Me Quoted on Fox News? Do You Think This Is True?

Kelly Wright quoting me on Fox News
God and the government slimdown   Fox News

A friends of mine sent me a text saying, “What did you think of the News article that mentioned you?”

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased or concerned. It should not be that way, but when the wacky left drives up your Google ranking as a “False Prophet” you start to twitch when the media comes around. When I heard it was Kelly Wright from Fox News I breathed a lot easier.


Kelly is one of the journalists on the Media Mountain I want to see keep climbing. You need to know who he is. His increasingly outspoken faith filled worldview has him under fire, but he is not backing down.

So what do you think of his article? What is your take on God-Government and the financial D.C. Diet debate?

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62 thoughts on “Me Quoted on Fox News? Do You Think This Is True?

  1. Great article by Kelly Wright, Lance. I’ve always respected his reporting, tho I didn’t know he was a believer till you stated it on FB. His article makes it obvious. I thought he did well by you. God bless you sir! This was good… Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank u Lance. I thought the article was well written. Thank u for bringing it n Kelly Wright to our atention. God bless u n ur work. Shalom.

  3. I think this is great, Kelly is well respected and has always given an impression of one with strong faith beliefs and it obviously carries through in his article as well as in any coverage of important topics he covers, I think as time moves forward your sphere of influence will go beyond what you have ever perceived. It has just in the last couple years. What did you say? As things begin to shake we “believers” will be there to problem solve , be the light– I think it’s a matter of time for people of great influence and like mindness to come together and pursue change for the better. Great article.

  4. Awesome, read the whole article. Loved his perspective, and how much more do we need articles like that written in ANY news station. Praying that important, key people will read it and take ACTION on what needs to be done.

  5. After a week of telling my friends here in NYC how excited I was that you would be speaking in Brooklyn and my general enthusiasm and respect for your combined intellectual and spiritual giftings, it is downright disappointing to know that you, too, contribute to and likely engage in the petty partisan rhetoric that does little to heal our collective wounds. The “right” hates the “left”, the “left” is “wacky”, the “right” are “lunatics”. This isn’t all about “us”. I honestly believe we are Jesus’ ambassadors here on earth and how poorly all of this vitriol must reflect on Him. And then we have the unmitigated gall to wonder why more people aren’t clamoring to join our ranks. Disappointed is how I feel.

  6. Two things…First, I’m glad to see an influential Christian not promoting the establishment of a Christian theocracy in our goverment for once…and two, are you sure you didn’t put him up to this? I’m doubtful that he would cite you in an article without permission or consulting you on its accuracy. It sounds more like an advertisement for you. The other two people he quoted are historical figures. Sounds pre-planned, just sayin’.

  7. All of your writings, everything you make available to us is awesome!!! I thank GOD for you and pray you keep on, keeping on!!! Kelly Wright’s article was great!!! Thrilled he quoted your great words of WISDOM!!!!!

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Kelly Wright’s thoughts, as set forth in his article. Moreover, I am pleased that the divine seed encased in Lance’s 7MM is being shed abroad through this article and Fox News.
    Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition (i.e., the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God) through media.

  9. I love the points of view simply reflected in Wrights article. Lance you are doing a good work by bringing the right God principles into the lives of people i.e Wright. Dont stop doing Gods work no matter how tough it gets.

  10. Great article from Kelly and great quotes from you Lance. Great to see a news person speak truth and light in his place of influence. Keep it up!!

  11. Very good article.I believe that declining economy & political systems is not always God’s judgment. It is God making a nation desperate enough to turn to Him and also bringing legitimacy to kingdom models that may have been discarded. Joseph rose to prominence in a declining economy.

  12. Hi Lance. Here’s my take: His facts are right, his heart is right. He honored your work well. But he also quoted Gandhi which was unnecessary. That’s like calling oneself ‘spiritual’ and quoting both Jesus and Buddha so as not to offend anyone.

    He then depicts the government as a crude representation of immorality. OK, so we know that. I would like to have him focused more about what a functioning government looks like. Cast the vision into peoples’ minds so they know what is Godly and Biblical; the standards, the ethics, the behaviors, so they now what to watch and listen for. Most of this article focuses on what is wrong, not what right looks like. Therefore, we have work to do: to show the world how this works, the why isn’t so important at first, just exemplifying right over wrong is essential now. Yes, the government is broken because we are broken. Let’s get us right with God, and make decisions that will return the systems back to Him.

    So, keep making stealth ninja sheep, Lance, the ones that are willing to enter into the assignments waiting for them, and make a difference, not just sit around and watch Fox News and Christian TV and wish someone else would do something. Amen?

  13. It’s a nice article and mention. I would have preferred him to clarify in his first 2 paragraphs (about you), that people should adopt/use the 7M strategy “in their sphere of influence” or “area of specialty” – something like that. I have not picked up in your teaching that you advocate that we all should aim to be great in all the areas in the 7 mountains – but instead, we should focus on the one or a few areas where our strengths, passions and interests area (convergence). So, at first glance, I was a bit disappointed (because of the 2 paragraphs) because I think understanding the 7M strategy is a key adopter strategy and if people that follow him think they have to be ‘great at all of it’ it might be off-putting, overwhelming. Then I read the article again and realized he does appear to understand the overall strategy and your teachings – so, it just may be the way he wrote the first 2 paragraphs that stood out to ‘me’ (meaning, maybe I’m being ‘picky’ about the wording). Note on this reviewer: I over-analyze everything because that is a key strength – and weakness – I’m just giving the feedback that is true to my head and heart. Props (you deserve and earned it!), and glad your teachings were further spread to the masses!

  14. Businessman and Evangelist Lance Wallnau claims the Bible identifies seven areas that all of us must learn to manage more effectively in order to change the toxic culture of politics in Washington.

    Wallnau says people of faith in God must adopt a 7-Mountain strategy in order to produce a more effective government.

    Wallnau is concerned the Church is preaching the Gospel well but still leaving people powerless because we fail to teach them how to exercise their gifts and talents in these areas of influence.

    Wallnau is concerned that our troubled economy and absence of leadership is a sign that our democracy is being battered by selfishness and corruption.

    He believes we must infuse a biblical foundation in every area of our lives in order to achieve a more perfect union.

    Are these 5 previous statements really accurate reflections of what the Spirit of the Living Elohim is speaking to and through you bro Lance? Has the bible been accurately plagarized in this brothers article to whosoever has eyes to see and ears to hear? No.

    I’m just an individual who believes that His Presence transforms through renewed minds and to the extent mine sees as through a glass dimly. I believe that as I sees through the glass dimly and what another sees through the glass dimoly has in HIM a great and might power in agreement with Him.
    Because His Word does not return to Him void and will accomplish that for which He intends – we each respond to His Goodness leading to repent.

    Oh if as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus operated through those doing the electing than one might expect the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus to be the operative Word in these that they elected.

    This is not the case, and of course much is actually happenig which is off the ‘grid’ similarly akin to the fact of the faith of the matter in the underground churches in third world nations.

    I’m here speaking from the underground, way beneath His potential, hidden here in plain sight under the cloak of anonymnity.

    It is by His mercy that I write to you and only by His Grace I live and breath and have my being in Him. No degree. No sphere of influence outside of this obscurity in which I’m currently surviving.
    So grateful for you Dr. Wellnau. I had the one time chance to see you live in a small gathering in Sarasota several years ago and related much to the Word in you then.

    This article doesn’t really say to the reader what He say’s through You in the Way that the listener and be instantly and miracluously changed by His Power, Authority, Dominion in mind – the manifesation of the Work that can only come by our ‘resting’ in Him.

  15. Also, I will be remebering to pray for you.

    Dont mean to sound dogmatic here, but I think everyone else should be too.
    Whether you agree with Lance or not, this will open up doors for him to preach the gospel to more people.
    Just like Paul asked the church to pray for him, that he would have the supply of the Holy Spirit when he preached, I am hoping and praying that you are abundantly suplied with the Holy spirit when the big attention comes your way- when millions are listening to your responses.

    Hey guys & gals. This could turn into a big moment of opportunity here. If Lance is the man God has chosen to be in the spotlight, it would help us all (those of us concerned about the gospel getting out) if we prayed for him to shine when the moment comes- not so that Lance will look good, but rather that God would be glorified.

    So; if you dont agree with the way this went down, please get over it- and pray for this man that he will have words of wisdom, words anointed by the Holy ghost that will bring conviction to this generation. Pray that Gof will use Lance in whatever capacity he can to be a part of bringing awakening to the Church and the United States of America.

  16. In short, AWESOME! Never heard of Kelly before, but will be tuning into his perspectives. The stage is ready, the actors positioned – let us see what the Lord wants to do!

  17. Hey Lance, it’s great that Kelly see’s his roll in the media as a higher calling and specifically that he wants to help remove some of the toxicity that has developed there. Anything that lessens the bitterness and rancor is good. However, there is division in our government not just just because of selfishness or corruption, but because of fundamental differences in what we believe is the correct course for our country. As I understand it, your hope for believers to exercise more influence on the seven mountains is not just so we can manage these areas better with more humility and mercy, but so that America is led down the Godly course. For me, wisdom is not only in seeing what that course should be, but also in learning how to show others that that course is the wise one. That does indeed take humility and love. But also forbearance, persistence and an unrelenting desire to seek God’s ways in all things.

    For the current government shutdown, the heart of the matter goes back to the president seeking to pass the healthcare law with NO bipartisan support. This was unwise, for it birthed the law in division.

    Take care.

  18. This is so encourgaing. We are going through your teaching session by session in our churches Wednesday evening services. When we see articles like this one it encourages us to move out and start popping those vacuums we created by retreating. Believing to see this especially in our schools where we re-engage with our PTA’s, community meetings, etc. Praying for higher heights for Mr. Kelly!!

  19. This was extremely helpful. I started out simply reading through but almost immediately started praying through the points being made. At the end of the post, I had tears streaming down my face, and my soul felt released of a burden somehow. And so, I would like to see more of this kind of insider post from the Faithful, that not only inform but also provide us with food for prayer. Thank you, Lance!

  20. Your comments are very useful. The left shouldn’t have any problems with them, because if closely read, the Seven Mountains track with the seven deadly sins that Gandhi quoted, and Gandhi is certainly someone who is quoted comfortably in modern circles.
    Micah 6 is very appropriate to these times, including 1, 2, 9, 12 and 13. “Arise, plead your case before the mountains …” Those are the seven mountains that we are supposed to be far up on, instead of just pleading before.
    People are nervous and afraid, not knowing what is real truth to listen to, because in many cases we haven’t been listening to and acting on truth for too long.

  21. Dear Lance,

    I do agree with his words. I believe they were well spoken. People wonder why things just seem to keep going wrong, but they neglect or refuse to see that they have excluded out God and his principles..

  22. This is great Lance; so good to hear a strong Godly voice in the media.
    Your voice is needed in DC now more than ever. You keep speaking the truth and training others to rise in their God-given mountain. Your words change the atmosphere as does the voice of all you train. It only takes Gideon to upset an apple cart.

  23. Thank you both for building the kingdom in tough times. You are each to be praised for obeying your individual destinies and functioning impecably in them…and may all the credit go to the Lord!

  24. Kelly hit the nail on the head. As I study scripture I see all through it that God gives His people the leaders they deserve. Israel wanted a king and God gave them Saul. Even though Samuel warned them about Saul and what would happen they still insisted on having a king. Does this apply to our nation. So goes the people of God, so goes the government. Do we get the governing leaders we deserve? Is the governing leaders just a sign of the spiritual breakdown in the church?

  25. We as American need to stop trying to be pleased with who we hang with
    Get down to the business to put this country back together making sense to the citizens who live here. Being the light on the hill for all the world to see and believe in. There are many people globally who are
    in great need, how can we be a light to them when our own back yard is in shambles, our own are hungry, our own are not respected. It matters not if we hang with wealthy CEO’s of popular Pastors, how does impacting serve the people who live here in this country. Get down where everyone else is expected to live and make a difference.
    America needs to be clean to gain respect of the world.

  26. His article actually gave me an ‘A-Ha!’ moment of clarity. I’ve heard you speak many times at my church in Pasadena, but something that I’ve missed is this: The people currently on the top of the mountains are staggering under the weight of responsibility without revelation to guide them! They simply CANNOT succeed, because they are desperately lost and way above their heads! This isn’t a criticism, it is – in fact – an empathetic observation about how sad it is to be promoted beyond your ability! I believe that GOD is raising up Spirit-lead and Biblically-grounded men and women to lead and to take on the responsibility because only they can handle the challenges associated with such leadership. Why? Because only they can receive the necessary inspiration and Holy guidance.

  27. Our Lord is expanding your sphere of influence, Lance, in the same way you have prepared us that our spheres may be expanded. I am so thankful for your amazing insight. May God continue to bless you that you may continue to bless others.

  28. It is a breath of fresh air to see a fellow Believer speak up in the media. I think it has been long over due for Christians to speak up instead of sitting quietly on the side lines (me included). I always thought “someone else” would speak up for me and what I stand for. As citizens of the US and the Kingdom of God, it is all of our responsibility to stand up. It is our responsibility to respectfully hold the government accountable for their actions and in an honorable, lawful manner make sure they follow the original mandate of the Constitution. I am by no means a constitutional expert, but I know something wrong when I see it. That is why I’m trying to learn more about it.

    By honoring God’s laws and way of life we retain His promise that He will fight our battles for us; which does not mean that we can bury our heads—as a righteous people, we have to learn and apply the law for it to be effective. God helps those that follow His law and apply the law; even as it is our right and responsibility to do so. Please join me in both the Earthly Court and the Heavenly Court on these governmental issues we citizens are facing!

    A big way that you can help is to write a letter to the U.S. Attorney General to hold him and the Congress accountable. If you’re like me and don’t know where to start on writing such a letter, there are details and instructions that I went to at:; scroll to the bottom of that page and download the “sample letter” found at paragraph “e.”

    God bless you all!


  29. If we Christians were living life as I understand the Bible to say we should be, we would be a real threat to the wolds way of life,

    Lord, may we receive not our will, but Your will in each of our lives!

  30. Nice to see your ideas coming to fore in the media mountain! Of course, he’s not too covert in his analysis!!! Ha ha ha! love it!!!

  31. Good example article, Lance …
    There will be more presentations of the Lord’s wisdom, understanding, knowledge, grace, compassion, mercy and creativity on all the mountains respectively … as saints placed strategically on all of them (having been prepared by God their whole lives in proximities for such a time as this) are going to continue to rise in their influence as changers as the great net of Harvest that has been hidden in the murky waters for this time continues to emerge. The net will rise out of obscurity (formless and void places) to reveal the intricate network of the eternal tensile strength of His might … to perform the greatest Work of bringing in the reward of His suffering through his people.

    What we see with the eyes of our rendered heart … is always more reall than what we see with our eyes …

  32. Glad to see someone bold enough to take a stand. We all must be interceding in prayer on behalf of our government. Greed and corruption must be brought down.

  33. I appreciated seeing Kelly’s article. I watch FNC, but have not heard of this article. He is saying what truly needs to happen in this nation, and
    I’m so glad he mentioned you in a favorable light. Your msg is imperative
    for all believers to hear see, and do.

  34. Amen!!!! Absolutely wonderful and elegantly stated. Tired of the Republics and Democrats aligning with their party instead of with the people and even more importantly with God, as they lead the people. I’ve wanted to boycott our government leaders ever since the shutdown happened because I believe it is just another divisive act on their part to strengthen personal and party agendas. Wish I could say I understood Obamacare better, but I am not opposed to supporting those less fortunate or paying for my daughter’s health care to last longer. After all, I am paying for it.

  35. Well said Kelly Wright! I like the fact he calls us all to repent. Lance, I’m praying that as media, officials at all levels, business leaders, Christians and non-Christians alike try to figure out who you are and what your message is that they will have a revelation and that Jesus will be lifted up! Lance you sure know how to shake things up! Love you for that!

  36. Interesting reading. I believe as Christian we need to stop throwing bricks at the (enemy) Government. give the facts without throwing mud. We can talk about the government without degrading them, can’t we? I think it was interesting to read the comments by a person who wrote Kelly should not have use Gandhi with Christ but they used ninja with sheep of God. We are a funny bunch of Christian. No wonder Gentiles look at us and wonder what food are we really eating and drinking. We represent Christ, for others to see what is Christ like. Maybe we need a dr check up from the Holy Spirit before we point the finger at anyone else. Just saying…..

  37. Great article and a compliment to you and God’s purpose. We recently meet a young man at the new ARM conference that also astonished us with his insight for the church. His name is John Muratori from Conn. Outstanding concept. Love Rev Bev

  38. Lance, I’m not going to compare or read through the lines of this article or wonder what was the right thing to do. I just know it moved me deeply. You have helped me I think more than any one individual in my walk with Christ. I pray for you and Kelly Wright. I loved the article. I’m sending it to our Senator. I’m taking this as a sign, an accelerated push from the Jewish New Year — a sign of what is ahead of us in the coming year; more voices of God in our leadership toward the top of all seven mountains. I am a federal employee. I am working without a paycheck. We are expected employees (non-military) and are expected to come to work without leave or pay. We are dedicated employees. I too pray for our government leaders and I look to God for hope and faith, so I pray that our government leaders read this article. Mr. Wright wrote the solution. So I hope your leadership conference jumps on this platform of accelerated leadership hope through God and our forefathers.

  39. Thank you for making us aware of godly men like Kelly Wright. He used great wisdom in mentioning your ministry in his article. I am excited to see what God is doing and I am thankful that I learned of you! 😀

  40. Loved it Lance. Nice to know the perspective of a christian world view is presented in such an open forum. It was great being with you at the MMFI fall conf. Looking forward to being with you again in the future my friend.

  41. Loved Kelly Wright’s article. He’s a developed king/priest in the earth declaring succinctly kingdom principle. We are light illluminated by Christ to expel darkness in the 7M. Kudos Lance and Kelly.

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