Era of Cyrus Trump


The era of Cyrus Trump from my perspective is a “reset” that blocks the aspirations of world rulers who were on a fast track to build a global Babylon. I think it would have been accelerated by an American economic/social meltdown under the wrong leadership.

This explains why the President is such a vilified object in the way he is treated by global elites in media. The Trump era opens up the door to the people of God globally advancing the kingdom – IF THEY CAN SEIZE the moment. How long will this moment last? Are “Sheep Nations” a potential reality? I’m with Mark Buchanon of the U.K. and Ramiro Pena, a Pastor from Waco Texas who is a member of Trump’s faith Advisory Board talking about what’s happening.
In particular, we’re talking about the U.S. and kicking off something in the U.K. with a 7m meeting that feeds the movement, putting feet to the 7m message in practical ways more than one nation.
I remember Rick Joyner writing in Final Quest about the old Lion (U.K.) and the young Lion (USA) climbing the mountain (Mt. Zion) in the Last Days in the midst of global shaking. I need to go revisit that book.

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