North Korea in the Year of the Clashing of Swords

Seduction and legalism have been coming together in an unprecedented way to try to cut off prophetic people. Eric Bolling is the latest in the casualty list of the left’s campaign to hunt down the best and brightest of the conservative movement. They try to dig up things from conservative personalities’ pasts to embarrass them and drag them […]

Trump’s Rollback of Obama’s Insidious Social Engineering Project

It is the hour for the church to arise! I have been studying a powerful transformation model on my recent travels that I will be sharing with you in the weeks to come. Donald Trump has been talking about things lately that simply do not get talked about in our current political climate. He rolled […]

Attack On Trump’s Son

How Does He Handle This?

HOW DOES TRUMP HANDLE THIS? AN ATTACK NOW ON HIS SON. How Is Trump the Human Being Dealing with These Personal Attacks and Phony Roadblocks Stopping His Agenda? Wednesday – July 12, 2017 RUSH: Have you ever asked yourself, folks — ’cause I do. Have you ever asked yourself how Donald Trump the human being […]

WARFARE For President Trump

Going on the offensive in prayer for President Trump.

Isaiah 45 Going on the offensive in prayer for President Trump. Join the army of prayer warriors with Lance breaking the gates of darkness. There is a generation waiting to hear the message of the Kingdom. Raise up 20 million more small businesses. Church rise up for a great awakening. Dreams of the fear of […]

Trump Attacked By Swamp Creatures

And Our Response

We can’t be neutral right now.  We can’t be indifferent to the spiritual warfare going on in Washington.  We have to allow it to get to us and we have to pray that the enemy be stopped. The mindless assaults from the media and the propaganda must cease. Those who are in collusion to destroy our nation […]