12046930_10153723075939936_8441616492064135956_nWhat does this mean? It means that your situation is going to have a triumphant ending. Even on His worse day, Jesus had a different focus He told the thief – “this day you shall be with me in paradise.”

According to Paul, hope “is a helmet” which means that hope is meant to cover your thought life. It is a confident expectation of good coming out of the situation. God turns everything into that which serves “the counsel of His will.” Therefore “in everything give thanks” because you are not a prisoner of circumstance, but of hope!


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2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hi Lance,
    I first saw and heard you on FlashPoint couple month ago, before the election. I have been watching the program ever since and record it when I’m not home to watch it. I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom you bring every week to the program. The main stream media doesn’t give you the truth and I get too mad so I almost stopped watching it completely. I get too mad when I hear their lies. Thank you for giving us the real news with a prophetic perspective as well. I wish I could buy some of your books but I recently lost my job so I have to wait on that. Again, thank you. Every time you open your mouth, I am glued to the TV wanting to hear all you have to say. I like the others too; you all make a great team. I love this country; my family came to the US from Poland in November of 1963 right when President Kennedy was assassinated. We fled Poland because life was really, really hard under Communism. My father refused to join the communist party because he had a dream that one day, he will bring his family of 7 to America. When we finally came, we were in awe of everything was saw, especially that you could go to the store and buy anything you wanted. I have never before seen so much food and how well we had it even when we first came. The freedom too, even at the age of 12 I knew how privileged we were to be able to come to this country and how different American was from the communist Poland we came from.
    I am praying and standing in faith with you and the rest of the Body of Christ that President Trump will have another term as our president. It breaks my heart to see what is happening to this country. Whatever the cost we have to fight and win! FlashPoint helps to keep my faith strong and unwavering. We are going to win this battle!
    Thank you, thank you, Thank you Lance. Keep preaching the truth like you are. You are making a big difference.
    Sincerely, in Christ.
    Krystyna Stankiewicz

  2. Just giving you a heads up for what’s to come on Thursday, New Years Eve day as per the prophecy of Charlie Shamp.
    The temperature in Washington DC, will change dramatically from 38 to almost 60 degrees. It will start to rain and then to storm. The Prophet spoke of a white tent around there who is open 24/7 for prayer and praise. I looked for it and found it online. It’s called David’s Tent DC. Do you see it?
    The prayer and praise of the tent, will release God’s power.
    There has been a demonic storm that has been tempting to surface over Washington, but the Lord said,
    “I will bring a storm to wipe out the darkness. A contrary wind! The whirling winds will be a sign of cleansing. The weight of my glory will come and rest on the nation’s Capital. The enemy will cringe in fear.
    People will fall on their hands and knees in repentance.
    Watch for the sign. A rainbow manifesting over the White House. It will be a sign of Restoration. A sign of My Promise of My presence and restoration, even though there has been lock-downs that Satan would have used to sift the Body of Christ(Christians), get ready for the Harvest, because the fields are ripe.($$$) You thought you were enduring the last storm with confinement, but the Arc of the Covenant(Holy Spirit) shall be released and a place where a new day will come! People will walk free and be filled with fire(meaning passion from the Holy Spirit to proclaim that the Kingdom of God is real).
    Look for the bow, a rainbow! It will be sign of restoration and deliverance from evil. God is opening heaven over this nation. An arrow of the Lord’s deliverance. The peace of God will come, the presence of God will come and rest. Days of refreshing restoration will come.
    Look NOT at the things you see with your natural eye, for great darkness is all around, but the Light of God, the 7-fold radiation of the Holy Spirit will be seen(rainbow marking a new day).
    When the devil came to kill, steal, and destroy, God has lifted up a banner of Love over the nation(a rainbow and that doesn’t mean gay). It will look like a canopy glowing of the glory of the Lord!”
    Now, you know who Prophet Mark Taylor is, right? Remember reading about the Washington Monument being struck by lightning and a great wind from a storm will completely topple it over? I’m thinking that that will happen on New Years Eve!
    The toppling will be a sign that the Luciferian Reign is over.
    Biden will be booted along with rest of the criminals!