11154579_10153255534369936_3428731029325572523_oNEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANT PROCESS WITHIN.

A man named Dag Hammarskjold once said: “The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is
sounding outside. Only he who listens can speak.”

Many people would move boldly if they were certain they could hear God’s voice telling them to do so. What if it’s the other way round? What if you need to pay the price to be where you are supposed to be long term, by being NOW where HE IS currently working in your life?

Proximity is power. The closer you are to where He is, the more clearly you will hear His voice.

Of course sometimes the real journey is to go into the cocoon right in the midst of an existing circumstance you wish would change. You can’t leave it on the outside but you can enter a transformational process on the inside. If that is where God is calling you, you’ll find His voice in the cocoon. Don’t go outside – go inside.

In fact, if you don’t go within, you will go without.

– Lance


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