11150693_10153246652649936_3208267800608400475_nProphecy for April… YOUR BATTLE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!

Sometimes your success is not due to avoiding enemies but MEETING THEM HEAD ON and overcoming them. The promise given to David was to “rule thou IN THE MIDST of thine enemies.”

I have a prophetic word for you: “One by one those strongholds in your life are coming down under the authority of Christ!”

This is a post I encourage you to both like and share with others. I sense it’s needed right now by friends nearing a breakthrough.

Before we occupy in the physical we overcome in the spiritual. Where is the real battle? The carnal mind is an enemy of God! Romans 8:7 says…”the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.”

The first battle is to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. If we can bring down the carnal mind we can win!

A “stronghold” is simply a pattern (perhaps generational) that has a STRONG hold on your mind. The Lord says “strongholds are about to come down.” We can access the mind of Christ!

Humility enables you to admit your weakness. But then as you bow low God’s empowering grace fills the low place with power. This isn’t a battle of will power, but YIELD POWER! Use weakness to your advantage. God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. “HE GIVETH MORE GRACE. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but GIVETH GRACE unto the HUMBLE” (James 4:6).

The timing is NOW, right after PASSOVER, the BLOOD is calling you to draw near to God. NEAR to the throne of GRACE. Take time now in His Word. God wants to give you a fresh Word for war. Read till you find the scripture that applies to your battle. It will jump out! Once found – MEDITATE on these Words. Get still. Experience the strength that comes from His PRESENCE rising up in the midst of you.

Watch as your will is empowered by His will to rule in the midst of those other thoughts.

THEN your outward circumstance will submit to you.

Encourage one another below. What has God taught you about the mind?

– Lance

Your Angel and Your Garden!

11040172_10153258693284936_325383740521161158_nYour Angel and Your Garden!

On final flight home from Antigua Guatemala. The hotel we stayed at was an enclosed park. We opened by talking about Eden. This Hebrew year 5775 is also a sabbath year in Hebrew Calander. The Bible says we labor to enter into the rest. Let’s do the warfare needed to be repositioned in the garden where Jesus, our tree of Life is wanting us to partake.

When man fell a flaming sword was placed at the entrance to keep fallen man out, now Gods Angels and flaming sword is sent to give us access!

I ran across some artwork on this property and this statue of Michael stood out. Some traditions say that Michael and the angels are involved in the judgement. Seems that angels are not only assigned to people, they are an additional witness regarding the lives of people.

They are sent forth to minister to the heirs of the garden. Press junto your sabbath year and watch how a position of rest will give more ground than a year of striving.

Angels are assigned to you and will help you establish the garden in your life.

Your thoughts?




11052489_10153256993239936_8004621303794213235_nGOD IS BUILDING YOU INTO A HABITATION IN 2015!

I just came out of a mind altering experience in our program in Antigua and write this for those friends who do not think me crazy. I asked the Lord “why do we have to go there?” He said, “The United States is not ready yet as an atmosphere for this conversation. Guatemalans have paid a price to host something unique.”

In Antigua, the “garden city,” God just planted a garden of people to transform a nation. We watched Him shape and fit a random group of 30 powerful people into a living temple to see Guatemalla become a Sheep Nation.

These men and women operate in mountains of business and education and government but they have not seen the kingdom manifest as they hope. The reason is that Hell is a governmental force that can only be displaced by a stronger government! Distrust, competition and corruption are real hindrances.

BUT that will change because God is increasing His presence where the strong man lives by building his invading house right at the top. A house filled with Him and made out of living stones.


Local churches have important work but as a rule they don’t plant smaller churches in government buildings and business offices and on campuses. But if you work in these places you are ALREADY PLANTED there. If you are going to plunder the strongman’s house you need to GO INTO THE HOUSE. While it is unwise to go against these strongholds alone, you can go with three or four like minded believers “AS ONE” – as living stones forming a living temple.

These living stone temples contain God’s very own presence and power to shift the atmosphere. This anointing will take you into the house deeper.

God is raising up these new temples all over the place. These micro church units have the authority to advance with Christ’s anointing in every one of the seven mountains. LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE RELATIONSHIPS GOD IS FORMING IN YOUR LIFE. THEY ARE STONES FOR THE HABITATION OF GOD.

It does not take many to make this new structure. Only 4 were needed to form Daniel’s Micro church in Babylon. It may look small – but like little David in front of the Giant, SMALL IS THE NEW BIG!

And yes look…these are not bricks. The people God is joining you to have different unique shapes and gifting. LOVE is what cements the diversity in place. Each one completes the temple.

This will be a wild 7m church planting movement right in the mountains that shape culture.

And as you and I are being being fitted together, into a new kind of habitation, “growing into a holy temple in the Lord.”

Now it makes sense. A verse from Isaiah “in the last days the mountain of the Lord’s house will reestablished at the top of the mountains.” On top of every institutional tower, media, film, business, government…there will be a “witness” to the power of the age to come.



11154579_10153255534369936_3428731029325572523_oNEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANT PROCESS WITHIN.

A man named Dag Hammarskjold once said: “The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is
sounding outside. Only he who listens can speak.”

Many people would move boldly if they were certain they could hear God’s voice telling them to do so. What if it’s the other way round? What if you need to pay the price to be where you are supposed to be long term, by being NOW where HE IS currently working in your life?

Proximity is power. The closer you are to where He is, the more clearly you will hear His voice.

Of course sometimes the real journey is to go into the cocoon right in the midst of an existing circumstance you wish would change. You can’t leave it on the outside but you can enter a transformational process on the inside. If that is where God is calling you, you’ll find His voice in the cocoon. Don’t go outside – go inside.

In fact, if you don’t go within, you will go without.

– Lance




Paul told Timothy to “war a good warfare according to the Prophecies that went before on you.” In other words, CONTEND for the future that God has revealed to you! Let the future shape your present. Move toward what you see.

Aim for something higher than selfish things. This is an hour when private battles are qualifying many for public victories.

Catch the April broadcast and get clear- CLARITY IS POWER!

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11083925_10153202064499936_2590134071143984795_oGOD’S VOICE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE TOP OF YOUR MOUNTAIN.

There is much theology about the Word of God, but less is taught about the VOICE of God.

Exodus 19:20 “The Lord CALLED Moses TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, and Moses went up.”

Like Moses it was the voice of the Lord calling John up higher that caught him up into the throne room. (Revelation 4:1) And that voice brought John, like Moses, to the top of a high MOUNTAIN where he saw God’s plan (Revelation 21:10).

The voice takes you to the top of your mountain of destiny. The VOICE is what causes the last days shaking of hell and earth (Hebrew 12:26). Those who hear me teach on the 7 Mountains need to hear this clear message about the MOUNTAINS and the VOICE!

His VOICE has a sound and it’s a sound that breaks the barriers in your life to pieces.

May you hear the voice…and become one with the voice, for as you keep climbing your mountain you are qualifying to BECOME the voice.

Sounds presumptuous I know, but when God called a young Prophet named Jeremiah He said: “Behold, I have put MY WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH. I have appointed you this day over nations and kingdoms to pluck up, break down, OVERTHROW, to BUILD and to PLANT!” (Jeremiah 1:9)

According to Joel 2:11 this voice will lead in His Last Day’s army, amidst a Last Day’s outpouring and in spite of a Last Day’s persecution and shaking of nations!

God is raising up new leaders and GENERALS for a new conflict! In the midst of a Babel of voices, “The Lord utters His Voice…” Where?… “before His army.”

In the Bible, the Voice of authority leads from the front. (Revelation 19:14)

Heaven is qualifying you to be His voice! The Lord returns with an Army of Kings and a Bride. The VOICE of the Lord, the OVERCOMER, is a perfect blend of WARRIOR, LOVER and STATESMAN.

His voice is speaking now…”Today if you hear His VOICE harden not your hearts.” (Hebrew 4:7)

LISTEN my friend…God is calling you up your mountain now. You have not missed your opportunity for greatness. This is the time to break out of whatever is embarrassing your progress.

When Jesus began His ministry, “He went up on the mountain and called to Himself those He wanted to be with Him” that He might send them before His face everywhere he was about to visit with His power! (Mark 3:13)

Heaven is qualifying a new company to be consecrated as HIS SPOKESMAN. LISTEN to the voice, come up higher – move toward the voice, PAY THE PRICE to BE HIS VOICE! Angels are set to hearken unto the VOICE of HIS WORD in YOUR MOUTH!

Make sense?

– Lance


DOES GOD ALWAYS GET HIS WAY? This post may surprise you!

10855100_10153195328429936_4896897658755227836_oDOES GOD ALWAYS GET HIS WAY?
This post may surprise you!

“For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; WHO WILL HAVE ALL MEN TO BE SAVED and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2:3-4).

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise…NOT WILLING THAT ANY MAN SHOULD PERISH, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Pet. 3:9).

There you are. These two verses are very clear. God does not want ANY to perish. God wants ALL men to be saved.

Now the question…Are all saved?

The answer is – No. “For narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14).

Here comes a statement that I don’t feel comfortable with. It offends my religious programming – but it’s true. Here it is – “GOD DOES NOT ALWAYS GET HIS WAY.” It is the only logical way to sort out the facts.

In the end, God works all things to together conform to His ultimate will. Christ is victorious and heaven will have the full quote of redeemed humanity making up its ranks. A new age in Christ’s glorious kingdom will indeed be inaugurated.

HOWEVER…this is in spite of the fact that all along the way God’s will is resisted, contradicted and outright defied. Flesh thwarts, devils hinder and ignorance thrusts at humanity right up until the final hour. This explains the consistency and persistence of Christ in His prayer life. He prayed because it was necessary for Him to pray so that the will of the Father prevailed. Here is a fresh insight into prayer. Prayer is not, as commonly taught, an exercise that we do because of its influence on us. Christ did not need long hours in secret in order to keep Himself under the influence of the Father. At the age of 13 He was already self motivated and inclined to “be about my Fathers business.” Prayer for Christ as for us is an activity that brings our being into alignment with heaven and at the same time authorizes and legislates heaven to intervene and overrule in the affairs surrounding us on earth. Prayer pushes against and demonic, carnal and circumstantial hinderances that are working against us to block the will of God from being manifest in our life.

Let’s engage in prayer with a fresh realization that Gods will requires vigilant agreement on our part. He wants His will to be done in our life and in our nation. If we agree with God and press into greater agreement alignment and agreement with each other we will increase the degree of success we will see. Find those who will press in with you so that His will is indeed done on earth in the sphere of your jurisdiction and assignment.

God does not always get His way – but where He DOES get His way, it is because there are people who are vigilant to press forward in the spirit, praying as if their prayers are the tipping point in the battle of heaven being manifest on earth. Passivity is not an option.

– Lance



11029541_10153183103484936_6904679131117733471_oYOUR DESIGN IS PERFECT FOR YOUR PURPOSE.

Potential is determined by the design of something. The bird can potentially fly, the fish can potentially swim and you? Your potential is intricately woven into your design and your design is crafted according to your — PURPOSE.

You come packaged with all the gifts, talents, aptitudes and abilities necessary to engage your life purpose.

As a believer, you have something extra. Remember the verse… “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”? (Phil 4:13)

Paul was speaking about the peculiar demands and hardships he engaged in his calling. He could have said, “I can do all things (my purpose) through Christ (the anointing) that strengthens me!”

You are designed to flow with a certain anointing or divine enablement that comes from heaven.

Romans 11:36 says “of Him (design) and to Him (purpose) and through HIm (anointing) are all things.”

Because God provides for His purposes, but not your plans, the tight places of our life often involve the mistakes we made. We’ve all done it. A wrong turn, delay, bad choice. But God factors in grace for this also.

He told Abraham to leave his hometown – alone, but Abraham left with Lot and his entire family and entourage. Eventually the herdsmen of Lot and the herdsmen of Abraham were in strife and it caused problems for Abraham. Strife comes with the stuff we added that God didn’t give us…look at Ishmael. BUT Abraham is our founding Father or faith who still succeeded and was called the friend of God!

The beauty of God’s ways is that He makes ALL things work together for the good of whom? “….to them that love God, to them who are the called ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.” (Romans 8:28)

There is no blanket promise in the Bible that all things work together for everyone…but there is a promise of everything working out for those who are seeking to please God and are conscientious about fulfilling His purpose.

Stay at it – you were designed to succeed. You will “finish the work,” the purpose of your life – and hear “well done.”

A life of destiny by design – a design that is perfect and anointed for your special purpose.

Have a great Monday!

– Lance


My Amish Friends Returned From Praying Against ISIS

11043183_10153174790374936_8727060860480054528_oMy Amish Friends Returned From Praying Against ISIS

I’ve noticed that things have been going backwards with ISIS and believe that Christian prayers and prophesying had an impact. One Amish group I’ve worked with went down to do work with Kurdish refugees. They felt led to go to the front lines and pray.An armed escort was assigned and took them to the highest point overlooking ISIS activity – where these Holy Spirit filled Amish PRAYED WITH HANDS EXTENDED TO HEAVEN and decreed what they felt God saying over ISIS.

They invited me to go with them in the future. One of them, John Lapp, said “You don’t need to be in fear cause one thing we learned is that if you’re HIDDEN in Christ they really can’t see you!”

They went on to tell me incidents where people were blind to them.

UNDERSTAND WHATS HAPPENING- Makes no sense to pray against ISIS but not pray about the root cause that creates it.

HERE is what I’ve dug up. ISIS is the product of a major political crisis in Iraq, which has afforded it everything from access to operating spaces to the opportunity to form tribal coalitions. ISIS was able to actually WIN OVER an important segment of the Sunni population, left with little stake in a political system from which it was mostly marginalised, and by which it was often persecuted.

It is important, therefore, that the agents who attempt to retake ISIS territory do so in the name of a different, inclusive central government, and as part of a clear long-term plan to construct government legitimacy. (They don’t seem very good at getting out of a tribal mindset)

The de-Baathification policies introduced by the US-led Coalition Provincial Authority in May 2003 were aimed at blocking senior Saddam-era officials from regaining power, but their sweeping application disenfranchised whole Sunni communities, fuelling growing senses of grievance and of sectarian division.

(Comments from: Dr Alia Brahimi is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.)

LETS PRAY WITH INSIGHT. What Iraq needs are LEADERS God raises up who understand how to heal the wounds and unite the tribes and isolate the bad guys. Not unlike the need we have in America right now.

I will keep you posted with these Amish folks.




I have to risk a little self disclosure here, but I think you will benefit from a correction the Lord gave me.

I was walking and praying last night and breathing out a list of burdens and needs (we all have em) and the Lord stopped me.
I distinctly heard Him say, “Don’t tell me what the problem is, tell me what you desire to see manifest!”

This shook me up. I realized that our authority in prayer is higher than simply asking for help!

I took each matter I was praying about and realized that I had inadvertantly turned my prayer session into a session to “pour out my complaint.” I immediately reframed my situation from a HEAVEN to Earth perspective. If we are seated with Him in heavenly places we have authority to authorize manifestations and solutions at a level we often miss.

The impression I got was this: “Stop asking for help in general and get clear on what the solution looks like and agree with Heaven for the thing you want to show up.”

Within a day, an 8 week old problem was SOLVED! And even more answers are manifesting throughout the day today.

Try this and tell me what happens to you.

Much Love,