11947594_10153599853319936_6665312899044980647_nTHANK GOD FOR THIS SHAKING!

America is finally realizing it is VULNERABLE to China and Washington FISCAL MISMANAGEMENT! The crude oil market is shaking especially in Texas. Its a “crude” awakening!

On the lips of everyone is concern for the future. THIS IS OUR TIME. A new model is about to emerge as believers step into the fault lines of shaking and bring STABILITY and INNOVATION to America and the world. Economies built on men will shake – but the kingdom we are receiving is UNSHAKABLE.

How INFINITELY GOOFY at this very moment for believers to be getting ready for rapture or persecution. That whole mentality is the byproduct of the church hiding out in buildings rather than seeing themselves as the ones who “DISCIPLE NATIONS.”

GOVERNMENT HAS REACHED BEYOND GODS APPOINTED BOUNDARIES! It has displaced the role of families, free enterprise, and non profits and volunteerism. Government has tried to be God and is NOT up to the task.

DON’T EXPECT THE RULING CLASS OF REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS TO LIKE THIS. They don’t want to hear “The government shall be upon His shoulder.”

“…unto us A SON is given (JESUS): and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder: and HIS NAME shall be called (Jesus the) Wonderful, (Jesus the ultimate) Counsellor, (Jesus is) The mighty God, (Jesus is the embodiment of) The everlasting Father, (Jesus is) The Prince of Peace.

Jesus has a body on the earth. The body of Christ has got to see itself as the administrator of heaven on earth. Where we go the government of heaven goes. When we show up the counsel of heaven shows up and peace overrules hell.

What if businesses today accomplished in our society what we expect our government to do?

THE KINGDOM IS EMERGING in a whole new expression.
This is the Emergent question. Join the Emergent Movement that provides the answers. Two generations running together – you and your sons and daughters. One mission – manifesting the kingdom. God is building businesses that will effect change… for profit, for purpose, for ever – EVEN IN THE MIDST OF SHAKING!

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WORSHIP AND BUSINESS GO TOGETHER in the Tabernacle of David. Your business is the outpost of heaven on earth.

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Back To The Garden

Back To The Garden

God called a family (Adam and Eve) to walk in supernatural dominion, filling the earth. Then he called a couple (Abraham and Sarah) to walk in supernatural wealth creation and the creation of a new tribe to fill the earth. Christ is the second Adam. He relaunched the mandate to fill the earth. In Christ you have a connection to your spiritual lineage of Abraham and Sarah. It’s full circle back to the garden of His presence and a supernatural business life.

Here is a “live” moment from Dallas “Great Awakening” event going on right now. We just took a break and Jude came up to share how HIS BUSINESS HAS DOUBLED since he attended last years Dream Trip.
Contrast the doom and gloom mentality of people fearing the collapse of America with the JOYFUL, CONFIDENT, PROSPEROUS, DYNAMIC state of mind of an entrepreneurial KILLER SHEEP! You are not going down in 2016 YOU ARE GOING UP! Why? Because God is giving to His people the ability to CREATE WEALTH (Deut 8:18) and CREATE SOLUTIONS to problems. China and India are huge growing markets that need goods and services that must come in from other nations.

The FUTURE belongs to the SUPERNATURAL ENTREPRENEUR. Stop being paralyzed with anxiety about shaking. God said it is a “PROMISE” of shaking. Not a judgment. Plug into the GREATEST chapter of your life and let God open the door into nations as a modern Abraham… and don’t worry about the money.


Because divine creativity is a form of currency. You’ve got a printing press in your belly! It’s the POWER TO CREATE WEALTH! (Deut 8:18)



The weekend is here. The Stock Market went down 530 points. Panic is in the air – and a number of Christians who have prophesied the collapse of the monetary system are all abuzz that America’s apocalyptic moment has arrived.

They are wrong.

There will be a further adjustment in the financial market Monday as nervous investors jump ship.

But contrary to what has been prophesied – this BOAT WILL FLOAT.

The biggest problem we have is that we want to blame the condition of America on somebody other than those called to steward the nation – Christians. Ever notice how it’s always someone else who needs to repent? That’s a sure sign something is wrong.

Most of the audience for the “America under judgment” genre are frustrated conservative Christians. The ungodly social ills of planned parenthood and LGBT shutting down Christian wedding chapels, bakeries and photographers is from the Left and drives us crazy. The bad relationship with Israel freaks us out also.

So we know who “we” mean when we blame “them” for causing judgment because “they’ve” been “shaking their fist in the face of God.” When the supreme court legalized homosexual marriage prophets referred to this specifically as the straw that broke the camels back.

This narrative is accurate- but is it true? Is God judging “them”?

A true prophet will convict GOD’S PEOPLE FIRST, “for judgement must BEGIN in the house of God.”

Check out who does the repenting in the Bible:

“If MY PEOPLE, who are CALLED BY MY NAME, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from THEIR wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chron 7:14)

Who gets humble, prays and seeks Gods face? The Supreme Court? Wall Street? the White House? No. MY PEOPLE!

How do we know if a prophet is speaking God’s counsel? What is the litmus test?

Again…it’s the disposition it produces in “MY PEOPLE”
There were too many conflicting Prophets in Jeremiah’s day. Jeremiah was double checking to see if he was on track.

God said: “I DID NOT SEND THESE PROPHETS, but they ran. I did not speak to them, but they prophesied. “But IF THEY HAVE STOOD IN MY COUNSEL, then they would have announced MY WORDS to MY PEOPLE, and would have TURNED THEM BACK from their evil way and from the evil of THEIR DEEDS.” (Jeremiah 2:22-23)

A true prophet will SHIFT an attitude in Gods people and redirect their energies.
It’s always a call “from” some heart issue “to” something you do. For instance Hosea: “Consider your ways” – “Build my House.”
Elijah: “Repent” – “Stop worshiping Baal and Jehovah. Stop being zombies.”
John Baptist “Repent” – “Get into this water baptism”

This Prophet won’t be prophesying about the Nations judgments and skipping over God’s people. He will tell them what to stop and what to start. Especially if they are complicit in creating or tolerating the problem that created the crisis. (Re-read this all fellow Shemitahites…when have we been called out specifically for OUR lack of UNITY and LAZINESS and COWARDICE? Voting our pocket book over the interests of others or the nation? Each man elects a man to get him his own gain. That’s what Congress is…. competing spheres of self interest. We vote race instead of grace!

Why are there no pulpits thundering the Word of God and calling the people to engagement in local government, school boards and eradicating poverty? When was the last time you pushed back in public prayer or protest or preaching? Why is the Left the only group funded to put activists on the field in Ferguson and Baltimore? Where is the black and white army of God?

A fully informed Prophet won’t be skipping the sins of Gods people by pointing out what “the bad guys” did and follow this up with predictions of judgment on the Nations economy and advice on getting out of the market.

The real root of America’s problem is three words – “WHILE MEN SLEPT!” The enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat while we were sleep at the switch. When the church is not AWAKENED we’re SLEEPING and when WE SLEEP the devil is awake putting his people into positions of influence to thwart God’s harvest- our harvest- Americas harvest!

But we’ve not been asleep to everything. We have been busy in our business building and church building and ministry building and blessing building but not KINGDOM building. We have not taken seriously the call to work together in a single city to “disciple” it – let alone a nation, as Jesus commanded. Half of us don’t vote or volunteer for school boards or local leadership.

So while we slept WHO HAS BEEN DISCIPLING AMERICA? Who was planted on the top of the mountains and at the gates of influence?

According to Jesus the devil plants people. Matthew 13:38 “The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one.” This isn’t uncharitable. It is the Bible. Who are these children? Crooked trial lawyers, corrupt deal making big corporations, extreme left wing activists for LBGT that hunt down Christians to put the out of business, stirrers of race hatred, corrupt politicians, lobbyists, people who buy up the media outlets and uproot the righteous, university professors, extreme left entertainers, producers…influence shapers all. These are the “Kings” who sit at the gates while believers hide out in their Christian sub culture. Wicked kings. (Not all that are unsaved are evil, but all the “tares” are evil.)

Ours is a failure to see who “takes the kingdom.” NEWS FLASH – it’s not just the preachers…”But the SAINTS of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.” (Daniel 7:18)

It’s YOU!

It’s a mobilized body that needs to repent… for disengagement.

There is a grace on us NOW to awaken.

Don’t make God the offended Shemitah magistrate who meets out punishment on our economy because one Judge didn’t get the marriage vote right! That was OUR fault from the beggining. We’ve been the silent majority. Let’s not even labor the point. Lets just judge ourselves and move quickly.

We WERE asleep but NOW we see that we must enter the battle at the gates! Our children will not suffer the destructive consequence of our further negligence. America Shall Be Saved!

God is saying WAKE UP! Truth be told…a “trumpet” is already tooting. And Donald Trumpet will continue to be Gods wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.

We need YOU in the coming days. (Join the 7mUnderground at top of page.)

P.S. I get that there are prophets calling BOTH “them” and “us” to repent. But again I say – what are WE repenting of? It’s so maddeningly vague. Apart from Pornography, drugs, wife beating or some obvious external badness I don’t think the average Christian understands the heart sins of apathy, compromise and selfishness that is being uprooted right now in Gods people.

Thank you for reading this and for posting such substantial comments.

I love you guys.


11891062_10153584210454936_8817673166327152362_nTHE EDUCATION ARENA. IT IMPACTS US ALL.
So is the Education Field your mountain to influence? The sphere that beckons you? The arena that causes your passion to soar?

How are YOU influencing this arena? Or if you want to do so, but are not yet – what questions do you have? Those who are Education Rockstars, chime in to help offer direction to those who WANT to engage.

Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”
So yes, education DOES impact us all.