11052489_10153256993239936_8004621303794213235_nGOD IS BUILDING YOU INTO A HABITATION IN 2015!

I just came out of a mind altering experience in our program in Antigua and write this for those friends who do not think me crazy. I asked the Lord “why do we have to go there?” He said, “The United States is not ready yet as an atmosphere for this conversation. Guatemalans have paid a price to host something unique.”

In Antigua, the “garden city,” God just planted a garden of people to transform a nation. We watched Him shape and fit a random group of 30 powerful people into a living temple to see Guatemalla become a Sheep Nation.

These men and women operate in mountains of business and education and government but they have not seen the kingdom manifest as they hope. The reason is that Hell is a governmental force that can only be displaced by a stronger government! Distrust, competition and corruption are real hindrances.

BUT that will change because God is increasing His presence where the strong man lives by building his invading house right at the top. A house filled with Him and made out of living stones.


Local churches have important work but as a rule they don’t plant smaller churches in government buildings and business offices and on campuses. But if you work in these places you are ALREADY PLANTED there. If you are going to plunder the strongman’s house you need to GO INTO THE HOUSE. While it is unwise to go against these strongholds alone, you can go with three or four like minded believers “AS ONE” – as living stones forming a living temple.

These living stone temples contain God’s very own presence and power to shift the atmosphere. This anointing will take you into the house deeper.

God is raising up these new temples all over the place. These micro church units have the authority to advance with Christ’s anointing in every one of the seven mountains. LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE RELATIONSHIPS GOD IS FORMING IN YOUR LIFE. THEY ARE STONES FOR THE HABITATION OF GOD.

It does not take many to make this new structure. Only 4 were needed to form Daniel’s Micro church in Babylon. It may look small – but like little David in front of the Giant, SMALL IS THE NEW BIG!

And yes look…these are not bricks. The people God is joining you to have different unique shapes and gifting. LOVE is what cements the diversity in place. Each one completes the temple.

This will be a wild 7m church planting movement right in the mountains that shape culture.

And as you and I are being being fitted together, into a new kind of habitation, “growing into a holy temple in the Lord.”

Now it makes sense. A verse from Isaiah “in the last days the mountain of the Lord’s house will reestablished at the top of the mountains.” On top of every institutional tower, media, film, business, government…there will be a “witness” to the power of the age to come.


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  1. I love your posts. They are encouraging me to think bigger and not despair for America in the wake of such darkness. If a few believers can make such a change in Gutalmala, than we can do the same here in America! Thank you for sharing the wisdom and revelation that God has given you!

  2. I have seen this yearning inside me for years. Can’t go it alone, but VERY difficult finding other “stones”. It’s a bit frustrating but then again, there is that thing about the right timing.
    I ache for those of us in the USA to crawl out of traumatic caves and meet the King. Come out, come out wherever u r. He won’t hurt you, He is good.

  3. I have not followed you for that long my sister told me about you and ever since the I have said I must meet this man. You have brought clarity and confirmation to my life in a matter of weeks. I’m so thankful because I know it’s The Holy Spirit answering my prayers. It’s like many things God has said to me that I do t know how to convey you break it down just the way J see it. In this post it really confirmed for my what God is doing in my life. Thank you for being obident.

  4. This is so weird! I heard this same words in the month of April, even a painting came out of these words, I painted an oil pastel called “living stones” …. Thank you for sharing!