The secret to never working another day in your life…

1441330_10152000933974936_46153654_nThe secret to never working another day in your life…

Do what you are uniquely gifted to do (in your gift cluster) in an area you love and you never work again…. you simply get paid to do what you would do anyway if you were paid or not paid…cause you love it.

One of the HUGE mistakes believers make is to make a distinction between the so called “secular” and the “spiritual.” The result is we create heaven loving people who don’t know how to penetrate the harvest fields and/or make money. The fields are RIPE in leadership, business, health, productivity management, finance, banking, science, medicine, architecture, political action, film production, energy technology, journalism, and a thousand ancillary fields of influence.

Consider this: “The kingdoms of THIS WORLD have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.” (Rev 11;15) We need a few less revivalists and a few more supernatural MAYORS…..and MEDIA moguls.

What’s sad is the “SUPER” wraps around the “NATURAL” and you have the ability to blow the socks off the world system if you just show up! “In Christ” you can experience accelerated learning in the area of your dominant passion and interest….even if the area seems secular.

Your GIFT CLUSTER is the key to your ultimate power to penetrate the GATES of influence – which is right where the gates of Hell are parked.

here is what a gift cluster is made of…
1. Your Temperament. Your personality is part of your divine equipment for destiny. You are a combination of two of these: warrior (D- dominant driven by results), lover (S- Steady driven by connection), innovator (I- Influencer driven by significance) or wise-counsel (C- Correct driven by certainty)

2. Specialized knowledge of your field (enhanced by revelation)

3. Skill (easily acquired in the area of your natural talents)

4. Spiritual Gifts (and special impartations of the Spirit)

5. PASSION. The most important of all, because what you are naturally interested in is an indication of where you will excel!)

Put these five together and you are UNBEATABLE! And you’ll prosper doing what you do best and love to do most.

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I love you guys. Keep pressing in. Angels are re-positioning the armies of heaven on earth right now.

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