Favor Vs. The Law of Attraction

2 Keys to Influence

Have you ever heard of the “Law of Attraction?” It’s pretty popular these days with New Age and secularists. They think the Law of Attraction is some kind of cosmic “juju” that attracts people and opportunities to you.

In reality, biblical favor is the attraction of God to you that releases influence through you, so that other people are inclined to like, trust or cooperate with you—in the assignment God gave you!

This favor isn’t “earthly”—it’s a God given supernatural force that magnetizes you! Are you ready to be a people magnet?!

So, what is the internal backdrop of this phenomenon?

  1. Motivation. What influence do you want to have? Is your intent to manipulate or to bless? You and I both know this to be true, that you can guide people into particular experiences and thoughts. You can structure the transaction to serve yourself. But that’s a far cry from what God actually does. He desires for you to move in a spirit of favor and operate from a place of wanting to bless—instead of wanting to get something from other people. Hebrews 4:12 says that “the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” No matter how shrewd you think you are, there is One who weighs our motivations. Ask yourself, “Do I have the character to sustain the influence God has given me?”
  2. Stewardship. The Lord wants to entrust increase to His people and He wants to entrust it in a way that doesn’t destroy you when you get it.  Remember that he who is faithful with little will be trusted with much—this includes your influence with those God has placed in your path (Luke 16:10). God desires for you to prosper in business and in relationships; be faithful to the calling He has set in your heart.


One of the greatest gifts that you could ever receive is the gift of favor and the power of supernatural attraction.

In Maximum Impact I explain the phenomena of how to walk in the supernatural favor of God in business, and how to resist the opposite spirit, which is a spirit of manipulation. This training is going to help you discover the key in the assignment God gave you.

You can find out more here: http://lancewallnau.com/impact

Question: Has this post caused you to question your own motivation when it comes to influence? Is your heart in alignment with God’s heart to bless you and others?

As One!



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39 thoughts on “Favor Vs. The Law of Attraction

  1. Hey Lance..I’m blessed by this writing. I’ve been studying metaphysics over the last couple of years and the way that you share favor makes perfect sense.
    I keep asking myself this question…
    How can I live with myself knowing that by changing my thoughts to being more confident, transcendent or positive that people (churches, society) will actually respond differently depending on my higher conscious self?
    You explain it perfectly..
    When God knows our hearts than He teaches us great truths such as metaphysics to advance His kingdom in the mountains of society.
    Got it…
    Thanks so much!!! ☺☺☺

  2. I don’t yet have the character to sustain the influence Abba has given me however, I am reaching for that. I am pressing in to HEAR Him and to allow Him to transform me by changing the way I think.

  3. I want the biblical favor that allows the attraction of God to release influence through me, so other’s are inclined to like, trust or cooperate with me—in the assignment God gave me!
    Just purchased Maximum Impact. I want and need to be in divine order and alignment for God’s Favor to bring attraction to influence others with the assignment[s] He has given to me.
    Learning how to go to the Courtrooms of Heaven to learn what the scrolls say about my destiny and what the scrolls of judgement say so I can know how to cancel them out so I can be blessed to be a blessing to MANY.
    Thanks Lance – Love your Brilliance

  4. Hi Lance,
    Another confirmation that I am in step with the Holy Spirit. I was amazed at the number of confirmations I received while training to be an “Ambassador” at the 7m Summit.
    Keep up the good work. I am listening to the Supernatural business 101 that I picked up. Wow !!

  5. This is crazy…I have been in a place we’re I truly want to get to the next level in my biz. My life is very comfortable. But I hurt for my team ( not that I don’t want more for me as well..I know when we are blessed with more we can do more give more be more) anyway I listen to a call last nite that said read the book the secret 10 times and your life will change..I thought geez I don’t it all it can’t hurt…then today God puts this out in front of me!! Haha love it love God and Thank you Lance for your time and wisdom!

  6. I have spent my life entering new relationships and roles with what seems like the inevitability of disappointing someone and falling out of their favor, forever changing our relationship. In a sense this has given me a defeated attitude and approach. I am a person of character and don’t manipulate people. I love the Lord will all my heart, love people and want to step fully into His Kingdom purposes for my life. In my mind I realize that I’m doubting God’s desire and ability to place His favor upon me and maintain it, and I’m also giving the enemy an opening in my life to create fear and shrinking back. I would love to be set free of this and step into relationships and roles with confidence, joy and peace.

  7. Just purchase Maximum Impact. I absolutely want to be in divine alignment attracting God’s Favor with other’s to be used to bring everything He has assigned me to bring to the Body of Christ, easily and with confidence. I want to do it HIS WAY– I want to be able to say, I did it His Way.
    Learning to go the the Courtrooms of Heaven to know what the scrolls written about me say from before time was and to know what the scrolls of judgment say, so I learn to make them without effect anymore. God is on the MOVE- I choose to Move with Him

    Thanks Lance- Love your brilliance,

  8. Today I was praying for favor for a financial situation I am in. Favor for helping others is a step beyond where I was with my prayer this morning. However if His Favor is upon this situation it could eventually be a blessing for many. I will buy the book. Thanks Lance.

  9. Totally love that you attach a challenge with these blogs. I’m a bit weary of “happy thoughts” that don’t bring us to a bit of self awareness through His Spirit. I’d like to think I’m all that, but in reality, what I really need to carry this mantel is His yoke.

  10. Since I naturally seem to think of how I can bless others, I am not intimidated. I recently started a business which easily could help many middle-aged and older people. Now I seek the ability to indeed do just that. I hope to be a tool of God to bring them health, contentment and vitality.

  11. Was an answer to prayer my entire day has been in prayer on this vert topic, it helped from the perspective, I can better create an outline to question my own motives daily. I think on the subject also
    of the maintenance of each project want or need, what is the time going to be needed, might it take away
    from time for others needs or my time with the Lord.

  12. In this world we cannot experience the Love of God fully. Love is One and cannot be experienced while belief in separation is maintained. But there is a reflection of Love in this world that is the means by which we can return to the full experience of the unity of God’s Love. This reflection of Love is forgiveness. Forgiveness clears away the darkness so the Light of Love can shine upon our vision and show us the truth of our unity with All That Is.
    Because of the countless forms of this world it seems that forgiveness must be applied again and again. Circumstances that call for forgiveness seem to be different. But the need for forgiveness in every circumstance comes from one core mistaken idea. That idea is the demand that God give us special favor, that He give His Love unequally.
    Gradually as we practice forgiveness, we begin to see that all circumstances in which conflict and guilt seem to occur are the same. The Light of Love shows us that where we believed there was division, there is only unity and wholeness. Where we saw guilt, there is only innocence. Where we thought there was harm, there was harmlessness. Love walks beside us and shows us the way to the full recognition of our Self, of Love. Forgiveness lets go of the barriers to that recognition. As we let go of the veils, the clarity of our Love that we share with God comes fully into our awareness and we recognize God’s world. We recognize Heaven, the eternal, joyous giving and receiving of Love.
    As I learn to attend the Love that walks beside me, I will look only upon the Light.
    Dr. Nate (Member of Living Word Bible Church – Mesa, AZ)

  13. Your article is encouraging. My husband & I participate in a ministry to homeless folks with a leader very unlike ourselves. We know God wants us to be faithful in these days of “small beginnings” & your advice just confirms that. Thank you. ?

  14. “Ask yourself, “Do I have the character to sustain the influence God has given me?”

    And what if the answer is, I’m not sure? I have had opportunities that only Gods favour could have created. Platforms that I haven’t tried hard to be on. I refuse to be governed by a fear of my own insecurities, trusting in Him to make me (my character) strong. But I sometimes question whether I will be strong enough (obedient/ self controlled in making the right choices) in the difficult times.

    Is it a case of learning on the job, or saying no to opportunities?

  15. Yea ! When The Holy Spirit leads me to a place or person/s, He shows up & takes over the conversation, leads with Wisdom & His Love/Power. It’s a ride I always want to be on! Surfs Up in the Spirit ! I want to ride His wave everyday ! God Bless Lance!

  16. Thanks Lance.
    Seems that exploring one’s own integrity is basic to our growth toward becoming the image of our dear Lord and Savior.
    For me a huge leap was accomplished when I followed Apostle Paul’s example and believed and claimed the profound simplicity of Galatians 2:20:
    I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live. And the life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself for me. !!!

  17. I have the character to sustain me as God elevates me more and more. I walk in the “Light” as He is in the Light”. So God has given me a name the Purity Prophet, Because I believe in moral purity. Also
    I represent the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, so we also know who we are, I am royalty on a mission
    for my Father the King. I represent Him well. I love people in general, and I find most folk are just great
    to be in the midst of. I am born-again, but it wasn’t last night, God has entrusted me with a great deal He
    can still do the same. I have walk with Lord for some time, I am a good steward of what God entrusts to me. I am also a Spirit-filled believer. I want to leave a prayer here for the Body of Christ, John admonish
    us to love one another and not be in judgment toward one another, also not to believe every lie that the devil says about someone. I find in the Body of Christ, that believers whatever they hear about some one, they particpate with the devil in a lie. I believe the Lord needs to purge the church from this, if one wants to know the truth, they should have a conversation with the person, to get the truth, but they is not what happens. I find this today to be very sad. I want no part of that in my life. So I am praying, my prayer is that you will intercede as well. AS ONE!

  18. Amen!
    I agree 100% with you.

    You don’t need to ask any thing from God our Father – He will give you what you need because He is Love and Knows what you and I need.


  19. …Faithful with that which is anot her man’s get your own…Faithful with the unrighteous mammon be trusted with the true riches…of glory in Christ Jesus! We behold His glory full of grace and truth…and of Yahweh’s Fullness we receive grace for favor to walk in the truth. His grace overflowing with faith to believe and love to act on what we believe to receive His favor/ability to walk in the truth and fulfill our assignment as doers/poets of the good works Word/poem/workmanship we are preordained to.

  20. My heart is aligned with God’s to bless, but I just came thru a trial this week where those above me in the organization really struggle with manipulation. They seemed to want to throw me out with their manipulation, but God thwarted the enemy’s plan in a power encounter.

  21. Like many, I’m sure my conscious heart motive is that my interaction with others would be to bless, however, if I am to be transparently honest, I must admit that more often than I like, I do find myself considering how the interaction might also benefit me.

  22. Lance,

    Just sent this to another posting:
    ‘Huge insight here and heaven sent. Very few even can start to understand this. Words are cheap I hear in my inner ear. Yet words spoken with human given authority are nothing. Words spoken with the Word has power.
    Yet lucifer knows the Word better than us yet he uses the Word for self promotion. Nothing wrong with the Word and nothing wrong with the Spirit, but the third part is a mess and that’s us. Who doesn’t play god every day and not even know it. A Spirit filled life has freedom and meaning, but one others like the life of Jesus will be filled with little gods with all types of labels even christian who judge and condemn as they don’t have our DNA, which is unique to every one of us. So we try to make everyone and everything into our DNA by playing god. The church is a mess because nobody understands this and we keep doing the same old same old or repackaging it with different wrapping paper to try and make it look different. Each flock needs the 5 fold ministry in it as it goes and operates in the 7 mountains of influence. 5 + 7 = 12. Jesus teaching circle. Preach to the masses, but only teach following the model of the Master and then do something important disciple. It call the Great Commission with 3 key Words: Baptise, Teach and Disciple. Hardest one is disciple as it means time, energy and commitment and a lot of time out of the lime light and who want to do that? Who wants to stand in the gap when I can just play god on my own? What is a Christian, it’s a life fully given over to another and that’s God. Tough living that assignment and desire out as we all have this defective gene in us called rebellion that came as part of the gift called free will. I’ll be a Christian, but only on my terms and conditions.
    ‘Really’, I hear a lot in my inner ear. Do you really understand what you are saying and what it is going to cost you in regards to family, friends, others in every part of your life as you and I don’t have a life any more as we have given it up if we really are a Christian and He (Holy Spirit) now guides our every decision. It’s called a Spirit filled life the one Jesus walked perfectly and we, well that’s another story and it takes a life time to tell.’

    Hope it is encouraging.

  23. The first thing God taught me was my motives were tainted when I helped someone. I was stunned to say the least! Yet it was all true… I helped so people would like me, so when I needed help I could call in the favor, and of course it would show me in the light as a Good Samaritan. So I told God I would no longer help anyone unless it was without strings. It was about a year before my motives were pure. That was almost 40 years ago and I try to help anytime I can. I’m out of that bondage of manipulation in to freedom to truly show the love of Christ.
    Jerri Hubbard

  24. Extremely thought provoking post!

    The motives in my personal life and in my sphere of influence have always been one of a blesser. I detest manipulation because however decent a term the world calls it, the Bible clearly says that it is witchcraft! And I have the gift of recognizing it not only in myself the moment I think a thought but also in others. What I have asked the Holy Spirit for is the strength to never allow myself to be entrapped in the spirit of manipulation in whatever form it takes or even the entrapper. Nevertheless, I also know for sure that I have the character to sustain the influence God has given me. How? Because the Only One I love more than myself is Jesus Christ – sounds cliched but it is absolutely true in my life.

  25. As a new asst. Pastor and after readING this. I will have to ask myself every time I have a chance to speak to an individual or the congregation what is my motovation here, is God showing through first or is is it me. Thank you Lance
    Pastor Michael

  26. Our photography business has been slow and dry lately. I have been seeking the Lord regarding His direction. Just last week, an acquaintance I work out with at a local gym, said to me “I had a dream about you last night” I said really? She went on to say in her dream I was photographing her daughter and I told her that she should update her linked in picture. She woke up saying I have to call her and schedule an appointment. I was so excited to know that the Lord was allowing people to have dreams in our favor. As I pondered these things I wondered how many others had dreams to call and have their portraits taken. That day our phone was ringing off the hook. We could barely keep up with the calls and people even walked in off the street to make appointments! That’s God favor! How exciting!

  27. You have really helped me. I look forward to watching the whole training. In a world full of information that is not from the Word of God, the pressure is strong to conform to deceptive methods of “attraction” in one form or another. The challenge is that even Christians have fallen for the lie that you can’t win unless you use deception. But thanks for your re-assuring lesson. I’ve got my confidence back in the law of attraction. I also have a real definition, unlike before.

  28. Good morning Lance! I am very new to this world of supernatural influence – yesterday I met a new client for the first time and he spent an hour telling me about you and others like you. He was very nice and very friendly and so sure about his faith. I used to be that sure about my faith, but I’ve lost some of my confidence as life has beat me up quite a bit over the past several years. I’m finding myself today in a place that I never expected. I’ve learned that money is not really as important as I thought it was when I was younger. I’m divorced now and a single parent of an amazingly special child, who is also a challenge for me every day. Your post has caused me to question my motivation, and after thinking about it and soul-searching, I am happy to say that I believe my motivation IS to bless others every day. I work hard to teach this to my daughter, as well, but it is so difficult in the world we live in today. I never used to question myself, but I find myself questioning almost everything that I do now and living my life in fear of making mistakes and in fear of whatever is coming next. How do I break this cycle of fear? There are many ways that I feel that I’m on the right path, but how do I build-up that confidence again? My head knows that God is fully trustworthy but my heart fears being broken again and I just feel lost. Thanks.

  29. Lance,

    This is Excellent! It really is about how to function in integrity when God opens those doors for me/us, isn’t it? I’m very grateful for the voice God has given you in my/our lives, it is truly a directive kind of blessing. May what you pour out be multiplied back to you and Annabelle in multifaceted ways!
    Prayers for His fullness in your lives,

    Kay Mulvihill

  30. I never thought of my intentions when I’m interacting with people in the way of a manipulation or a blessing.
    wowwww ! help me God, I want to bless others.
    Thank you for sharing this heavenly approach.

  31. Awesome Lance. Calling-character And collision take place when we seek and place God first in our life.
    Since God hung the moon and stars surely he guided our path but only when we are seeking in obedience to His word and purpose. Favor is the energy that lights the wic and glows with light for all to see.
    Thank you for your insight and understanding of favor.

  32. My word to the christians
    Lets keep pushing. We have been blessed with guys like Lance and many others. Lets use them and there gifts of encouragement. Get in the word and get in the word and get in the word. God Bless You!