Your Angel and Your Garden!

11040172_10153258693284936_325383740521161158_nYour Angel and Your Garden!

On final flight home from Antigua Guatemala. The hotel we stayed at was an enclosed park. We opened by talking about Eden. This Hebrew year 5775 is also a sabbath year in Hebrew Calander. The Bible says we labor to enter into the rest. Let’s do the warfare needed to be repositioned in the garden where Jesus, our tree of Life is wanting us to partake.

When man fell a flaming sword was placed at the entrance to keep fallen man out, now Gods Angels and flaming sword is sent to give us access!

I ran across some artwork on this property and this statue of Michael stood out. Some traditions say that Michael and the angels are involved in the judgement. Seems that angels are not only assigned to people, they are an additional witness regarding the lives of people.

They are sent forth to minister to the heirs of the garden. Press junto your sabbath year and watch how a position of rest will give more ground than a year of striving.

Angels are assigned to you and will help you establish the garden in your life.

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