God is making a NEW WAY FOR YOU!

bigstock_door_to_new_way_15731927God is making a NEW WAY FOR YOU!

Just finished a powerful two day “FutureSee” dialogue with Mark Chironna in Orlando. We drilled down on what it means when the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will show you things to come! An Awakening is stirring in the church. You are called to “taste the powers of the age to come” and bring forth a “witness” to all nations.

As the meeting built layer upon layer the anointing began to do something like a progressive illumination in the minds of people. I started teaching something prophetically I never really said before…God is calling us not to trudge up the mountain and climb up the hill – its too exhausting. Rather we are invited to discover our place at the throne of grace and come down from above into our assigned location on the mountain – walking in the ability to bring heaven to earth within the garden we tend. We are a keeper of the Lords garden in the midst of a cold concrete world.

I saw a picture of us ASCENDING to our place WITH HIM far above the activities of darkness. We COME DOWN FROM ABOVE, from seasons of prayer or worship or whatever you want to call it in His presence. This is like taking a helicopter to the top of the mountain. We don't strive to climb we labor to enter into the rest of our position ABOVE the mountains. Then we come down to our allotted garden sphere and tend the garden of supernatural presence and results! We cultivate s “shalom zone” in the midst of Babylon. As we do so we are invited to solve greater and greater problems.

Eventually you will be dropped into the “GATES” of Influence where your access to heaven will open a portal to angels and the entire sphere you labored in will come into contact with the reality of God in ways that are undeniable…as happened to Daniel in the course of his labors for multiple kings.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “God is making a NEW WAY FOR YOU!

  1. The Lord gave me a very similar picture of my city a few months ago. This prophetic word is for now! I am so thankful to have found you at this time. I’m highly encouraged.

    God bless you as you continue to share truth in how to strategically frame a relevant Gospel to reach our world.

    Portland, OR

  2. This is so true and inspiring, and the timing is perfect! We have launched a Christian networking group in Tucson, AZ, and we are so excited because it’s part of the Lord plan☺️ thank you!