Donald Trump is NOT The Solution

The clock is ticking and the time is now!

In my book, “God’s Chaos Candidate” I predicted that America’s 4th crucible was going to be an economic one. Have you turned on the news lately? This isn’t going to be just an American issue – it’s going to be a global one.

Did you see that recently, the United Kingdom’s credit rating was downgraded by Moody’s from Aa1 to Aa2, citing the weakening public finances and calling into question the Government’s fiscal consolidation plans. Then the day before the UK downgrade, the S&P cut China’s rating from AA- to A+. According to the S&P, China’s growing credit has only increased its economic and financial risk.

Let also take a look at Venezuela and it’s hyperinflation problems…  a simple lunch costs upwards of 200,000 Bolivars. The only problem is …. Venezuela doesn’t have enough money in circulation to manage the economic inflation. If you want to pay for that lunch small business are now accept money wires!

With the US national debt crossing $20 trillion we are walking our own fiscal tightrope … The US has not been downgraded by the S&P since 2011 when it was dropped from AAA to AA+… but can you see that globally we are seeing a negative trend?

One of the greatest challenges that I have been facing lately is that I have found Christians press into a battle just long enough to show up get something done and then … they retreat.

Christians will actually show up and they’ll put a man like Ronald Reagan into office then, when it comes to the battle that follows, you can’t find them! The warrior bride needs to be released! It is not Reagan, Obama, or Donald trump that is the answer to America’s problems … it’s the mobilized church moving as one!

That is why I am so excited about this new series, “America Shall be Saved.” It’s all about what has to happen after Donald Trump. It is your next step in the battle for America. In this resource I help you understand:

  • Your own gift
  • Your calling
  • Your assignment
  • Your spirit
  • How to engage with leadership within the sphere that you’re entering into
  • Understand intercession and the prophetic
  • How to align with angels.

We may have a deficit on the clock that is ticking – but all is not lost! I believe America shall be saved! Donald Trump is not our savior. Jesus is the savior and the church is the body of Christ!

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As One,
Lance Wallnau

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