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In a word it is being 100% FULLY ALIVE and engaged in God’s purposes. Jesus speaking in John 10:10 said, “I have come that they may have LIFE.” It does not matter how stressful the world becomes, you and I have a built in equalizer that expands our capacity for heaven on earth! Our challenge is to “grow up into Him” so that He can expand us to our full design – at a Level 10.

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God has been speaking to me lately about His ability to create pockets of paradise in the midst of shaking. These would be small outposts of heaven on earth. God is building gardens of Eden in the midst of the concrete jungles of Babylon. Jesus said, “occupy till I come.” When you fully “occupy” your garden you are dominating and expanding your family, home, office, career, material,and relational sphere at a Level 10.

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$1395 for Individuals
$2500 for Couples
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My meeting with Donald Trump


12106875_10153688734094936_372053968565120240_nAs our meeting continued, I was surprised to find that Trump actually knew some of the Preachers and Teachers in the room, not because he had met them or read their biography (each of us sent one ahead), but because he had watched their TV programs. Media is one of his domains. It only occurred to me later that through the “Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” he long ago entered the world of TV and media. He is very much dialed in on all sorts of TV programing – including Christian Programing.

Our gathering was opened by Paula White. Trump initiated contact with her after seeing her preach a message about the power of “Vision” on TV. The friendship with Paula continued as she bought one of his condo units near NY Central Park. This friendship began long before he decided to engage the political arena.

Trump continued, “I was going around the dial last night and ran into “Politically Incorrect.” This is the popular left wing HBO talk show hosted by comedian Bill Maher. “It’s amazing how antagonistic they are about people of faith. It was painful to watch…wasn’t always like this in America” Trump said. Turning to some of the media station owners Donald inquired, “This seems to have been going on for a while hasn’t it?” They agreed.

“It’s open season on Christians in particular” someone added. (Chilling words in light of the shootings in Oregon this week where Christians specifically were targeted to get shot in the head!)

Trump added, “Here in New York, you can’t even find ‘Merry Christmas’ in Macy’s any more. I mean, come on. I love Christmas and I love saying ‘Merry Christmas’…what kind of greeting is ‘Happy Holidays?’ It’s ridiculous. I think we had such a long period of Christian consensus in our culture that we kind of got…spoiled. Is that the right word?”


He continued his observation about changes in America. “Every other ideological group in the country has a voice. If you don’t mind me saying so, YOU GUYS HAVE GOTTEN SOFT.” Ouch! That’s the line I won’t forget. It was as I have previously said – vintage Trump. Then in a moment of reflection he added, “I mean, ‘we’ myself included, we’ve had it easy as Christians for a long time in America. That’s been changing.”

What he said next may have been lost on others but it hit me in a particularly striking way. “People who identify themselves as ‘Christian’ make up probably the single largest constituency in the country but there is absolutely no unity, no punch in exercising that power. Not in political consensus or any other area I can see.”

I said to him privately before leaving, “The thing we need to do more than anything is to find a way of taking these 10,000 spokes and connect them into a hub of some sort so that there is a unified voice. Our people here need to work together.” He looked me in the eye and said, “You’re absolutely right. That’s what needs to be done.”

This isn’t his calling, but it should be ours.

HOT TOPICS – Social Unraveling

The increase of persecution and belittling of faith has taken various forms. Someone brought up the troubling aggression of pro LGBT activists targeting Christian small business owners who are harassed and fined for living their values as bakers, photographers, chapel owners and the like.

“I will tell you this. Christians will have a friend in a Trump Presidency.” That was the only reference I recall made to a Trump “Presidency,” but it was important.

Then he added an interesting comment. “There is a role the Christian community has to step up into in this whole conversation. The decision made by the Supreme Court by one vote is the key factor in this shift. That’s the one thing a President has power to do. Appoint judges.”

A wise person once said: “people reveal more by what they don’t say than by what they do say.” Let’s drill down on what Trump, a New Yorker in the hot bed of a trendy high society NY (pro Gay) democratic stronghold was saying and not saying..

Trump was working his way around an issue that Christians would be wise to consider. Too often we want the man or woman we nominate to be the Messiah who rights all cultural wrongs, pushing them into positions on issues we ourselves have failed to make a public case for. When we do that we virtually guarantee their un- electability by miring them in a debate we failed to win.

Both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton ran as friends of the homosexual agenda, but drew the line at challenging the sanctity of marriage as being defined by a man and a woman. David Axelrod, campaign advisor to candidate Obama, told him he had to suppress his views (lie) on this subject when being interviewed by Rick Warren at Saddleback. Obama was pro “same sex” in sentiment but agreed not to reveal this. Both he and Hillary had to wait until – and get this language – till “a sustained pattern of public persuasion” made it possible for them to come out of the closet on this issue.

Christians cannot expect a candidate to single handedly shape the argument they themselves fail to make effectively. This is the practical stuff of making disciples of nations. It involves pro-family movie makers, documentary makers, song writers, bloggers, journalists, educators and media personalities possessing the savvy, wit and persuasive skills to create a new “pattern of public persuasion.” Without this it is impossible for candidates to stand in the gap on the campaign trail. The gap is too wide.

Right now even Preachers sound like politicians on these subjects. Even the Pope avoided defending marriage and addressing the slide form Biblical morality choosing rather to put his eggs into a “global warming,” “immigration” and “no death penalty” left leaning basket.

On this subject, like others, Christians for the most part are preaching to each other. We need to win the battle of PUBLIC persuasion. More to the point, we need to actually show up. You can’t just send in a surrogate politician to fight the Philistine you and I have to take out. Especially when half the Christians are not registered to vote and the half that are registered – don’t show up!


Let’s remember, as much as 70% of Americans self-describe as “Christians.” These include Catholics, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Lutherans. Within the total population 30% say they have encountered Christ in a “Born Again” experience. There are many who believe they are Christians who do not use our language. Are they trying to deceive us? No.

What we should be asking is: “What are the core principles of a Biblical Worldview? Do those principles drive this man? Are his beliefs compatible with mine? Is this affection for the Bible and God and concern for Christians being persecuted a gimmick or a core conviction?”

“Is this a real Christian thing going on or is it a manipulative ruse to get my vote?” My answer is straightforward. Donald Trump is a man whose ego is incapable of pandering to anyone for the sake of votes.

Having said that, he revealed an insight into himself I thought you would find interesting. It happened when he disclosed how he views himself in contrast to Pastors and Clergy. It beckons back to an earlier time in American life when “men of the cloth” were held in higher esteem. Tapping his Bible he said, “Look, while you all were perusing a higher calling I was running around building buildings, and making money. Now I’m catching up.”


FIRST – He considers the work of ministry a “higher calling” than what he was doing when he made his billions. In some ways, this was a humbler admission than most people of wealth and affluence ever make.

SECOND – He senses a need to keep going forward as regards either his understanding of the Bible or his own walk in his calling. Either way, that one sentence says a lot don’t you think?

Donald Trump may be a shrewd negotiator but in matters regarding his faith he was transparent. Why? Because you could tell that he respected the “higher calling” people gathered in that room.

He felt it necessary to explain why he has made standoffish comments about his personal beliefs to others. “Look, when people from Forbes are interviewing me about economics and then want to explore my religious views I just tell them ‘that’s inappropriate, I don’t talk about that in public.’ But I say that because the guy is coming out of left field.” Trump didn’t mind talking to us. He’s not ashamed of anything he believes in, including faith.


I could not believe it but one Pastor asked point blank “do you pray?” He hesitated only a moment and then said unapologetically and emphatically “Yes, I do.”

Trump is multifaceted but not complex. He is genuine in his simplicity about seeking to honor God. He does not have the depth on this subject to be complicated like a Mario Cuomo or Jimmy Carter. Again he reminds me of Patton, when asked if it was true that he prayed, the controversial General responded gruffly, “every Goddamned day!” I don’t think Trump is a choirboy, but I do believe he is genuine.

My sense is that this is a growing conversation inside his own heart as he feels the weight of what he is stepping into. In this sense he reminds me of another historical character; Lincoln – a man revivalists were dubious about because he did not attend church regularly in Springfield Illinois. Yet a man who had a center of gravity more aligned with God’s principles then the pious men he was running against, like Samuel Chase.

What Lincoln had was a respect for the Bible and a deposit of Christian values from his Mother. Curiously, Donald Trump’s Bible was given to him in 1955 – with a personal note from his Mother on the inside cover. It was this Bible he tapped while talking to us.


It’s time we stopped thinking like adolescents when it comes to the intersection of the Bible, politics, and the business of culture shaping. Let’s face it, all our spirituality has not had much of a national effect. We have been overly simplistic in our formulas for world changing – and as a result, changed very little outside of our own back yards. The hour is late and these are dangerous times. Figures like Patton, Churchill and Lincoln do not step out of Cathedrals onto the stage of history, yet we canonize them when they are gone. Only in retrospect do we see the instruments raised up by God to meet a singular crisis.

DISCLAIMER: If I sound overly pro Trump let me qualify this by saying, there are several brilliant candidates on the Republican bench. Many are real bone fide Christians. I am not dismissive of any of them. But only one of them invited me to check them out. It just so happens it is the one I most wanted to investigate. I’ve felt from the beginning that God is doing something thru this man. But it’s early in the season still (So don’t start beating up on me and “unliking” me yet.)

Which leads to a concept that will set you free! How do you really know who God is raising up?


“Common Grace” is the term used by Reformed Theologians (first introduced to me by Chuck Colson) as it describes the grace of God that comes down upon a fallen world to keep in check the forces of anarchy and the inclination of sinful man to self-destruct. It is the grace that comes upon all (Christian and non Christian) to help them affirm the good and resist the bad, personally, and in institutions.


Trump falls into this category. These are men and women who the hand of Providence serves up. These are people of singular strengths and convictions. Like Churchill they can say their entire life was a preparation for some crucible in history they walked into. I think America is due for a shaking. As said, into this category fall leaders like Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Abraham Lincoln and even Reagan (who was the point person of Evangelicals but came to power outside their ranks.) All of them individuals who were not the darling or favorite of contemporary Christians. Preachers thought Lincoln to be a skeptic, they stumbled over Winston’s cigars and balked at Reagan’s earlier affiliation with Democrats and his divorce and children from two marriages.

None of these vessels of destiny rose through the ranks of Evangelicals – yet each of them ended up as a defender of Christian values. Churchill himself framed the contest with Hitler as a “battle for Christian civilization” and insisted “Onward Christian Soldiers” be sung on board the ship he and Roosevelt met to form their alliance against the Axis powers. Lincoln quoted the Bible more than any President yet refused to join any established church. In this sense they were the standard bearer for Christian civilization.

Or even more to the point: “Common Grace” changes our thinking about the question we need to ask.
Here is a wild proposition. Don’t ask “WHO IS THE MOST CHRISTIAN CANDIDATE?” instead ask, “WHO IS THE ONE ANOINTED FOR THE TASK?”

Think I’m crazy? Check this out.


Nearly 150 years before Cyrus’ birth, God declared through the prophet Isaiah that a foreign man, a non Jew named “Cyrus” would be the anointed shepherd of his people and rebuild Jerusalem.

Regarding Cyrus: Isaiah 45:1-13
“This says the Lord TO HIS ANOINTED, to Cyrus, whom I have seized by the right, to subdue nations before him. Yes, I will open the loins of kings, to open the two-leaved doors before him, and the gates shall not be shut. I will go before you and make hills level; I will tear apart the bronze doors and cut the iron bars in two.”

He wasn’t a Jew and he wasn’t from the line of David, but God elevated this foreigner and called him “my anointed.”

The word “anointed” in Hebrew is: mashiyach [maw-shee’-akh]), which denotes a person SPECIFICALLY CHOSEN and SET APART for a SPECIFIC TASK. Notice also that God promised to intervene and help Cyrus conquer many nations (i.e., make many hills level- bring things down to size).

Cyrus ended up becoming a king who protected and advanced God’s purposes for His people better than any Hebrew.

The same is true of “Darius” the Mede, (612 B.C.) who was put into office after angelic warfare occurred to see him succeed.

Daniel wrote about a conversation he had with an angel who told the Prophet:
“I TOOK MY STAND” to support Darius… The angel said: “And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I took my stand to support and protect him” (Daniel 1:11).

Evidently there is spiritual warfare over secular as well as religious appointments. Why? Because God raises up leaders for the sake of His people.

(Tomorrow I will share something that Trump did while we prayed for him. It was revealing.)

My take is this – Donald Trump is more prophetic than people think. There is a Cyrus anointing on this man. He is like a Reformer in secular garb. I don’t see his work being done quickly, but who knows? My advice is to be careful not to dismiss his comments and policy proposals based on the hysterical response of the media and establishment elites. If he is anointed as Gods wrecking ball to political correctness, expect him to be lampooned by Hell on SNL and every other flaming liberal on the East and West coast. Trump is driving the establishment (and their demons) crazy because he does not bow to their altars or pay homage to their deities. They rage because they cannot control him.

I stand by my original (and controversial) pronouncement that Kim Clement and I made from the beginning: Donald Trump is GOD’S TRUMPET.

I like him, and enjoy his style, even when he appears to be blowing his own horn.

– MY words to Donald Trump… a hidden key to a Republican Victory

So, what do you think?



12072537_10153686881774936_2095679134208977384_nBy now some of you have seen a video of the prayer session with Donald Trump. As a rule I don’t like publicizing my meetings with leaders and don’t share details that could in any way embarrass them or empower their enemies. Billy Graham made that mistake as a young Evangelist after meeting with President Truman. He spoke with reporters on the White House lawn after his first meeting…and was never invited back again.

I admire Trump for being willing to host the encounter and for not being ashamed of prayer, the Bible or his affiliation with Christians (and he also had great sandwiches.)

Our meeting was in the boardroom on the 26th floor. Trump Towers is quite a grand facility. A journalist from Rolling Stone described it as an impressive architectural marvel whose entrance looks like a combination Cathedral and Las Vegas Casino. Couldn’t describe it better myself.


Whether he wins the Republican nomination or not one thing is sure, “Trump is Heavens Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to the spirit of Political Correctness.” (You can quote me on that one.)

He has single handedly shaken up the establishment media and political elite – the people sitting at the gates of influence who thought they had the undisputed power to prop one up or take down another. Much to their collective horror he has proven to be impervious to their bullets. Even more so, with each blow his base solidifies. Trump, like no other personality in 20 years has shaken the establishment up and exposed them for the elitists’ they are. Their condescension and indifference to the fears and frustrations of the plebian masses so far removed from their enlightened L.A. or D.C. or N.Y. perch is no longer unchallenged. The common folk, the hobbits in the Shire, who work hard and pay taxes and voted in two sweeping elections will no longer be ignored.

This is one form of anticipated “shaking” in America that we should celebrate regardless of who your favorite candidate is.


Regarding Trump, you don’t notice it on TV but he is a big guy, and I don’t just mean in terms of personality. He is physically tall – at 6ft 3 inches. Add heals and hair and its more like 6 ft.4.

His personal style is less bombastic than his platform and interviewing style. He was gracious, non confrontational and surprisingly open to “give and take.” For instance, here is one exchange that could have been tense. A Messianic Rabbi sitting near me said, “Your comments don’t always represent you in the best light. People want to know you have a Presidential temperament. They want to know that you are a person they can trust with a finger on a nuclear button.” Trump perched his lips in characteristic fashion, nodded thoughtfully and said, “I hear you.”

The conversation turned to some of the more heated moments if the campaign. Trump explained, “You know, people aren’t aware of what is coming at me…what I am responding to. Rush Limbaugh calls it “incoming.” Like the storm that broke out when I took a stand on immigration. It can get pretty vicious. You don’t always know the back-story. And so many of these guys are nice and then suddenly they are on the attack, probably because of polling numbers. I can say this…I never punch indiscriminately. I’m a counter puncher. If you get hit and do nothing it sends the wrong message… but I fully hear what you are saying. I know where you’re coming from.”

Several of us exchanged glances and nodded. This was the best answer possible. There was no denial and no need to drill deeper on the subject. Equally, there were no flippant or disingenuous comments to appease the group.

One African American Bishop spoke up, “I wouldn’t change a thing. Be you and keep being consistent. That’s what people like about you. You’re not playing politics.” Trump looked around the boardroom table and laughed. “So you’re saying, ‘don’t change?’ That’s interesting.” “Right! People would see you not being who you are and that will look fake.”


Around this time I got the feeling that Trump was meeting a different sort of Evangelical group than the one he met so far on the campaign trail, say, in Iowa. And he was enjoying the new sampling of Evangelicals he was getting exposed to.

You get the impression that he takes in information quickly and objectively but filters it equally fast to distinguish one idea from another. It’s an executive skill I’ve noticed in Super Achievers in whatever field I meet them. They are avid learners but have a built in filter that winnows out solid ideas from the superficial. He is an equally quick judge of people. As people spoke he was reading them and weighing their power in the group.

In one poignant moment the room erupted in applause. Here is what happened. A discussion commenced about the African American community of churches. Bishop Clarence McClendon shared something that moved Trump. “In my church we don’t preach a message based on grievances and handouts. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaims a Kingdom that has the ultimate power to lift any individual right out of the most impoverished circumstances. Gods Word can empower anyone with the wisdom and ability to rise above any obstacle and make it!”

Trump said, “Wow!” as the room erupted in spontaneous “amen’s” and applause.


While he is someone who ultimately forms his own opinions he does not do so in a vacuum. He likes hearing from expert sources that feed him first hand information. He told us that he developed his ideas about the issue of immigration by talking to front line security experts. He has little interest in pencil pushing consultants. In his youth he travelled with his father to the actual building sites and later worked with construction people directly. He has more confidence in experienced real world practitioners than Ivy League theorists. This is a classic businessman’s approach to gauging reality.


This week you’ve no doubt heard his unpopular statements about returning Syrian refugees? WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW is that He was personally debriefed by a high level Syrian security screener. In this mans experience President Obama made it almost impossible for Syrian Christians to escape Syria but put Muslim immigrants on a fast track. That may be changing recently. If you find that information disturbing you don’t know the half of the behind the scene stories on how this President has been unsympathetic to the persecutions of Christians yet favorable to the interests of Islam. Trump is concerned, however, saying: “It makes you wonder about who exactly has been getting into the United States over the past several years?” In 1960, there were about 200,000 Muslims in the U.S., according to a study in the International Journal of Environmental Science and Development. Today, the U.S. census estimates that there are more than 6 million Muslims here. Christians fleeing ISIS were not an Obama priority. Trump suspects that militants and extremists are numbered among them…along with some of the front men for setting up gang operated drug distribution for Mexican and South American Cartels. Again, this isn’t paranoid posturing by a man removed from the facts – it is the feedback from front line law enforcement given to him in private. He is an information hound.


One of the Pastors spoke: “I came here with an open mind. To my way of thinking there are three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. You are clearly gifted for the Executive Branch. That’s what you do.” Trump responded, “Thank you for that. You know, in Real Estate, everybody likes renderings of buildings, you know what they are?” Trump asks and explained, “They are the elaborate sketches of the building. I’m not big on renderings, I like to see a photo of the finished project.” Trump if nothing else, is a decision maker with a built in bias toward action.

“We can cut so much waste in Government. So many duplicated agencies at the State and Federal level. It’s ridiculous.” I could see Trump the CEO speaking. I remember once hearing him slip – “I can make this Company great again…I mean Country.” It was a curious Freudian moment. He continued, “We can recapture so much income. This is what I’m good at. The U.S. trade deficit with China in is $400 billion, Japan, $70 billion, Mexico $50 billion. It’s ridiculous.”

I’m more attuned to the economics and business crisis that is looming, so this line of thought interested me. Here is the real “Harbinger” Jonathan Cahn is talking about. This is the ticking time bomb as dangerous as Iran with a nuclear missile. We have an economy going over a cliff and drunken Liberals scheming like Socialists behind the wheel. I wanted to weigh in but this was not the area most of the ministries were focused on so I waited.


I think great entrepreneurs tend to be Prophetic. Think of Steve Jobs. This will surprise some, but Trump is more Prophetic than most people realize. Repeatedly he said, “Leadership is all about seeing the future and not listening to the short sighted thinker. This is the kind of leadership we need to turn this country around – and fast.” Over and over again he has said and written – “Leadership is about seeing the future.” He is Churchillian in this regard. He see’s the threat nobody else has courage to talk about…till it’s too late. He see’s it with radical Islam, he see’s it with the soaring 18 trillion dollar debt and he see’s it in America’s tinderbox of the inner city. “There are more Fergusson’s and Baltimore’s out there,” he warned us.


I dug around a bit and asked one of his top advisors some questions about Trumps business and some facts about female employees. To my surprise I was told that Trump has currently 43-46% of his key positions occupied by women, (higher than the national average) and they are paid significantly higher than the national average for women in those roles!


This was an astounding discovery. Of his 800 employees (I assume this applies to the Trump Towers and Trump enterprises located in NYC) the retention and turn over rate beats all national averages. I was told, “These people don’t view Mr. Trump as a scary CEO or remote personality. They have a distinctive loyalty to the man.” Struggling to find the word, my high level source told me, “they are more like a…” I said “family?” He said, “yeah.” Trump is like a Patriarch not an Ivy tower executive figure.” Again, I was surprised.


Whatever he does he does to win. WINNING is part of his core value system. Trump is like George Patton. He hates losing. He thinks it’s un-American. As long as he’s fighting on the American side you can bet he’s fighting to win the war and distinguish himself as a great General. Anyone suspecting otherwise does not know Donald. The last thing he will ever do is to pour his assets, time and energy into running a race with the outcome of losing it. Getting Clinton elected is not only the furthest thing from his mind, it is a formula he thinks likely to fiscally ruin America. Trump will never do anything, including a third party; if there is any likelihood it will diminish the Trump brand.

This update is long enough…in the next post I will share:

1. “Thoughts on TRUMP and BEN CARSON?”



Is what I am writing making sense?

Helping you get a feel for the meeting, the man and the Nation?



12108820_10153683970669936_5693064250324214123_nGun violence in Chicago over the weekend reached near war zone proportions with 82 people being shot between 4 p.m. Thursday and 3:30 a.m. Monday morning.

“The first of those shootings occurred Monday evening when a family on its way back from an outing was gunned down in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, leaving a pregnant mother and a grandmother dead and three others — including an 11-month-old boy — wounded, police said.”

Chicago has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, but murders are up 21%.


And why did the President say nothing?

Less than six hours ago however, he called a Press Conference and with considerable agitation addressed the mass shootings in Roseburg, Ore. Predictably he used this event (with no mention of chicago’s data) to demand new gun laws. (Referring to himself over 20 times in 12 minutes.)


This was a gun free campus. They had campus security but security was only armed with mace. Notice that most of these shootings happen in gun free zones, not spaces where people have guns and can shoot back.

Reports state that the gunman targeted self-proclaimed Christians and shot them in the head – and non-Christians in the leg.

If that isn’t the devil, I don’t know what the devil does for a living anymore. It is tragic. It’s demonic.

Certainly there needs to be tightened controls on people with mental illness getting or keeping guns. Especially because so many of these shootings come from young people with crazy spirits of death and violence.


Lawlessness. Let’s you and me ditch the PC version of gun violence and talk. As America casts off its Christian heritage, the nations conscience erodes. Keeping pace with this loss of self control is a corresponding spirit of lawlessness. It’s predictable. As God is rejected, the devil fills the vacuum. Gang activity is at all all time high because of sloppy immigration and South American Cartels have funded new networks. I know this sounds strange, but it seems increasingly clear that Liberals are the ideological doorkeepers for the gates of Hell. Followed closely it seems by establishment Republicans. Government is a bigger player than I originally thought.

Sadly the answer isn’t in less guns. Criminals and gangs will always find a way to get fire arms. Ironic to me that liberals stoke the fires of racial conflict and class resentment on one hand while decrying the violence that manifests on the other. Both strategies work for them because all roads wind up expanding Government control over your life.

We need a move of God more desperately than we realize. We need many of you to pick up a prophetic mantle for media and governments.


12122819_10153684560059936_4993140024396110322_nWhen Alexander conquered a territory he had a unique manner of “occupying.” He affirmed and embraced every aspect of culture that did not conflict with Greece and celebrated every aspect that was unique in reflecting Greek ideals.

Then he brought in that which was to his mind, reflective of the superiority of the Greeks. Thus language, architecture, learning, roads, postal service and currency was integrated or created based on the kingdom of Alexander- while simultaneously affirming the poets, songs, art, achievements of his conquered territory.

I think this is the model of Apostolic ministry in the earth. We should bring whatever is superior, from heaven, and replace or add it to culture. And we should celebrate and affirm all that man gets right about reflecting the ideals of the kingdom of heaven on earth.



12075059_10153684986919936_5696595544620248698_nI was so much happier when I was an ignorant charismatic speaking in conferences and following the revival train. I thought then that all the worlds ills could be solved if believers just focused on God and scaling their mountain. Then I realized Philistines occupy the mountains. The higher you go the more like Goliath they become. Then I took a closer look at exactly who my misguided enemies are and more importantly, what they do. I felt like Neo taking the red pill Morpheus offered him. It was as if a voice said to me, “you sure you want to see what’s really going on?” Well I took that red pill and went down that rabbit hole. When I came out the other side I discovered Liberals are running the Matrix.

It’s not a political issue I am talking about, it’s a collision of worldviews and the one we are running into is designed to destroy America as you have known it and reduce it to a third world rubble. Torn apart by well-funded activists, seeded with rage and ultimately divided along every possible line of race, gender, class and religion. It’s a demonically inspired, brilliant, viral, disease of perspective that transfers easily among Americas “low information” masses that believe whatever they hear or see through the filter of the media.

Now every morning I pray, read my Bible, and pop my sanity pill so I can counteract the influence of the crazy pills the White House, their activists and its multiple media echo chambers dispense all over this increasingly zombified culture.

Take the tiresome and predictable reaction of liberals to this shooting in Oregon. Note the absolute lack of common sense reaction from President Obama, to everybody in the media. It’s amazing folks, because Liberals set up this school under their gun control policy. The campus security was not allowed to carry a gun. The only guns allowed on these campuses are the ones in the hands of the bad guy. You want to know what gun control accomplishes? You just saw it.

The left has everything they want on these school campuses. No guns! Every one of these school shootings is a gun-free zone. And then when the shooter starts on his rampage, guess what it takes to shut it down? They HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE WITH A GUN TO BRING THE SHOOTER DOWN! Who are the guys they run to? THE POLICE. The men in blue who are targeted by Liberals as the BAD GUYS. It’s beyond absurd.

If the shooter had known there were guns on site, the odds are this might not have even happened.

What liberals want is for everyone, including the good people, to disarm themselves. The good sheep are led to believe that if everybody will get rid of guns somehow the wolves will not have guns and we will be on our way to Obama-topia. Really? Why stop here? Lets advance policies to outlaw crime and rape and violence. Won’t new laws do the job? Of course not. Hre is the pattern….Liberals create a godless culture and then take more control to manage godless behavior.

Again we have to listen to President Obama calling for disarming good Americans and leaving them without any way to defend themselves against lunatics like this. We have given Liberals everything they want, and the evidence is clear it does not work. Gun-free zones do not save lives. They cost lives. That’s what this proves once again. Even Churches are smart enough to have gun-carrying professionals at every service. The FAA has armed Marshals on flights. The President has a team of gun carrying secret agents travelling with him and his family. Does he suggest this is unnecessary? Of course not.

The fact that this guy was targeting Christians, you can’t find that in the Drive-By Media. In fact the media is rewriting this incident to say the shooter did not like “religion.” Really? This wasn’t targeting Muslims or Buddhists. It was a killing spree against Christians. Unarmed Christian’s in this case.

What is common among all these shooters is that they are nuts and they ARE MEDICATED. How about that for a line of attack? Increase screening and make it tougher for folks on PHARMECEUTICAL MIND ALTERING DRUGS to get weapons! But that would be an unpopular thing for a Politician to say – because the drug companies fund them. The common denominator is the mental health and drug usage of people who never should have gotten guns. The answer is NOT in disarming the law abiding.

President Obama deplores violence? Isn’t this the man who just cleared the decks for Iran to get a nuclear weapon? How in the world can you have this kind of over-the-top, out-of-proportion reaction and when faced with the Hannibal Lector chop shop for baby body parts called Planned Parenthood. The Presidents response? Yawn. Not just yawn, but deny it, try to cover it up and say, “No, no, no! That’s actually for medical research.”

So is it really death that bothers them? Is it unnecessarily death, the wanton killing that bothers them?

Friends, unless you see that there is a consistent, pernicious persistent logic driving the Left you yourself will drink the cool aid and assume that Americas ills are solvable by giving in. We’ve got a policy in place to flood America with Muslims. Liberate the fetishes and proclivities of every sexual appetite and alteration capable in an LGBTQ universe while running the nation deeper into a crisis of debt that offers more and more to people who don’t pay the bill to fund the debt. Here’s the “change” the devil promises to deliver.

It’s not too late to change it back, but, this post will not get much traction.

My advise?

TAKE THE RED PILL. It will be bitter in your stomach but afterward you will prophecy with increased accuracy and insight.

P.S. In spite of the pushback I am coming out of the closet on this stuff and launching a 7m Underground Internet Radio Show and buying time on local affiliate stations. It’s time for an enlightened uprising. With intercession, information, and organization we will shake the status quo!

Discovering Your Signature Sound

This audio montage is gathered from training on a Dream Trip in Mazatlan, Mexico combined with the September Webinar, entitled Finding Your Signature Sound. It will help create an awareness of knowing your personal power in the use and discipline of your thoughts, utterances and proclamations. It will help you strengthen your skills daily as you apply the ideas and Discover Your Signature Sound.


12027543_10153682780019936_4315439811248225789_nI love the story in Acts of Apostle Paul’s journey on a ship. Which, to me, is like a metaphor for America in many ways, perhaps it has significance in our own individual lives as well. Read on and tell me what you think.

Have you ever been in a situation where in example the vehicle, the vessel, the institution, the marriage, the company, or the Church isn’t doing what God really wants it to do but …you’re also not in charge? Or so you think?

Paul is a prisoner on a ship and his assignment was to go to Rome.
He had a message for the owner of the ship, the captain of the ship, and the Roman god on the ship (aka the Government, the business or economy, and the military). Paul called all three of them together and said something like the following:

“Sirs I represent the Religious Mountain. I recognize that you don’t think I have authority to speak about these things, but you would be well advised to listen to me. Your economy and your military assignment are about to get whacked. In other words, listen to me the fanatic because if you leave at the wrong time I perceive this voyage will be not only in much danger but there will be loss of cargo and lives.”

Acts 27:9-10: “So Paul warned them. ‘Men, I can see that our voyage is going to be disastrous and bring great loss to ship and cargo, and to our own lives also [NIV].'”

They probably met together apart from “the Religious Fanatic” and the Owner of the ship most likely said “it’s my ship, I’ll risk it.” The Captain may have said “good weather I’ll do it.” And the Roman Centurion might have said: “what do I know about these things! But, I’m with you.”

Acts 27:11: “But the centurion, instead of listening to what Paul said, followed the advice of the pilot and of the owner of the ship [NIV].”

They did not listen to Paul and instead took off on the voyage, with a fair wind a blowing. However, the perception of the prophetic had seen the future.

Indeed the ship did get hit by a perfect storm where three fronts came together at one time and drove the ship all over the place. After they had given up all hope of living, tossed in every direction, Paul gets visited by an angel. Why? Because he went to warfare over the destiny that was about to be aborted by other people’s bad choices. And Heaven was responding to his intercession.

Acts 27:20: “When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved [NIV].”

This is a key: he was in the assignment on a vessel that was out of alignment.

HOWEVER, Paul had authority to adjust the vessel!!!!

Regardless of what he was experiencing, or what the occupants of the vessel deemed as reality, Paul prayed through! And Heaven responded!

Thankfully, he did not just lay in bed resting, thinking “well you know the Lord told me I’m going to be in Rome, so I guess I’m going to be in Rome.” No, he wrestled through it! An angel came through and said in essence, “Paul, you’re the FedEx package I’ve got to get to Caesar; I’m here to get you there.”

Acts 27:22-25: “But now I [Paul] urge you to keep up your courage, because not one of you will be lost; only the ship will be destroyed. Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me and said, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.’ So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me [NIV].'”

Paul’s assignment was that he was supposed to go to Rome. However, as a kindness God gave him all these people.

Catch the language? And can you see how it applies to you? It’s almost like because you’re here they’ll live because most likely if you weren’t aboard that ship that would have just became another little foot note in history about ships that are lost at sea when storms of this magnitude occur.

Does this make sense?

DO NOT embrace the optional role of victim. Instead remember Who God is, and Whose you are and then do business. Don’t let the storm throw you off. You have an assignment to get to Rome! And Heaven will assist getting you there. Watch for the miracles in the process.