“How do you rule the world?”

10540786_10152933079439936_8399523148575154432_nAn Audible Voice Spoke to Pastor Doug Schneider in Canada asking,

“How do you rule the world?”

Immediately this Pastor stumbled upon the subject of Alexander The Great and found keys that are of interest to those who seek to see the rule of Jesus made famous in the earth.

PAULS MINISTRY TRACK literally shadows much of Alexanders. Paul was led one after another to preach where Alexander had been 300 years earlier. He was walking in the same steps as Alexander because both knew the value of key cities.

Doug says:
“Alexander knew a strategy that would establish and keep the victories that he and his loyal army had fought hard for in battles throughout the world.”

1. “In brief, wherever his ruling influence went, he would choose certain cities to become “colonies” or “city-states”. ”

2. “These places would become BEACHHEADS of influence to secure and entrench the victories previously won.

3. “Each city would have an “ORBIT OF INFLUENCE” so that the territory was still governed by him and his throne, yet away from him.”

a. “The larger the expanse of the territory would simply mean that more colonies or hubs would be selected.”

“Remember though, Alexander’s goal was to have a Greek world, out of love for the richness of its culture.”

4. Consequently, he would commission 200 or more retired soldiers from his army, and their families, and have them relocate to one of the numerous colonies throughout the world.

5. Their influence was to permeate and enforce all of the spheres of society with the culture and customs of Greek life. The people of these colonies would speak Greek (Koine), know and practice the ideals, customs, laws, literature, myths, dance, money, medicine, government, art and theatre of Greek life. In essence, these colonies would really be a slice of Greece away from Greece.

The kingdom of Greece would have displaced the previous culture and replaced it with an immersion of Greek life and society.

So important was this coming of Greek culture and influence into every region and nation he conquered, that he literally named about 20 cities (Alexandria), after himself.

“Dead or alive, he wanted his presence to be felt always.”

“Years later the Roman Empire took this same template and used it to establish their kingdom. Is it any wonder why Jesus Christ came to earth on the heels of this with the Roman Empire and not during a time that would have existed a thousand years prior? The Roman empire, with its Greek infrastructure would most resemble God’s prescribed plan for what His Kingdom should look like, and how it should function here on earth. It’s for this reason we’re told in Galatians 4:4, “But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son ….” The Roman empire with the Greek ruling strategy was the “fullness of time”.


On one of those study days while reading from Philippians 3:20,

(LW: this city made its inhabitants legal citizens of Rome. They knew their dual citizenship)

I was captivated by just one two-lettered word: “For our citizenship IS in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ ….”

I couldn’t get over the profound implications of this discovery. It didn’t say “was” or “will be” but “is”. A believer’s citizenship in heaven is a present day reality while here on this earth!

The writer, the apostle Paul of this book of Philippians was fully aware that Philippi was one of the colonies of the Greco-Roman world. Dr. Luke says, “… and from there to Philippi, which is the foremost city of that part of Macedonia, a colony” (Acts 16:12). It had been awarded the ius italicum, the highest legal privilege obtainable by any provincial municipality. The citizens of Philippi then were also citizens of Rome with all of the rights and privileges awarded to any Roman born in the imperial city. To live in Philippi was to have a slice of Rome, away from Rome. Previously, the Greeks called this, “home, away from home” (apoikia). You’re not in your own country, but the essence of your country has been brought to where you are. In modern understanding, isn’t that what some elite hotel chains promise … “you’ll feel like you’re at home in one of our rooms”.

When Paul wrote this above verse 20 to the Philippian church, he knew that they could easily relate to the parallel and picture it presented. Just as Philippi was a colony of Rome (with all of what that meant), so too this young apostolic church in Philippi was a colony of heaven, with its members here on earth all enjoying the benefits of the heavenly culture and sovereignty of Christ.

Clearly, as believers our home is in heaven and here on earth we are a colony of heavenly citizens with full rights and privileges. By the pattern of Alexander the Great’s blueprint, our responsibility is to secure the culture of heaven to where we live here on earth and let its richness be the dominating influence.

Doug goes on to explain how the word for city- is the “Polis” is also the “policies” “politics” and law…”police.” Greek culture shaped all society and kingdom culture shapes all the Polis! The City!


WHAT DO YOU SAY? I will share more of Doug’s book tomorrow!

Love you all,
Lance Wallnauu




You know that verse “Be not CONFORMED to the world but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind?”
Conforming is pressure forming you from the outside in.
Transformation is pressure forming you from the inside out.

What if there are areas we’ve been conformed into and did not know it? Fear of what others will think? Need to look like a success? Can’t be happy without money? Need to be the smartest guy on the team? Afraid of losing? Then one day you screw up, the business goes south and everybody knows you’ve fallen on hard times. WHY would God do this? Maybe He didn’t do it. But maybe He is not rescuing you…just yet, because He is letting you get FREE from all the baggage you used to conform to.

God releases the hidden man on the inside as soon as he emerges out from beneath being buried under layers of “conformity” cloaks. What comes out seems smaller. Pruned. But if you look closely there is an authenticity and freedom in that new look.

Soon foliage is forming and its twice as dense and more copious in fruit than anything that existed before.

Ever consider what Lazarus went through after Jesus raised him from the dead? He was wrapped in mummified strips of gauze. The had not hardened yet when Jesus said “Lazarus Come Forth.” He now had resurrection life in him, but he was still bound. Jesus did not supernaturally free him from the bandages and cloth but rather commanded: “untie hims and let him go.” I can imagine that they either went in circles around him, or he helped and turned in circles as they unwound him.

Point? Either way he was going through cycles related to a problem, but each spin cycle was bringing him closer to total liberation.

God can be using the cycles of your life – even negative cycles, to prune you of old scripts and areas of insecurity formed by the pressure of the world. What comes forth is a freer more fruitful you!

May you exit your cycles and step into your new freedom.

In Jesus Name!



10383104_10152928510914936_7076418477754881237_nTHE SURPRISING SECRET TO GETTING OVER HURTS!

As we talk about breaking spiritual cycles, ever notice how many of them involve other people and unresolved conflict?

There is untold pain, sickness, and psychic taxation because people ignore this key idea – sanctified confrontation!

If you have ever been hurt, betrayed, wounded, ripped off, abused by another believer you have a couple of choices.

1.) You can forgive the matter and leave it with the Father and choose to bless.

2.) You can go to that person and confront them with the facts. Tell them what happened and how it made you feel. Speak sincerely and without anger.

Here is the oft overlooked verse:

“If a believer does something wrong, go, confront him when the two of you are alone. If he listens to you, you have won back that believer.” (Matt 18:15)

We almost all try to do option No.#1.

The problem is the thing does not go away. It starts to eat at you. It keeps coming back.

Then you bring it up to others and tell them what happened to you. Now THEY get a contaminated in their mind toward the other person. If they are especially close friends of yours they will pick up an offense toward the offending brother (or sister).

Your solution?

Know that it is PERFECTLY IN KEEPING WITH THE SPIRIT OF JESUS TO GO TO THEM IN PRIVATE AND CONFRONT THE MATTER. If it works out well – you have a healed relationship and a healed memory.

If not, well you have the option of engaging two other mutual friends in getting the situation righted.

You may not need to do that however because you finally got the thing off your chest and 50% of the time (if not more) the other party will try to do damage control and mend the situation. They may not own 100%, but you will no longer see them with a negative eye.

The worse option is to stuff your resentment. Deep down you know this is wrong. It just festers.

Make the decision – if the memory still agitates you, make an appointment to meet in private and confront.

It’s the Jesus thing to do.




Give your angel something to work with!

10410902_10152926485214936_9173735658117205718_nGive your angel something to work with!

We fall into the trap of hoping that maybe God will do something supernatural on our behalf this time round. Its a very religious mindset if you think about it. A sort of pentecostal fatalism. As if some people are graced with the supernatural and others aren’t and the spiritual universe has no cause and effect.

The truth is quite different. God is no respecter of persons. If you do what Daniel did you will get Daniels results. Evidently in the midst of his demanding schedule this man set apart three times a day to reconnect with God. (Dan 6:10) The Bible doesn’t say exactly how long he prayed.

Lets try this! Even three 15-20 or 30 minute resets would probably revolutionize our lives.

We also find that he was in the habit of pouring over the ancient scrolls. In Dan 9:2 he is found searching the Prophet Jeremiah to find something. He was studying them and suddenly the Spirit quickened to him a promise about the number of years of captivity the Jews were to experience in Babylon. He got the answer – 70 years!

As he took this prophecy to prayer he met unusual resistance. Here is a Prophet going to war in prayer over the words of another Prophet. I find that interesting. How many contemporary prophets respect the words of their peers? The long delay must have been vexing as the devil told him his prayers were going nowhere.

Suddenly an angel came in and told him “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.” (Dan 10:12)

THAT IS WHY I WROTE THIS POST! Daniel gave his angel something to work with- and SO CAN YOU!

( brief cycles in the beginning, mid day and at days end.)



WHY? Because of the words that come out of your mouth! “Thy words were heard and I have come because of thy words.”

Your angel fights with the confession and utterance you supply.

God is absolutely no respecter of persons. Do this Daniel formula and watch what happens!


WORD FOR TODAY Be original. You are a unique expression of a God-idea.

10606158_10152925508649936_3651284964807526224_nWORD FOR TODAY

Be original. You are a unique expression of a God-idea. The universe never had one of you before. Continue to innovate forward not letting the world or the opinion of people squeeze you into its mold. Since God is your point of origin, and He is “out of the box,” it makes sense that you need to constantly visit an “out of the box” perspective on your life.

This will always be unnerving to boxes and those stuck inside them.



10847997_10152921769944936_6963404680370047436_nHOW TO BREAK OUT OF DESTRUCTIVE CYCLES
(Part 2)

One day you wake up and you just are not you. You feel like you need to get saved and maybe wonder if you ever were. You may feel angry at the world, snappy and insecure all at the same time. Nothing in your life seems to have gone right. No matter who you think about your mind gets flooded with negative thoughts about them. Everybody it seems is just using you. Whatever your past involved comes back. If you used to drink, cuss, or sleep all day because of depression – its back! If you used to go clubbing or whore around, the old thoughts come right back on you and quite often a person shows up that invites you out.

The key is this – YOU JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE YOURSELF, and that’s because it isn’t you … it’s the OLD YOU! The problem is you don’t know how to shake it off and get back in your “right mind.”

Ever hear of “familiar spirits?” They are the demons in your family lineage, “iniquities” in the blood line and they were involved in your own personal history. They know exactly how to angle themselves into the nooks and crannies of your thinking- virtually undetected. They are expertly familiar with your old thought patterns. Ever been betrayed? The feeling if distrust rises up. Ever suffered lack? The feeling of greed and fear of poverty rises up.

Point is – they know how to trigger old patterns of anxieties or lusts or whatever. Yield to them an inch and they jump on you with condemnation till you break down and give in. Give in enough and you become a spiritual “Jekyll and Hyde.” This pattern exists in the private lives of every public melt down and its a shame we don’t create SAFE PLACES for Christians to share their struggles in this battle. A wise mentor once said “people are only as sick as they are secret.” One of the best gifts in warfare is a non judgmental friend.

Remember those old LP records? If you got a scratch on it the scratch came through every time the song hit that part of the album. Your life is like that. Some people get hit with depression at Christmas. I knew a girl who lost her mother at an early age and every Mothers Day when would be sad. These may look like natural patterns, but there are rhythms in life for you as well. Sometimes a person comes to mind every Spring and you can’t get them out of your head. Thats the sneaky thing about cycles and patterns – they are subtle and seem natural. Sabbath is a cycle every seven days. Neglect it and you can be going to war when you should be resting and too tired to fight when the actual battle starts!

Your greatest attack can come after your greatest breakthrough. Elijah defeated the false prophets on Carmel and afterwards got so depressed he wanted God to kill him. Backlash and Breakthrough run together. Paul built the power to say “be anxious for nothing” by encountering and overcoming anxiety! If you never felt it you never slew it. (Thank you to Mark Chironna of that one.)

STEP ONE: Recognize that it is an attack. Paul said that spiritual armor is there so you can stand “in the evil day.” It’s a brief period not a life long thing. If your warfare is constant and you are always getting beat up something is out of alignment.

STEP TWO: You do ministry out of the anointing but you resist the devil and do warfare out of a strong inner man! Samson had a strong anointing and a weak inner man and lost it all. Joseph had a strong inner man and an anointing and got promoted after it all.

STEP THREE: Make yourself eat! When you are ill you don’t have an appetite. Get around strong preaching- not goofy stuff. Read the Bible. Get a pen and circle everything that stands out. That act of faith with a pen will kick start a flow of insight. God will give you a word for your battle.

(more to come…)



1507126_10152918223504936_53025298228724900_nBREAKING SPIRITUAL CYLCES
(PART 1)

EVER FEEL LIKE: “I’ve been here before. When will this ever end?”
Lets break the pattern.

“Potential” could be defined as: “that which can be but has not yet been brought to full manifestation.” Nothing is more frustrating than coming to the point of breakthrough and going backwards!

This is more than a natural phenomena. For Christians it is evidence of a spiritual phenomena that repeats itself in CYCLES. Many lack strength to break the cycle of the enemy because:

1.) They do not discern the time and the attack and get distracted in the warfare and start swinging in frustration at the wrong object – often THEMSELVES!

2.) They are not plugged into their place and calling in the body of Christ and are isolated from the lie giving joints that supply connection to them through other parts of the body. Connections work at multiple levels. Some kingdom entrepreneurs have the church or body part down but are not connected to the right marketplace associates and mentors. Business is a kingdom enterprise, not just a cash flow vehicle. God has a mission for you through your enterprise, be it a ministry or profession.

Going to the right conference is good, but impartation is no substitute for ACTIVATION. That happens when you discover the “work of the ministry” you are called to be active in. 10% are called to the non profit sector but 90% are called to enter and occupy territory outside the church walls.

Your DREAM starts manifesting when you progress from the fire in your belly to the formulation of a God inspired strategy in your mind! It is at THAT moment when heaven and earth align for breakthrough and it is AT THAT MOMENT WHEN THE ENEMY WILL SEND DISTRACTION. THE WRONG DEAL, PARTNER, CLIENT, OPPORTUNITY etc. If God did not send it, you are on your own. The enemy has legal access to your time, stress, money and momentum.

Don’t you HATE IT when that happens? I’VE BEEN THERE! The secret is to have at least one or two TOTALLY HONEST OPEN RELATIONSHIPS with people who have succeeded where you are failing.

If you fall into the wrong “alliance” it becomes a trap where you waste time for a season till you dig yourself out to a new vision launch. The same distraction will hit again but if you push past it and stay FOCUSED you will see NEW TERRITORY OPEN UP!

(* NOTE: Don’t demonize people or ideas that didn’t work out. They may be reading this post and thinking about you! In fact you don’t want to burn bridges. They may circle around later and reconnect. ((Paul did this with John Mark)) – They are just the WRONG associations for what you are called to do now.)

The evidence of this level of Cycle is the word: INCOMPLETE’S and their twin sister WAISTED TIME AND MONEY.

If you beat that cycle you get to the real juicy stuff…

NOW you hit the warfare of Cycles at a different level. One cycle is due to a lack of wisdom or discerning. THIS CYCLE is warfare that summons all the demons of your past to BLOCK YOUR EXIT out of the old and KEEP YOU from CROSSING OVER!

These involve two BIG concepts:
1.) Strongholds in your past
2.) Demons that are familiar with you
3.) Intercessory Warfare…

But that is for the next post!

This is long enough for now…
All this make sense?

Lance Wallnau

P.S. Should we have a GROUP CALL to pray together and agree with each other to BREAK THE CYCLES when this series is done?




Tomorrow I am going to post a key word on BREAKING CYCLES. Some of you are experiencing strange cycles of conflict with spiritual warfare you thought was in your past. People will resurface and even old patterns of thoughts and feelings will rise up seemingly out of nowhere. RELAX.

The end of a season often shows up by the strongholds of a previous season resurfacing to take you out – or more accurately – to KEEP you stuck so you don’t advance into the NEXT LEVEL.

Israel faced a water crossing challenge OUT of Egypt at the res Sea and then a water crossing challenge INTO the promised land. Both battles caused what was in them to surface – BUT God had a plan.

You WILL CROSS OVER but you need to know the nature of the battle you are hitting.

More to come….


Coincidences are a SIGN of the ANGELIC Was it a coincidence that things happene…

150722_10152915966074936_8938497535321872496_nCoincidences are a SIGN of the ANGELIC

Was it a coincidence that things happened the way they did on the day you got saved? Think hard about that. It was a divine set up.

When Abrahams servant went to find a wife for the heir of the kingdom, Issac, he prayed for a divine coincidence – and got one!
He asks that the first girl he meets be the right one and here is what happened…

15) Before he had finished speaking, behold, Rebekah who was born to Bethuel the son of Milcah, the wife of Abraham’s brother Nahor, came out with her jar on her shoulder.
16) The girl was very beautiful, a virgin, and no man had had relations with her; and she went down to the spring and filled her jar and came up.
(Gen 24:15)

Same happened when Phillip intercepted a chariot with an Ethiopian Treasurer. The two happened tone at the right place at the right time.

I was introducing some believers to each other at my home the other night. They have great businesses and started talking about possible connections that might serve each other. As they talked one of them got a phone call. It was a fellow he has not heard from in weeks. When did he call? The moment his name came up.

This has happened to me numerous times.

Pay attention to divine appointments…they are lined up by divine “coincidence.”

How about you? Ever see this phenomena?

– Lance