12193749_10153744212704936_612034808903130007_nHURRY AND LOOK UP!!!!
Luke 21:28: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh [KJV].”

Heaven is coming to a theater near you. When you see things happening, adjust your focus from the trauma of what the news media is talking about and see the cause behind the trauma.

It is the invasion of the kingdom of darkness. Heaven is right now invading earth and Satan is now manifesting like never before because he’s never been this threatened, which goes to the definition of leadership.

The number one definition of leadership and the primary responsibility for leadership to remember for the last days is this: to find and promote the EMPOWERING meaning in current events for God’s people.

It’s not to record the trauma. Instead find the meaning in the trauma that empowers.

This, my friends, is why as things continue to happen in the earth – we know Heaven is succeeding in its invasion.


LIES from the LEFT that are so bad they are almost LAUGHABLE!!!

207E972400000578-0-image-a-2_1446835012869LIES from the LEFT that are so bad they are almost LAUGHABLE!!!

Here we are again- the 7m world- Education, Media and Government are the trifecta from hell to keep an eye on when it comes to publishing pseudo scientific studies (funded by the Left) that shape public perception (distributed by the media echo chamber owned by the Left) and show up in very dumb public policy (Progressives in Government).

Remember when you grew up and they had the food pyramid? Milk and eggs and cheese and bread were all part of the governments research on a healthy diet. Now in hindsight we realize that the government was trying to kill us with cholesterol and blocked arteries. They meant well, but when academics do research and get tied into politics BEWARE! A whole new socialist food pyramid is coming out in Americas schools and thru social media. I’m not talking about eggs and cheese I’m talking about these whacko studies!

The fact that Americas Universities are disproportionately dominated by Liberals is now a statistical fact. Academia has been bought off and works, along with media as an unofficial political action committee (PAC) supporting Leftist propaganda. When a scientist challenges global warming data they are threatened with exile to academic Siberia and defunding. Same with any study that challenges the left. Add suspicious cities of origin (like Chicago) to suspicious academic studies (like this) and you have a perfect piece of propaganda for the echo chamber of left leaning media outlets.

Here’s the facts!

When it comes to giving – Evangelicals and orthodox Catholics are especially prominent. Scholar and Sociologist James Hunter put it clearly. “Even today, they outnumber their liberal counterparts in Protestantism and Catholicism and the vitality of their piety and their institutions is extraordinary. Take charitable giving, for example. The conservative members of these faiths are not wealthier than their more liberal counterparts (quite the opposite, in fact) but they are far and away more generous—the majority giving over 8 percent of their income away every year and almost half giving 10 percent or more every year. It is remarkable.”

That’s right! 300,000 churches in America are funded by families who do not make as much, on the average, as their self seeking spiritual counterpart- the secular unbeliever. The children have all heard teaching about offerings and in some way or another have seen their family model sacrificial giving. You ever wonder what’s been keeping America from economic judgment? It’s the people of God. When Abraham interceded for Sodom he was told “for the sake of 10 righteous people I will spare the city.” God has a remnant in America- and they give more, care more, and tremble more then their smug and superior counterpart in the agnostic liberal left.

Even the communists in China know this. I attended a forum in Beijing in 2012 where they reviewed the data that communities of faith (code language for house churches that gather) are on the whole more generous and given to acts of benevolence and philanthropy than the practitioners of Tao, Buddhism or any other school of spirituality that is disconnected from the teaching of Christ and giving as a community discipline.

The ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) is the holy grail of financial accountability for ministries. It represents groups that provide food, medical care, education, adoption services, orphan care, post-prison assistance, substance abuse help and other critical services at home and abroad. In aggregate, the more than 600 evangelical ministries represented in the ECFA provide more than $9.2 BILLION in relief assistance. This wasn’t money spent on social issues about same sex marriage or abortion- just flat out philanthropy. THATS- 9.2 BILLION!

Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of the Family Research Council says: “That’s not even considering the countless hours that Christian churches and ministries devote to helping the poor and the needy, nor the private actions of individual Christians. From clothing closets and food distribution to driving the elderly to medical appointments and caring for abused women in their private homes, believers nationwide, animated by their faith, are bearing both public and deeply personal witness to the love of the Savior they profess.”

The data is irrefutable: The conservative members of faith communities are NOT wealthier than their more liberal counterparts (quite the opposite, in fact) but they are FAR AND AWAY MORE GENEROUS. BOTH THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN!

Let’s do a REAL study and compare the children of folks involved with this research study with the children of families who attend churches like I am talking about.

BEWARE of all the so called “studies” you see from Liberal Professors funded by Progressive organizations that belittle faith, Christians, and the sincerity of Christians. These studies are funded and bought off.

Its open season on conservatives and people of faith but never underestimate the number of believers there are in America or their power to turn things around. Our power as a mass of people is simply marginalized and minimized because of our disconnection from the gates of influence in Academia, Media and Politics. We simply have not understood the mechanisms of discipling nations as well as the Left. Let’s get some white papers and real research done and punish our findings more aggressively.

What do you say?



12108876_10153744249884936_5921623428406317989_nDIFFERENT KINDS OF WEALTH.
Have you ever considered that “wealth” is more than just the money commodity? True to our sometimes shallow and materialistic preoccupation with money we have misunderstood what wealth looks like. Let’s talk about the idea of social capital.

Let’s say you’re in business and you need to get access to the Governor or the Senator for some key legislation and so you’re meeting a lobbyist. Consider the following:

The wealth you need in this scenario is the wealth of access. You need it more than money because let’s say you have the money. What you don’t have is a zoning approval for a project; what you don’t have is the necessary sign off on the legislation you need. In other words the wealth of access is what a lobbyist gets paid to do, to represent you, and have leverage.

Very similar to access, consider the wealth of influence. Suppose you have influence over Pharaoh like Joseph had but you don’t have the position of being king. Therefore, what does Joseph tell his family?

Genesis 45:8 “So now it was not you that sent me here, but God: and he has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt [AKJV].”

Did you catch that? God has made me a father to Pharaoh. I’d say this is pretty influential!

Joseph had the wealth of influence though he didn’t have the wealth of position.

Or – what about the wealth of ability. What if you are like basketball superstar Michael Jordon: God blessed you with a unique ability. (Thank God somebody came up with a game that puts a basket 13 feet in the air for you to throw something through because you’re designed perfectly to do it and have you paid big bucks to do it.) I don’t know what you’re going to do for a living with that kind of streamlined anatomy if there’s not a career for you putting balls through 13 foot hoop! But he was built for this; the wealth of ability.

Next to that could be the talent or creativity like songwriters, Bob Dillon, or the dysfunctional artists, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin or James Morrison. They all shaped culture with their music. They aren’t coming with the wealth necessarily of influence or position but their music did shape a movement; so it too can be considered the wealth of ability.

And of course the one we all go to first is the wealth of assets because the money can virtually fund anything. Money is the answer to all things. Why? Because you can buy access, you can buy influence and you can buy ability if you have enough money. But what if you don’t have the money? Does everyone have to think in terms of being king of the hill? This is the narcissistic element in American culture that we have to die to. Harsh truth – but true, yes?

Perhaps it’s time we asked God for His perspective on “wealth” and what it is to mean to us? What “wealth” is sitting in front of us (or IN us) that we did not even realize? And how are we to use that wealth to accomplish His Kingdom purposes?

Something to chew on. Thoughts?



12190829_10153751037719936_8523340141880265584_nBEHIND THE SCENE WITH LANCE

Meeting with key leaders on terrorism, debt and economic melt down, race division, immigration.

Meeting great Hispanic leaders here. All Christians. We MUST mobilize a unified movement- AS ONE!

Right now Huckabee is sharing with the leaders in Dallas. Most of us have not really heard this man. He’s the one guy running who has actually beaten the Clinton machine. Deep thinking CHRISTIAN and pragmatic Governor who changed the game for Arkansas.

He won 47% of African American votes and appointed more for office than Bill Clinton! 43% of Hispanics voted for Mike. He did this because he focused on helping everyone have safe streets to grow up on, houses you can be proud of, and a solid economy.

Huckabee says conservatives are wrong to focus away from minorities. Democrats win when they build coalitions – women, union, African American and Hispanic as groups! We win when we focus on the INDIVIDUAL. Dem say “you won’t do better unless he group does better” – but Huckabee beat this by encouraging people to think and vote on what is important to them personally -not as a collective bargaining unit.

Mark also believes many union members are God fearing and often gun owning and church connected people who are lumped into a group called “unions” – but they can be reached as individuals who have more in common with the social values of Christians than they do sympathies with their Union Boss. 38% of Union members are conservative and registered Republican. Didn’t know that.


12191410_10153745777569936_6761490982962892545_nYOUR FACE IS IN THE FUTURE (Part 2).
(Note see the post from yesterday to hear the first part.)

Given what we learned yesterday that YOU have AUTHORITY as an Ambassador in your embassy in your assigned territory – consider the following.

When someone pushed through the crowd and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, Jesus had established a perimeter of expectation around Himself. People knew if they got within proximity they could touch Him. When the woman seeking healing touched His garment, she hit an embassy zone and bam, the embassy liberated her from whatever the devil had on her.

You and I have that ability. The problem is we have not yet caught up to where our face is in the future.

Now this is an interesting terminology, “caught up to where our face is in the future”. I believe it was Bill Gates who first used it and it caught my attention. He said that Microsoft was a technology that he saw before anyone else, like a vision. It was a future seeking to be made manifest in the present. In quantum language it was something in the spirit God was trying to get over to planet earth. It was something God wanted to release here on earth.

I want you to know God is the God of all history, not just the history of revivals. The Gutenberg Press wasn’t just an innovation that happened independent of the Reformation. The Gutenberg Press was necessary for the Reformation. Now if you were around during the 1960s and 70s when the Charismatic Movement took off, at that time believers were loaded up with cassette tapes! Wow how things have changed.

The audio technology and computer technology have come alongside of a global explosion of communication for the gospel’s sake, just like the Gutenberg Press.

You’re living in two places at one time. You’re living in the tension of the future and the “reality” of the present. When you are also in a period of transition God is causing you to catch up to where your face is in the future.

When you are in alignment with your assignment – walking in the measure of your calling that is on your life – the supernatural has already been scripted to manifest itself: you’re walking in something already prepared for you.

Eph.2:10: For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them [KJV].

In summary:
You are an Ambassador of Heaven, with an earthly embassy with Heaven’s authority backing you in the territory to which you have been given assignment.

While you feel the tension of today, keep your eyes on the future. By being obedient to God in the small things in this moment you are helping manifest what is needed for the next big move of God.

Be courageous and confident: you are part of God’s magnificent plan.



12109308_10153704826124936_6576065786931669813_nMIDNIGHT WATCH PROPHECY

I went into my little hidden office and the Lord began impressing me with the significance of the month of November.

This is a month of unprecedented access to the Throne of Grace to erase the trace of the accuser in your life. This is the month the enemy loses hold of you and relinquishes his power to hinder. Why? Because this is when the ladder of heaven, like Jacobs ladder is let down out of heaven and grace lifts you, even by the activity of angels, empowering you to see and to ascend into the very presence of God. The Lord would have you do this – even in your weakness – so that your weakness can be exchanged with new indomitable strength.

Access is granted you. You are called to come into this place before HIS FACE, to stand in grace and occupy the space assigned to you before His throne. Your voice is needed at the throne of grace. It may be that your voice in this place is the key to many others running their race. Their success impacts your success. Be open to the prayers God gives you for others this month.

You will be given very accurate premonitions of people and places and things which you can pull and put to use like the smooth stone David used from the brook before slaying Goliath. This means God is giving you specific words of knowledge and insight into the future so you can pray your way into the places God has ordained for your feet to walk and pray into your possession the things God has put within the metro of your authority.

You are going to cross over into your inheritance and the cycles of the past will break. This is the in and out lifestyle- the call to “go out and come in” to Gods presence. Psalm 121:8 “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in…”

Click Here To Watch 

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 9.53.50 AM









12191086_10153747997799936_7885701327703843562_nUNUSUAL NEWS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED

WASHINGTON (Reuters reported) –

Jeb Bush’s rebooted campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination included an apology to the French on Tuesday for making a joke about their work ethic.

“I made the mistake of saying that the Congress operates on a French workweek,” Bush told reporters in a deadpan voice while campaigning in New Hampshire, according to Time magazine. “I really did a disservice to the French.”

During last week’s debate among the Republican candidates, Bush had criticized one of his rivals, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, for missing votes, as well as Congress in general for working a three-day week.

“I mean, literally, the Senate – what is it, like a French workweek?” Bush had asked.

His comment drew a rebuke from French Ambassador Gerard Araud and emails from French journalists and was part of a lackluster debate performance for the former Florida governor.

“I now know that the average French workweek is actually greater than the German workweek,” Time quoted Bush as saying. “So, my God, I totally insulted an entire country – our first ally, that helped us become free as a nation. And I apologize. That did a huge disservice to France.”


I think this was a nice thing for Jeb Bush to do. He is a decent man. I got to wondering.

After meeting Trump twice I believe I can almost write word for word what Trump would say if the situation was reversed and he had to offer an apology.

WASHINGTON (Reuters if Lance reported)
Donald Trumps rebooted campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination included an apology to the French on Tuesday for making a joke about their work ethic.

“I made the mistake of saying that Rubio operates on a French workweek,” Trump told reporters in a deadpan voice while campaigning in New Hampshire, according to Time magazine. “I really did a disservice to the French. What I meant to say was that Rubio works like an illegal on a siesta! I really need to apologize to the French and mend some fences, and speaking of fences, I plan to build a wall…a HUUUGE wall with a big beautiful door.”

Trump wrapped things up in typical style, “so again I apologize to the French who as we know helped our General Washington to defeat the British. This was a big thing. And since the French haven’t had much to brag about since the invention of the French fry I think it’s understandable that they are a little sensitive.”

His comments drew a rebuke from French Ambassador Gerard Araud and emails from French journalists.

In response Time quoted Trump as saying,
“I now know that the average French workweek is actually greater than the German workweek. Which is amazing when you think about it because in WW II the Germans had a shorter week and still beat the French.”

When further pressed about offended illegals, the French and Germans Trump responded: “I don’t think I insulted any country. I’d apologize if I did but I don’t think I said anything that isn’t true. Look, I’ve got tenants in my building who are French. Their wonderful people, got delicious pastries, but honestly, they haven’t fielded a successful army since Napoleon and he wasn’t even French! He was from Brooklyn.”

Trump finished his Press conference with a promise that once he made America great again he would be willing to do something for the French. In the mean time he suggested they toughen up on immigration.

BE INTENTIONAL about the story you write

11230670_10153734678869936_388217261225104649_oIt’s a forumla in almost every classic or best selling book, screenplay and story. This is the story of your life also.
1. There is a JOURNEY.
2. There is a HERO who is not yet a hero.
3. There is a CHALLENGE or CAUSE
4. There is a very bad, dangerous OPPONENT
5. There is the transformation of our character into a hero as they engage the challenge and OVERCOME
6. There is a final chapter- a CONFLICT
7. The story ends with some sort of RESOLUTION

Some writers try to mess with the formula. They let evil triumph or turn the hero into a mingling of good and bad qualities. As a rule, these stories never do as well as the ones that follow the yearning of our nature- the desire to become heroes who participate in good overcoming evil.

This is the story of the Universe…of Christ…of YOU!
As long as you are breathing you are participating in the writing of your story.
BE INTENTIONAL about the story you write.

Which stage of the story are you in right now? (Or should I say write now?)



11666292_10153745757789936_2941904529491564049_nYOU ARE AN AMBASSADOR WITH AUTHORITY. (Part 1)

You are living in two different dimensions at the same time.

We have to live in this realm but at the same time we’re conscience of another dimension that we’re in. Our challenge is to walk in the dimension of the Spirit while we’re living in the realm of the natural to such a degree that we overlap the natural with the supernatural (spirit) and bring other people under our influence. That’s the Kingdom.

Everywhere Jesus went He was walking like the Ambassador of the Kingdom. Every Ambassador has an embassy. The embassy is the territory that surrounds the Ambassador.

As an Ambassador of the Kingdom that means wherever the Ambassador is assigned, it becomes an embassy for the Kingdom of Heaven. In other terms it is officially off limits to the devil because it’s Heaven’s property.

Now, put yourself in Jesus’ shoes. You too are an Ambassador. In this 21st century everyday life. But there’s more …

You cannot just walk into an embassy. The Russian embassy or the Chinese embassy are off limits to everyone except people of those countries. These rules apply even if the embassy is in your country. It’s weird but in the United States these countries own that property, that block, that building, It’s the way nations work. It is sovereign territory.

So when you are walking in the Spirit in your assignment you are carrying the Ambassadorial atmosphere and your measure of rule determines how large your embassy is. That’s where the glory is.

The glory is when you’re overlapping territory: where you have the authority to manifest the Kingdom. In that territory you trump everything that’s manifesting contradictory to the Kingdom of God.

How about that for something to chew on to get your day going!

More on this … tomorrow!