The Disunited States And The Spirit Of Elijah pt. 2

Isaiah 45 tells us that Cyrus was anointed to undo the military capacity of his adversaries. We've had every hostage return to the United States, and every nation that wanted to test the resolve of this President. One can only fear what will happen after that Cyrus anointing is lifted. Let's pray that people wake up to what's happening and see what's really going on – that will be our great awakening.

Often we think revival is for the world; it's not. Revival is for the church. What changes a nation is reformation. Reformation is when the institutions of justice, economics, government, the courts, teaching, and the press are under the spirit of truth and the spirit of God. That's reforming a nation, a revived people must reform the nation, and we're in a moment of reformation.

I wanted to share something from Billy Graham. I wondered what he would say about the racial battle that is happening in America. Did you know that he preached with Martin Luther King? He said that their strategy was Billy Graham was going to work on the church. And Dr. King was going to work on the streets, and they'd meet in the middle of a different America. I think the anointing for evangelism is coming back, and we're going to have to decide what kind of America we want to be.

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