Trump’s Tulsa Rally – Shake America Great Again Pt. 1

President Trump Spoke in Tulsa this weekend and at 10.30pm, Tulsa has a 4.2 earthquake. Wow, talk about Shake America Great Again! #SAGA

We also hear from eyewitnesses why the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma wasn't packed full. Untold numbers attended and couldn't get in because protesters forced security to lock down around the event and they cut many off, for fear they were with the anti-Trump protestors.

Talking of protesters, did you hear that the mob pulled down Washington's statue in D.C., wrapped his face in a burning flag and urinated on it while the police just looked on. I bet you didn't hear that on the mainstream media. Why did the police stand and let it happen? Because the mayor told them to.

But I feel the zeal of the Lord of Hosts and that means there’s something stirring. “When the enemy comes in… LIKE A FLOOD THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WILL RAISE A STANDARD AGAINST HIM.”

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