China, The Deep State, & The Church In The Crosshairs

I was talking to Marc Nuttle today about world debt. He said we’re in an unprecedented moment that happens about once in a millennium when the globe is about to restructure itself. This restructuring of policy and procedure, and how debt is going to be handled isn’t just happening in the United States; it’s happening in South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, China, and the Asia-Pacific Rim. As he was talking about this, I got goosebumps! In the Bible, it tells us about ten toes on the beast and the ten nations. I realized that this could be ten economic zones that are rising up, and the antichrist system rises up and takes down two or three of them.

Right now, the United States is the only free nation that is standing in China’s way and its vast assimilating power. We need to ask ourselves, what kind of economic order does the Kingdom of God represent that is a just system? It’s no longer just sheep and goat nations, there are sheep and goat regions, sheep and goat States, and sheep and goat cities. As we’re heading into this moment that Marc was talking about, this reset will affect the destiny of nations! Over the next 90 days, we need to decide what kind of world, what type of economy, what kind of justice, what kind of solutions do Christians bring to the big conversation?

My wife Annabelle is going to give you an update on what her ministry has been doing, and there’s a bit of news about the deep state. Don’t forget to sign up for the Pentecost webinar with me, Robert Henderson, Mario Murillo, Mario Bramnick, and Jeremiah Johnson.

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11 thoughts on “China, The Deep State, & The Church In The Crosshairs

  1. Lance, euthanasia is a part of socialism. In a socialistic country, the government under socialized medicine decides “who” is no longer valuable to society. Any person with a little common sense can see that what took place in the nursing homes in NYC was actually euthanasia.

  2. The technology now exists and is affordable that every person on earth can hear the good news about Jesus Christ. Jesus said (Matt 24:14) once that happens he’ll come back!

  3. Great word! But what are the specific avenues the church can use to accomplish a regeneration of the republic God gave to our forefathers? I’m ready to fight. I don’t know where the front lines are. Looking forward to Pentecost.

    • I’m waiting for the Divine Strategies, Battle Plans and Directions to The Front Lines too, Amen. Like Thoroughbred horses at the gate, seconds remaining… Waiting… Bucking, READY for that HORN to blow. Bless you. Love your Comment.

  4. Lance, I support everything you say… I adore you and your precious wife. You are so Holy Spirit Filled. God is pouring out HIS Spirit and HIS Reminant is raising up to take the front lines and Spearhead a new move and a new sound for this season of HIS Glory, HIS STORY. I know you know and agree with ALL God’s people that This is the decade of the Mouth and the Voice, the couragous voices that are broken for what OUR Father is broken for, the ones that have endured his intense refining and have depended upon him in the secret place and prostrated themselves and have emptied themselves completely of all they were or ever wanted to be because the Mighty Spirit, OUR Comforter, OUR Revealer, OUR “Kind Convictor” (I think The Spirit might have just Coined that word) The Commander of Yahweh’s Army… has revealed that truly all their heart and soul wants and needs and has been searching for is HIM, The Great I AM, THE GREAT RAPHA AND JIREH The Great TSIDKENU has Anointed That Reminant with “Interchanging Tsidkenus” and they will RISE UP for this Country and in other countries (oooo, maybe the three that get harmed that come back stronger than before, idk) but this Great Country, Blessed By GOD Alone, will stand in the gap for other countries and God’s Church his Ecclessia and His People will Stand up v For HIS Namesake and HIS Mighty Glory and HIS Grace will shine through in this time, I so believe; HIS Goodness will come out in this Reminant (I believe I am one of them) and they will trigger not only a Billion Soul Harvest but like I tell God, I’m believing for 3 billion+ even ALL, Every Soul, For that is HIS Will In HIS Precious Christ Jesus’ Name, For HIS Glory Alone….The KING of Kings and THE LORD of Lords. And I’m pressing in and waiting and waiting, praying and petitioning, consecrating myself like I know many others are and I know he will soon MOVE and we WILL, by HIS Grace and HIS Spirit, keep pace and in Step with him and HIS Purposes to Prosper Us and Reveal HIS Heart to us in this season of Acceleration because we are Convinced that Nothing, not good, not evil, Nor Angel or demon, nor powers or principalities, not death, NOTHING can or Ever will keep us from The AGAPE Love of GOD for HIS Children, His MOST BELOVED of ALL HIS Creation and his plans to Prosper us and Give us a Hope…And WE CAN’T KEEP QUIET, HE IS TOO GOOD, WE WILL ROAR THE NEW SOUND THAT IS BELLOWING IN OUR SPIRITMAN BECAUSE WE’VE BEEN HIDDEN AND MUZZLED SO LONG AND WE ARE TOO OVERCOME BY THE REVELATION OF WHO HE IS, WHO HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WHO HE WILL ALWAYS BE…like you said Lance, we WILL See HIS Face, Hear HIS Voice, Know HIS Will and Be HIS Witnesses. All of God’s Precious Prophets, including you are all saying the same exact things about this season and the new move of HIS Spirit and the Precipice we are standing at, The Crossroad, Stepping INTO OUR Promise Land and OUT of the Wilderness and I know you see it, we see it, you feel it, we feel it, shoot we all hear it and percieve it rising up (The Mighty Will and Move of God, The NEW Fresh Move of OUR Father in Heaven) we all do… It’s all over Elijah List and Spirit Fuel, which I’ve seen you write some prophetic words in too, Fullness in Christ with “What the Lord is Saying”… Stephen Furtick at Elevation Church has been speaking about it, The list goes on of God’s Amazing People who are Hearing Him even before and in This Divine RESET and This Reminant, I believe will ALL have the same resolve to Rise Up for Justice, GOD’S JUSTICE, For our Freedoms and Liberty (The Constitution and HIS Living WORD) and for the Vision and Purpose that OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN had bequested to our Forefathers, of this country and of our Spiritual Forefathers and Mothers of Courage and Faith and Holy Worship from his Mighty Living Word. The nation’s belong to HIM, THE GREAT I AM and Every Soul and All that is HIS he has Given to HIS Perfect One, Who he has Graciously Given to Us for our Eternal Glory Reign In and with Him. By HIS Spirit Alone we will stop being sorry for speaking up and standing up for Justice and for the Amazing Love and Blessings and Fullness and Wholeness that OUR Mighty Father desires for us and continues to pour out on his Children. We will stand together and there will be a Mighty SHIFT and Jesus WILL BE Glorified in this day and We will prepare the way in this season for HIS Return! Love you Lance and ALL God’s People and thank you for thinking of us and staying late and posting for us and being there for us, standing up for HIS GLORY and HIS PRIASE and I will see you Sunday as The Great WIND of HIS Spirit Rushes in and The Fire of The Lord Drenches us ALL. I Literally Cannot Wait for This Pentecost Sunday. I Am believing for HIS Spirit poured out and that I will be Baptized in HIS Spirit too in the Mighty, Beautiful, Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach who REIGNS For Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever, Amen! Let’s all get together and meet and start this discussion and recruit the pure voices and stand together In Person and petition and plead for what OUR Father wants us to do and what this new move looks like for Him and how he wants us to move with him and for him for this new Era! God Bless and Heavenly, Holy Kisses to you and yours!

  5. Thank you so much Lance for your work for the Body of Christ. Your insight is tremendous. It was wonderful seeing your wife and hearing about what she does for the Kingdom of God. Great outreach. I cannot get enough of your broadcasts and look forward every week to a new one.

    Pentecost Sunday, I am ready for a fresh infilling!!!!!

    Pamela Bromlow

  6. I have the “strategic prophetic revelation” to build God’s;
    *economic order in preparation for the last outpouring and ingathering,
    *economic foundation to save us from an economic Armageddon,
    *economic standard by which Babylon will be judged,
    *economic logistics to the final march of the last days,
    *economic domain to the coming Kingdom !!
    This is a co-laboring move from God. With such a word 100% of the time we go first. We do our part, God does His part. It should be noted that Jesus Christ disciples were all businessmen, not one clergy among them. Now we see the business community (marketplace outreach) coming together “As One” to launch a worldwide cultural/economic revival leading to a worldwide spiritual revival and the harvest of souls.
    If we want to see God come out on the stage (in the Grand Finale) and put on a show as never witnessed before on planet Earth—- this is the admission price— build the economic environment as mentioned above. No economic order- NO SHOW. No economic order– NO DEAL.