12079899_10153706888904936_1558204792607189632_o-1THIS COULD BE YOU!
Is there someone or something missing in your life? It just might be that YOU are the hold up. What I call “Level 10 Living” is this:
being 100% FULLY ALIVE and engaged in God’s purposes.

Jesus speaking in John 10:10 said, “I have come that they may have LIFE.” It does not matter how stressful the world becomes, you and I have a built in equalizer that expands our capacity for heaven on earth! Our challenge is to “grow up into Him” so that He can expand us to our full design – at a Level 10.

Now is the time for you (as a single) or you both (as an engaged, or married couple) to get CLEAR on you and your mission.

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Lance and Annabelle

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