It isn’t too late

3 Thoughts on God’s Redemptive Power

Do you ever feel like you’ve messed up beyond repair?

You know those things that weigh on your heart, the shadows of past regrets, failures and pain?

Romans 8:28 says that “God causes all things to work together for our good.” All things—that includes the hurtful decisions and the unfortunate events that are a part of your story.

How often have you looked at your past mistakes and lost hope, believing that as a result of your sin or the trauma you have experienced you have missed out on God’s call or plan for your life? Yet, that isn’t what God says about you!

The Lord takes EVERYTHING in our life and weaves it together to produce the blessing of His purpose.

So, how does God plan to redeem your story? Here are some things to consider.

  1. It isn’t about you.  The Lord takes your mistakes and those experiences that are negative and weaves it together into the revelation of who He is so that it produces power in your future. This is possible because of WHO HE IS, not because of what WE have done. Ecclesiastes 3:11 reminds us that “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” This includes your story—past, present and future.
  2. Your life is a beautiful tapestry. The Lord takes all that the enemy throws against you, all that you’ve thrown against yourself, weaving it together into a beautiful tapestry. Think about this: Jesus prayed for Peter. He didn’t pray that Peter would avoid stumbling; He prayed that after stumbling his faith would be strong and he would encourage his brothers (Luke 22:32). You know why? Jesus knew that it was far better to pray for the strengthening of Peter than to pray for the protection of Peter from his weaknesses, because the enemy would go after those weaknesses later. Your past sins and struggles are keys to your calling—ask God how you can encourage and minister His grace to others through your past.
  3. You can trust the Lord with your story. The devil will try to tell you that you are beyond God’s redemption, that you’ve fallen too far. Don’t give the enemy the benefit of a single minute of regret and emotional toxicity. The Lord is looking out for your best interest, all the time. He weaves together the pluses and the minuses, never doubt that. Know that He is faithful to complete the good work He began in you (Philippians 1:6).

Remember this: a negative and a positive must combine to produce power.

Redeem your story! Bring your burdens before the Lord in faith, and say, “Father, I thank you that You redeem all things, and that You are so brilliant You can work this into Your blueprint for my life and for my family, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Question: What is your story? How has the Lord worked things—the positive and the negative—together for your good? Comment below!

As One!


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41 thoughts on “It isn’t too late

  1. Hello Lance. Good timing on your post. I just got back from the police station a few minutes ago, someone backed into my car. Yesterday my project was rejected, haven’t worked steady for 6 months. Mu wife is angry with me, having nerve problems. Other than that, life is…pretty much like that too! But I have an optimism that matches your posted encouragement, so I thank God for the life that keeps on living, Holy Spirit revealing the Son and the Father all the time. We are just getting wound up for success!

  2. Lance…you would not believe how on time you sharing this really is…
    You know what God is doing?
    If you are right about Donald Trump becoming the next president than my life is EXACTLY like Is 45.
    Bitter, angry, hurt, upset, you name it….its true…
    In the event that Donald Trump gets elected than basically I’ll be someone who people will look at and say…hey, he’s just like Trump.
    Too offensive. Doesn’t preach or prophecy right…foul mouth, offensive, crud, doesn’t pull punches, upsets the front row preachers…he’s crazy, psychologically ill, unpolitically correct etc…
    This all began back in 2004 during a “prophetic act” while I was upset that Canada didn’t back the US in Iraq…true story.
    You’ll be hearing about it. Especially if Trump wins.
    Count on it from a Canadian.
    They will say…Hey, he’s exactly like Trump!!!! ☺☺?☺?☺☺☺

  3. Got so excited that I didn’t actually watch the video or read everything you wrote before posting earlier….
    Your email came through twice by the way because I’m under 2 emails apparently through your mailing list.


    Peter…wow….and not being protected.

    At this time I won’t go into everything but just to say that your teaching about how what we are going through isn’t predominately about our faults together with Peter being strengthened brings up some more to share…

    #1 Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Christ…huge..the gates of hell will not prevail…on this Rock..
    #2 It’s as though the Lord explained to me that some of what has been happening is like with Job. The argument was, as you know, between whether or not God had protected Job.
    #3 Paul’s questions in 2 Cor 12 where he is told My grace is sufficient for you, and My power is made perfect in weakness.
    I have been asking God also about Paul’s thorn lately…
    Just wanted to add this…be blessed. ☺

  4. born in 1955 born again in 1988 sent to lakeland fla. 2008 harvest for harvesters bam glory fire now..sent to morning star for the 080808 … 88 degree day message prayed for a ladys’ tooth ache 20 feet away she says the pain left instantly glory to the Holy Spirit for confirming the healing power of Jesus….people saved healed around me to this day GLORY TO DAD in the highest…be healed reading this story now by the blood of Jesus now shalom now

  5. Thanks Lance Wallnau!! This is a very encouraging word! I’ve made my share of mistakes and God has turned those mistakes around to create havoc to the devil! I’m a walking miracle because of God’s awesome grace! His Life in me has caused me to rise up out of every single dilemma that I’ve encountered. More and more I’m finding out what a compassionate, loving, merciful God He is!! But there are still things that I go through and mistakes I keep making so thanks for the reminder. I especially thank you at this time because I needed to hear this today again!!

  6. Lance my dear, you are always Mr. Encourager! Not even the tough ones get by you! Extremely thoughtful a blessing, and great Karios season of time! My hearts desire is to be DEBT FREE, PROCLAIM THE JUBILEE, SET CAPTIVES FREE❤️ Move to Montana and help others! Again dear friend thank you for encouraging words, O YES AND HAVE MONEY SO I CAN SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!

  7. I love this message and needed to hear since before bankruptcy. I am so full of shame and it has paralyzed me.

    After my daughter died I keep hearing Romans 8:28 from folks who meant well even Dr Dobson in one of his books. Though ut didn’t take long and I come to hate this verse (I’m sorry Father God). How could her death be turned into something good and still hasn’t til this day.

    However today when I read your article I realized that I must believe this verse for myself to help me through this time.

    If you can shed light on how that verse could help me with my daughter’s death I would like hear more.

    I appreciate you, Anne Belle and your ministries.

    PS. You may remember I shared my black labs name months ago . . . Annie Belle!

  8. I love this! Perfect timing for me to hear this because, it’s exactly what I need to be reminded of! Romans 8:28! No more guilt!
    Thank you Sir Lance!

  9. As always, beyond encouraging, sometime its hard to remember its not ever about us, its about what Jesus is about, we do not get to leave our remenents scatered about, what a mess that would be.
    Reminds me to leave the laundry list and take out the Praise list. Wrap myself in His Grace and Mercy.
    Thank you for being that voice in this journey, have a perspective and want to collaberate on 7 mountain

  10. Lance, I love how you said it takes a negative and a positive to produce power. I so agree with your post. I am writing a book about my journey with my daughter who was diagnosed with autism at age 5, yet her gifting is off the charts. The journey was mostly awful, with us hearing God so clearly in the midst and worst of it, that this book is coming forth. God orchestrates everything from beginning to end. What He has done in our lives is incredible. Thank you for all you share with us!

  11. Lance,
    I had inquired at (GZI) on how to write my book on adultery in a way not to hurt those around me as it is my story. Today I got my reply and today you just confirmed that reply. I am so very grateful for you and your family and the ministry I have followed 7 mtns for many years. Your words, prayer walks and kingdom living is where I walk also! I am a overcomer! Blessings to all of you!

    • You might find encouragement from a testimony of a good friend of mine. She has a blog – Hope for the Hope Challenged and has just put out a book (to be published on the 9th October) called “Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life”. While there is no adultery, she has had a very difficult life and talks about things that are not often discussed publicly. Praise God for His faithfulness. This short message immediately reminded me of her testimony.
      I also continually need a reminder of God’s love for me. Oh how forgetful we fickle humans are. Praise God for His faithfulness and never-ending love.

  12. First Lance I thank you for your down to earth teaching. I had the privilege of hearing you a few years ago at The Embassy in Oshawa, ON.
    After being divorced for 13 years, and neither of us remarrying, the Lord brought my husband and I back together. We have now been married the second time for almost 17 years. We were married for 25 years before the divorce. Never say never!!!! Because you really ‘never’ know what God is up to.
    Blessings to you

  13. I like what you said that both the negative and positive makes power. That seems profound – how many of us realize that the two together gives us power. We usually want to leave the negative behind and focus on positive, hoping we will get to the new place with that only. I need more power in my life and understand now how that can be increased. Thanks for the teaching.☺️

  14. Since I believe that God is working all things together for my good, I can let go of any fears about the outcome. This frees me to open my mind to the lessons He’s trying to teach me, and to give thanks in all circumstances as we have been commanded (1 Thess 5:18). Even when life is especially difficult, I trust that he has a reason for allowing it. This trust helps me look back and see all the times when I felt disappointed about something, but it turned out to be a blessing in the end.

  15. Great post! I was just having a day like you described where I was feeling some regrets and wondering how God could use me after all of my failures. This is an on time word for me and confirmation that the Lord was listening. I trust him to turn my scars into stars as only He can.

  16. Oh Lance, I happen to be Armenian and lately I am finding out I also have Jewish roots….:) wow, what can I say , The Genocide or The Holocaust…Born in Istanbul, Turkey. My grandparents, parents and I have sooo much rich history, even my son which he happens to be 19. Yes, I will write my books, make movies and also share my testimony with 1000s of audience for His Kingdom. You have been very inspiritional and encouraging with your wisdom. I praise our Maker for bringing you into my journey to establish His Kingdom together.

    Blessings and Shalom to you Lance
    Tatiana Zoe’

  17. Dear Lance,
    I have saved everyone of your post. They are such a blessing to me. Holy Spirit is great He knows what we need when we need to hear His truths the most. You are very sensitive to His leading. I am very thankful for your ministry.

  18. Lance,
    Here is a new phrase to coin. Just remember you heard it here first. The Democate Machine has been gas-lighting the nation. It’s a technique to make people crazy by denying reality. It has all but removed the ability to think critically from our young.

  19. Thanks brother the Lord has laid this upon my heart some while ago and I shared it with my people so its just a confirmation for me keep it up and continue to share God’s wisdom amen.

  20. Thank you, Lance and God bless you for what you bring from Him. Just what I needed today. This message came at the right time. I just finished breafast and went up to my room with heavy thoughts and bad feelings from the past and present. God has used you in my life for many years.

  21. Awesome. The timing is perfect and follows on from the 7m underground post yesterday. Thank you so much. If I hadn’t been so down during the Las couple of years at work I wouldn’t have scoured the net for things to help lift me and found your page and broadcasts and now able to share them with so many others feeling the same

  22. I’m overwhelmed by God’s kindness! He knows I need this message this morning. So often, eventhough God has spoken, the past would not let go. But God is so kind that He would remind me again and again. Waiting for the time when I can see all things have worked for good. Thank you for the post, Lance.

  23. These 2 minutes videos are SO AWESOME. You can nutshell in two minutes what it would take me 40 minutes to say.
    I send these out to the masses–well…, my “masses”.
    Thanks for your excellent mentoring and council.
    And BTW, I love your longer periscope rants as well. Ha!

  24. Consider that all the stuff we go through, in the valley of death to our self, is His pulling us, sometimes dragging us, towards His nature. Considering it all joy, in itself, is almost like a sacrifice of praise…but we praise Him because of what He did for us on the cross. When I consider what I go through, I realize I got through, not to brag on me but to honor His work in me. Truth is, a lot of the times, I’ve tried to purchase a ticket for that Jonah boat. The biggest hurdle I faced was that other gospel where everything, other than Jesus, is awesome:)

    Romans 5:2-5 Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

  25. Very helpful. So often when this topic is preached, it is only about sin. Well, what if, in best efforts, one does not have the results one wants? (Sure don’t want to hear about obtaining forgiveness and making better choices!) Well, still, God can weave everything into a great tapestry. Good message.

  26. Hi Lance, I received Christ driving in my car nearly 19yrs ago when my eldest son was 2. I started growing spiritually, devouring the Word. I started going to a faith church. Grew some more but was divorced for another 7 yrs later. Very devastating due to how I valued the marriage covenant. I have a choleric personality type so that did not help in my marriage to an unsaved phlegmatic. I felt neglected & stuck in the marriage. The resident pastor in churh I attended bullied me from pulpit with statements like, “if you are divorced you did not look good enough for your husband.” God said I was to lecture at their Bible School. I did 4 yrs of Bible school training there, one yr business school. I was bullied because I supported the visionery pastor & faith must bring success & my marriage failure was not good for their faith image. I asked what criteria for lecturing & was told I don’t need to know. I confronted this pastor & said I am going to leave if I am not utilised. Which happened after 10yrs of service there & being totally finished emotionally. I was heading the helps team at the time. I have a leadership & teaching gift. I have not been to church for 10 yrs but kept on growing & ministering to people. I have been searching for a church home again recently. I have know about your 7 mountains vision for some time & used it in the previous church to minister it to people there. I also ministered about the baptism of the Holy Spirit & the gifts & would pray with congregation members & they would be baptised with evidence of speaking in tongues & be equipped & empowered to use it for its different functions. Also why I was a threat. Today I am remarried & my eldest is turning 21 & the youngest turned 3. Restoration & compensation. I went from victim to survivor to overcomer in this area but I am still stuck concerning ministry. God showed me in a dream in a library I anounced, “I always wanted to work with SME’s”. That is small & medium businesses. I looked at a man in a mechanic uniform looking to me for help & “I said I cannot help you, ask someone else.” We were then both outside with black, shiny vehicles, preparing to go in same direction. I was dressed in nighty & jacket & noticed I was pregnant. Definately not dressed for the trip. In another dream shortly thereafter I saw a prominent prophet in South Africa in a dream saying to me, “if you want to take new territory, see to not chase it into the wrong net.”. I am looking to be fathered spiritually & need mentoring. I am interested in buying an action coach business franchise with my government pension to coach businesses. I went for business training in Johannesburg with Pastor Nicky vd Westhuizen. It is John Maxwell business coaching. I was very interested in coming under their covering coz what they are about & doing is my passion & I can relate to his past as my dad also died tragically. They live an hour away from us. I feel I have wasted 10 yrs avoiding church politics & at 44 I don’t want to start from scratch in someone else’s church. I have at times thought of starting my own. Joyce Meyer has been my mentor & teacher for all my saved life. I am part of the Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, Creflo Dollar, Bill Winston faith strwam. I shared only hilights to a much longer story.

  27. Thank you. This has helped me understanding a weakness the devil once used against me and also to understand this law of how God allows us to fall so that we can see the weaknesses in us. Thank you so much.

  28. Lance, I praise God for the encouraging words that pour out of you! I “found” you about 3 months ago when you were sharing about Trump, the Cyrus of our time. That intrigued me to my very core, as I was trying to continue on my a-political stance, but knew that the fence was no longer an option for believers. This word of encouragement today is confirmation in a big way and gives ammunition to kick the enemy in the butt when he tries to bring up the past with its shame and condemnation. Thank you for being obedient and standing up in such strength of conviction to encourage us in this time of upheaval and spiritual renovation in our country and world. I pray many blessings on you and your family.

  29.  The Lord takes all that the enemy throws against you, all that you’ve thrown against yourself, weaving it together into a beautiful tapestry.
    I’m so thankful for this message today. God Bless you

  30. My greatest , deepest regretted and continually besetting sin is believing I can choose to do what I want, when I want. Whether it’s sleeping in, not cleaning my house, drinking a bottle of wine or a myramid of other vices, I give into my flesh. I have periods of great strength! Graduate bible college, missions trips around the world, have my own buisness, then it’s like I switch out and can give into sin all over again.
    Thank you for your word.

  31. Right at this precise moment (24/09/2016 @ 12h01) I needed to read this that it isn’t to late. I am turning 65 years on 07 Oct. My life lately has been hell through self tormenting accusations which I don’t need to go into right now. Although I had a strong impression that God spoke to me something along the line of “at my personal age……” I had difficulties embracing this. The voice of the self tormenting accusations just seemed to be so loud. Things escalated to this point where I needed this “out of the blue” inspirational, I only read it now, although it was in my in-box since 21 Sept. The articulation of this article is as if I had written about my personal battles. The reality is that I can accept that through this Word He confirms His care and love for me and at my personal age He has a destiny for me. As Lance has said at an occasion, God will give me an extended warranty of life to fulfill His dream for me. He has redeemed me, He works it together for good and will even double up on the failed harvests as if it had never failed. I declare, it is not to late.

  32. Man of God, This message has been a great blessing and answer to the situation I am living in right now. Yesterday we went for paying the dowry of the wife of my younger brother. My family delegated me to coordinate this ceremony because my parternal uncles and my daddy are not living here in Beni town. I always invited members of my family who are here to come for the meetings for preparing this ceremony but most of them were not coming. But all of them came the day for going and pay the dowry. And these are people who did not contribute to this dowry. Before when went, I told them what we were told to go and say as we dedate for the payment of the dowry. They agreeed but two of them,aged people and who look like wise people; changed our plans while we were in debating with the family of the lady. And they were saying what could not been said. They were deciding publically without asking our ideas. We could pay the whole amount of the dowry and have a celebration with the gorvernment officer. The money of this celebration was already payed and we prapared costly food for this feast. But as result, we did not finish the dowry and we did not have a celebration with the gorvernment officer and we gave the cooked food to people to whom the meal was not prepared. We wanted to finish that ceremony that day so that we can start immediatly the processus of paying the dowry of my wife and have the wedding ceremony very soon. I have known that God has allowed this to work good for my life.

    I wanted to marry in 2014. I spend more that US $ 500 for preparing but two weeks before the payment of the dowry; some members of my family planned my faillure and they successed. As the result, the fiance disappointed me as she enganged herself with someone whom she thought has the possibility more than me who could marry her as soon as possible and put her in a good situation although it never happen. I became the lighing stock of the community. people abused me bu God amezed them as He blessed.

    And was the provincial secretary in a community fo pentecostal churches in DRC. And as soon as I became popular; the leaders of this church planned my failure as they were no longer planning with me and invite me for attending their meetings. I wandered from church to church as I was asking God want He is teaching through this circumstance. But He encouraged to lanch the vision that He gave me in 2004. It was launched in February8,2014 and many people are attending my christian meetings as I mentor intercessors, Bible Institute students, and evangelize primary and secondary students as I live by faith. I have a vision for planting churches around the world as we minister to people who have no hope.Thank you for this message that has enabled me to go forward as I trust God regaerdless of circumstances. And may God continue to bless your ministry

  33. I am very tired , my strength has almost left me. Continual feed back loops of despair and when is it going to end, I do get drops of blessings just enough for me to hold on a little more. Lance I am afraid the next time I try I will succeed. What do you do when you have to decide do I put gas in the car or buy food. I don’t want to urinate in a bowl anymore or use a flower pot for the rest of my bodily functions. Oh my GOD Lance when is it going to end. I am afraid. I planted seeds these last ten years I am still hoping for Jubilee blessings, am I too late???