Hearing God When All Others Are Shouting

ShushDon’t shush your inner voice…rather than stifle what you hear coming up, try to feed your inner man a regular diet of God’s Word.

Strengthen the voice of you spirit man because according to most studies, you have as many as 1500 words per minute rolling around in your head.

That’s a whole lot of internal dialogue going on.

I once asked a proven prophetic voice, a friend named Kim Clement, “how do you hear God when on the platform?”It was really quite amazing to watch. 

He said he listened till he separated the voice of the person’s own spirit-man, which could be pulling on him in a certain direction. Then he separated the devil’s voice trying to intimidate him. Then he separated his own voice and the way it was handling the pressure of the audience upon him. 

Whatever remained, was God.

Interesting, huh? God’s voice isn’t one among all the others or the one trying to get in. It’s the other way round. All the other voices are on top of His. His Voice is the still, small voice at the foundation of your spirit. 

And how many of you are like me and ready to pull our hair out at the torrent of the “God told me” people? I believe God speaks, but I find that most people hear what they want to hear and dial out the rest.

Bob Mumford once said, “If you really want to know what God is saying, look at all the things you didn’t underline in the Bible.”

What do you think?

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One thought on “Hearing God When All Others Are Shouting

  1. Since I heard you the other day at the Sheraton, I have been thinking of prophetic words and prayers – my own and others’. How they seem to reveal more about my desires than God’s. Even so, this is helpful, if I keep on listening. In this way, I can be refined and formed. I am not seeking a ministry, presently, but God’s heart for the Body. So my voice can come from that place in the wilderness, and bring people across Jordan in this age.