. Family friends etc. Thanks again for this on time word. Blessings and shalom Lance & family !!!

  23. Great article once again Lance. God bless, and yes, I’m going to sit down tonight and take a good look at myself and forgive those that I may have not noticed that I didn’t forgive. I believe that many Christians especially believe we got it all together, but we need to always sit down with ourselves and reflect on what’s in our hearts, and recognize it for what it is. Get real with what’s in our hearts.

  24. Yes Lord I hear you in this ‘Word of Wisdom’. I came across your work in a group called Gaurd Your Mind in London UK and I have been drawn to your articles ever since. Could not make your meetings earlier in the year due to finances but I have continued to follow you and scan you with the Spirit to ascertain where you ae coming from. This word was on cue for me this morning. Thank you. Jesus.
    PS are you also a Minister?
    God bless

  25. I really needed this, very timely, and right on target.
    It’s elementary, yes, but it helps to hear (or read it) from another perspective. Thank you.

  26. Yes! First thing after my lengthy time away from home and drinking out of the well, I was lured out to my back patio. Upon stepping out and crossing the threshold of my doorway,my eyes were drawn to my garde, which is my landscaped back yard. I received the word, uprooted. I have taken pictures of this to be a set print of what the Lord is doing. He always speaks to me through my garde, as I call it. things have been jumbled and uprooted across our nation. He had me pull out two dead flowers in a flower pt.there were some straggly branches with a few flowers on them. I said, I should shake them to drop off the seed so they can be replanted and sprout again. I heard, no, don’t do that. New ones are going to replace them. Completely new ones. Then He had me pull out only 2 stragely weeds in my garden and said to leave the rest. so I was wondering why only 2 were shown to me and to ignore the rest ? He also had me partial refill up my birdgeeder.When I went to pour it into the bird house, I noticed some old sticky seed blocking the holes for the birds. I asked inside if I should shake it. He let me know, no, put in the new. It will overtake the old and push it out of the way.
    Amen Lord !
    Stephanie L.

  27. Wanted to make a comment on a recent post on fb had to go back to your page for reference–there are so many posts that do not show up on news feed–have missed out on some really good posts. #bummer. The post on guarding the heart very good. Never heard that approach before on guarding the heart and appreciate the post from earlier this morning *needed to hear. Thanks!!

  28. I am reminded of Eph 6:12
    “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

    When somebody verbally hurts you its good to take a step back and realise the above verse. Also to pick your battles. Like you quoted what God says ‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.’ ” (Ro 12:19) and we overcome all things by love. Love is one of our most powerful weapons. It destroys and confuses all evil.

    • How GREAT IS HASHEM’S timing. Cleaning out emails…found this one from almost TWO years ago…… and it is EXACTLY the
      Word that was needed today!!! ABBA is GOOD…and is mercy endures forever. Still keeping you in prayer…. always thankful
      to have heard you speak in Grantham @ Messiah2008. Shalom Shalom