3 Insights on “Isolation” and Your Next Creation


Do you know what “isolation processing” is?


He was older and more popular in his time than Mozart (his friend) or Beethoven (his student). He shaped, to some degree, the way they wrote their music, and knew their sound would eventually eclipse his own.

His name was Joseph Haydn.

Born in Austria, he was hired by the richest, most powerful noble family in Hungarian nobility. Unfortunately, his royal employer lived in a rather remote palace 10 months out of the year. From 1766-1790 Haydn's home and social circle was left for long stretches so he could serve his employer, supervising 20 musicians and writing a massive amount of music. 

This put Haydn into a gymnasium of sorts and out of the loop of friends and trends in major cities that influenced music in his day. 

He said of these years, “I was cut off from the world … so I was forced to become original.” That is the quote to WATCH!



It is a term we use in coaching people around the  subject of “convergence” and it is called – “ISOLATION PROCESSING.”

What is that? A season where you, by choice of God or by you own choice or by life or by circumstance, are cut off from the support and society of friends and all things familiar. 

It could be sickness, war, hurricane, prison, financial or a self-imposed 40-day retreat into the wilderness to face off with the Prince of This World… it is the place you discover your own voice and harden the soft lines of your own unique talent or perspective.

He was called “Papa” and bridged eras in music theory and the way in which artists were funded. He was a lesser light compared to later lights – but he was a bridge and father of lights.

AND THAT IS TO ME what makes him SHINE! This celebrated professional is without any sense of jealousy or despair, when describing his friend Wolfgang Mozart as “the greatest musician known to me either by name or reputation.” 

Mozart, in return, dedicated a number of works to his dear friend, Haydn.

He struggled with depression in his later years and struggled with soul wounds that stemmed from a childhood that was so poor he was often hungry. When he discovered that others were taking material he had written for free and were selling it, he got upset. This awakened him to the need to be more entrepreneurial. Generous with friends, he became a ruthless negotiator with all others. 

He had a lousy marriage and because of the laws of the day, could not divorce, so he and his wife sought love elsewhere while retaining the title of marriage.

Physically, his face was pot-marked from smallpox, as was George Washington's, who was born the same year as Haydn. Being poorly fed as a youth may have contributed to his short physical stature.

TWO THOUGHTS from this…

1.) It ain't all pretty. Beware of glamorized life stories. There is always another side. Fail to see it and you will think there is something wrong or missing in your life.

2.) “Isolation processing” does not have to always be dramatic. It has degrees and you may be experiencing it right now. 

a. It can be a sense of wilderness around an idea or longing in your heart. A desperate lonely yearning for communication and encouragement around an idea that, to you, is all-important. 

b. You may be going from place to place looking for confirmation of something deep inside you that nobody else seems to relate to and no prophet will confirm. 

c. Welcome to the darkroom – the place where you develop your own picture. The Holy Spirit knows the image you are trying to bring forth. When you were in your mother's womb you were destined to become a light bearer for Christ… but you were fed in the darkness of the womb.

Welcome to the next birth. When first born you came from the dark womb where there was only sound… but no light. 

Then you were called out of spiritual darkness by the light of the truth – and “born again.” 

And now the third, all-important birth takes place. The psychic birth, if you will, the birth of your own spark of original creativity and contribution. Your soul comes of age.

The world needs your music. 

Be like this composer and never let it be said “your light was Haydn under a bushel -“

Apologies…that was an appalling grab at an obvious pun that totally undermined the tone of my previous profound paragraphs.


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3 thoughts on “3 Insights on “Isolation” and Your Next Creation

  1. I agree with this article. I however never termed my sporadic stretches of time alone as “Isolation processing.” It makes sense…sort of like our own personal wilderness experience.

  2. Indeed…there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot. Jer 20:9

  3. Amazing insight…I always thought I was part recluse as my grand mother was known to be. On the 6th day God created man and beast ..I just thought I got the hibernation of the bear. ..I am a writer of poetry and just finally published my first book after waiting an extra 7 years more than I thought I should have..so much more I could say…but I have so many wonderful prophetic words over my life but until recently when I received a healing from childhood abuse I hardly believed any of it could happen. It’s like God just tore down walls I had never known existed and I finally feel the love in a such a great way. I am so excited but I have more questions than answers..It’s an adventure and it’s chaos and I love it. Life ..wow who knew.