Firewall: America in Chaos, The New False Religion, And Deciding Our Future

The chaos gripping American is a sign that we are facing a moment of decision, a contest of worldviews over who will govern the future. Political forces are using racial unrest as a mechanism to overturn America as we know it and rip the people from the police department’s protection. Defense Secretary Mark Esper called a press conference to oppose President Trump’s potential use of the Insurrection Act to protect American citizens during the chaos, choosing to be part of the resistance to the American electorate.

This proves that the political influence of party politics in the Pentagon is part of the deep state problem! We need to have more time for the President to uproot the political ideologists who are no longer serving their Presidents, instead choosing to follow their own political agendas. Understand this – America represents the sole force who can resist the ambitions of China to dominate the world. We need to wake up to the fact that there’s a multi-prong threat upon us.

I want to share something with you from Elton Trueblood; a noted 20th century Quaker and theologian, scholar, and chaplain for both Harvard and Stanford. Elton Trueblood was asked a question by Dr. Carl Henry, which was, “what do you see for the Church of Jesus Christ in the future?” Well, Trueblood said that by the year 2000, Christians in America would be conscious minorities surrounded by arrogant, militant paganism. He predicted that the faith, the era of Billy Graham, the period of loving America and God and believing in the bible and traditional values were going down, and the new American religion was going to become woke politics. It’s interesting that we call it being woke when we’re praying for a great awakening. Well, the counterfeit awakening is all about being woke. It’s a false religion devoid of redemption; there’s no reconciliation.

The 2020 election is going to determine what kind of America emerges in the future. We’ve already seen that the likes of Schumer and Pelosi are willing to bow to the manipulation of the masses for political purposes. That’s the new sacred, and the reason we should stand up and not bend the knee to Baal. In the next broadcast, we’re going to talk to Will Ford of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas. He’s one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve come across in my time working in the ministry, business, and media. He’s dedicated his life to bringing reconciliation and healing to races and the United States in particular.

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17 thoughts on “Firewall: America in Chaos, The New False Religion, And Deciding Our Future

  1. Always try to catch your post for latest update. Blessings to you. Peace to you.
    Shalom. Nora Wojick
    Thank you.

  2. Enjoy the insight. Though not sure what to do other than pray. The screen keeps messing up, my 3rd try hope this works.

  3. Lance,
    Your message and that of others must be repeated over and over until the luke warm church members begin to catch the truth and make the choice God requires. So, I pray for strength in the battle, perseverance when you see too many deaf ears and a conviction that God and His remnant are standing with you. You are a light in the darkness that threatens to close in further. God is in control. He has already won, but there is work yet to do. Thank you for your unfailing courage to speak God’s truth!

  4. Other than prayer what can the average American individual do to be an influence or affect the changes that need to happen; to turn things around all that is wrong and evil control?

  5. Thank you Lance. Do you think tbat Sec Esper and his associates are truly against Trump and if any generals still stand with the President? Is a deep state takeover connected to tbe Dem party never to return to old politics of the past?

  6. WOW! That was powerful! I can see and agree with everything you say…but the way you articulate is awesome…it confirms what others, which includes myself, see and realize, but can’t speak it the way you do…
    Again, thank you for being a Voice! Jesus said he didn’t come to bring peace, but division..Mathew 10:34…
    That is being so magnified now…it’s always been there, but now it is much more openly obvious!
    And the wheat and tares must grow together until the end….
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path, (Proverbs 3:5&6).
    Lord, thank you…You are all wise and knowing. Save America Lord. Fill us with hope, faith and love. Amen.

  7. This is the second time I’ve tried to send a comment..the first one was troublesome with the robot check!
    Anyway, after i watched this video, all I could say at first was WOW!! The way you articulate the truth as to what is happening is awesome…and the pictures you showed to go along with what you were saying was so powerful.
    Again, thank you for being a Voice of truth, knowledge and understanding.
    Lord Jesus, may your righteouness win out…Save America! Amen.

  8. I just started watching you honestly because the pandemic led me to search things out. You are so real and I find you very forthright on social, political, and spiritual issues. Thank you! Please continue to enlighten us. The closed churches and BLM movement has isolated many of us…leading us to believe we are alone in our thoughts and or concerns. You are Gods mouthpiece!!!
    Thank you so much,

  9. Lance and team, I have been following you since I first heard the 7 Mountain teaching, and I appreciate you very much, especially your efforts now in expanding your ministry. Let me make once suggestion to you as you go forward: You need a good editor/proofreader. (I happen to be one, but I’m not looking for work – just want to let you know that it’s important for you to put forth error-free publications so you get “the small stuff” right.)

    Blessings, and thank you so much for your integrity and all that you give us. You are absolutely awesome and much appreciated!

  10. DR. lance,

    Thank you for being a voice for Truth! We all need to vote, support Trump and stay faithful to our vision of getting and “seeing” him in office now. Let’s voice it out, in private and in public, that Trump is our next president. It’s our hope for the future of the world. In the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!!!

    Kyri Elizabeth

  11. Dr. Lance,
    Thank you for giving biblical understanding to the events of the day! I share your posts with many people.
    It seems to me if there is something the Church in America actually needs to repent of, it is sins of omission where we did not stand firm on the truth in the Bible
    Have you seen a YouTube video about Kenya’s high court rejecting a lawsuit by China about a railroad they helped build? The narrator speaking English with a distinct accent documented what China had taken over in other countries when the nations were unable to repay their loans.