Free Speech in Jeopardy and the State of Mind Control in the United States

Tucker Carlson has been nailing it on his late night talk show lately. It is quite something to watch. He has been exposing how Google and a handful of other web hosts have been censoring out news from anyone who is conservative. Things are crazy right now. Apple’s Tim Cook and George Clooney have donated something in the ballpark of one million dollars each to the false Southern Poverty Law Center, which is nothing more than a liberal hit site that lists all conservatives as hate spreaders. This organization is raking in millions of dollars because liberals are too dumb to realize that they are giving their money to fake causes.

I have tried to stop focusing on all the madness going on in the world in favor of prayer and study of the word, but my spirit keeps on getting provoked. Mind control is taking over this country. The thoughts of people, in particular on the left, are being manipulated. It brings to mind the verses in the Bible that urged that if the Israelites did not remove the Philistines from the land, then their enemies would become like “thorns in their sides.” In other words, if the people of God become complacent and don’t deal with the plans of the enemy, then the Devil will deal with them.

It is getting mighty uncomfortable out there. The Church keeps on praying that it will all go away as if the coming revival will magically dissipate the current madness. However, that is not what is coming. What is coming is clarity, courage, and the repossession of the gates of influence. The American Church is going to develop a backbone in the events that are unfolding right now.

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