Here are some Late Night Nuggets Of Gold on “Transition.”

1377631_10151904370559936_582668760_nHere are some Late Night Nuggets Of Gold on “Transition.”

TRANSITION is a phase where something ENDS in your life so that something new BEGINS. It is the journey of getting your head and heart wrapped around a new reality. “Transition” is a process. “Change” is an event. You get Born Again in a moment, but are in Transition as you get your thoughts in line with Gods.You get married in a moment, you spend years in transition into being a husband and father.

During Transition you may need to fight a spiritual battle. The battle you are fighting may not be against circumstances you are in. You might be encountering the spirit that occupies the house that you are about to occupy. As you are going to dispossess the current inhabitants, he seeks to dispossess you. He knows who you are and sees you coming!

The StrongMan that Jesus confronted met Christ in the wilderness on His way into the territory. Jesus future territory would include the whole World so he met the “Prince of this world.”

You can judge your upcoming promotion by the size of the opposition that try’s to stop you. Which is why it’s always a good idea to be advancing in your assigned territory. You have authority in THAT area more than any other and the enemy activity is illegal. You can bust it up.

You don’t win in the roman arena, you win before you get to the arena, Lesson? You don’t bind the strong man when you show up in his territory; you bind the strong man before you get there.

For some, “Transition” means that you are engaging spiritual forces that occupy territory you are about to take. At times you will be advancing into a “strong mans house” and hardly realize it. Why the resistance? Because once you overcome, you will be “in the house” dispersing resources

Signature sound – a sound unique to you- nobody else has your sound. Your voice and revelation has authority.
When you utter what God says in the sphere you are called to you demonstrate the unique signature expression of God, the atmosphere shifts.

The person you are called to impact will feel the impact of who you are. There are souls attached to the tree limbs of your life. You are a tree of the Lord.

When Joshua was told to go forward he was command “Every place the soul of your foot treads that I have already given you.” Where you go is already given. Curious. God engrafts your territory into the thing He gave Himself. Where you “will go” FUTURE, He has already given. “PAST” Hard to understand.

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