1509031_10153721821169936_7594346514414234150_nA STRANGE FOG OVER THE MIND OF AMERICA…

Lets call it what it is – a form of witchcraft has descended over the American mind. It’s like a national fog the effect of which is inexplicable. The dots are right in front of the eyes of a nation but it cannot see or connect these dots, and continues to hurdle head long in its confused discord.

Not unrelated – there is a surge in occult activity. It seeks to bind the minds of the righteous. Halloween is one of four occult Sabbaths, the highest holy day of witches. It is a cross quarter day, situated between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. It is a major festival and a new year's eve for witches. It is their third and final harvest festival and inaugurates Winter.

The devil knows – he must close the trap over America this year.

HOW AMERICA LINES UP – the future in the hands of 11% and YOU?

Here are some interesting statistics, 44.5% of Americans want Hillary as President and don’t care what she did. They are pro- Hillary people regardless of what comes out of these hearings. On the opposite side 44.5% don’t trust Hillary Clinton. They have already formed their opinion.

In the middle is 11%. These are the key to the future of the Nation.

56 days before people went to the Polls to make a choice between Barak Obama and Mitt Romney; the American embassy in Libya was attacked. President Obamas re-election was threatened so a decision was made to lie to America. It is now known that the White House was aware a terrorist attack had taken place. They knew who was involved. The decision was made to blame the attack on an American video and say it was offensive to Muslims. After winning the second term, Obama mislead the U.N. as well, blaming the incident on a video.

It looks now as if Hillary Clinton’s emails tell a story. She knew the truth. She withheld this evidence. Today it was exposed. She lied to the families at their coffins and lied to the nation. She probably had no choice because Obama wanted to divert attention from a planned attack by Muslims to an insensitive video from an American. This was a lie delivered by the President and Hillary Clinton in order to get Obama re-elected.

Now she is lying in order to get elected. A victim’s mother tonight was interviewed. Patricia Smith said her son Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith called her the night before the attack and said, “It’s weird Mom. There are people walking all around our compound taking pictures of the diesel tanks. Something is going on.” They knew they were in danger. In 24 hours Al-Quida detonated the diesel tanks and lit the compound on fire. A well rehearsed military style assault followed and four Americans were dead.

Today we heard that there were 600 requests for security in Libya, but Hillary drove all these decisions to subordinates. Nothing was done. Why? Today the Benghazi hearings shed new light on this. With the election so close – the President and Hillary did not want the narrative out that Libya was a mess. They were desperate to make Libya look like a success. They wanted a narrative that everything was OK.

Now this would be understandable given an election was coming up in 56 days – but to deliberately ignore calls for help demonstrates something worse than ambition. I don't think it is as criminal as it is delusional. It's the fog on their minds.

Again – they did not want anyone to think the United States created chaos in the Middle East – so they ignored the 600 requests for security and then compounded this criminal negligence by deliberately cooking up lie to cover for the attack by Al Qaida.

Hilary blamed the attack on “rage and violence over an American video” put on YouTube video.

The video was called “The Innocence of Muslims.”

On the day of the attack however Hillary's email server shows she told her daughter the attack was an organized terrorist assault.

At the United Nations – 14 days later – on September 25, 2012, long after the facts were clear to Obama he spoke out, not in defense of free speech, but in offense at words not honoring to Islam.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

The President said: “That is what we saw play out the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well – for as the city outside these walls makes clear, we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and religion.”

He made America the root of the problem. in light of current facts this speech was a shameless misdirection at Americas expense.

1.) The President and Hillary lied about Benghazi in order to make sure Barak Obama was re-elected in 2012.

2.) There were 600 security requests made and ignored because the President wanted to look like Libya was a success.

3.) The White House knew the attack was not rooted in a protests that got out of control because of a video that was disrespectful to Islam but deliberately perpetuated that story.

4.) As a result, increased pro- Muslim “sensitivity” trainings and protocols and were forced upon the American military and CIA communities.


There is at least a decade of unanswered prayers stored up in the heavens over the United States. We are in a Jubilee Year in Israel’s 50 year cycles. This is the year of shift and cancellation of debts. What if God is not counting our sins against us, as the Apostle Paul says? What if God wants to deliver the United States? How could this be done?

We need an unusual move of God on us and a move of truth in the national conversation.

Read Acts 28- We are not irrelevant; we are like Paul, a minority on a ship that is going in the wrong direction. But your presence on this U.S. Ship of State is what will take it through the storm into Malta – which is translated as “sweet spot” by many masters of linguistics.

Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina are all evidence of a massive surge of creative energy rising from the ocean of Americans. These so called “outsiders” scare the daylights out of the crusty establishment elites because they are “uncontrollable.”

Stay sweet, stay fierce and stay focused. It’s gonna be a rocky and exciting ride from here till the nation has its “uncontrollable” conversation. Pray for supernatural clarity over the minds of those investigating what actually happened at Benghazi.

America shall be saved.

Make sense?

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