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  1. Lance,
    I so agree with you about the prophetic connection of King Cyrus and “King” Trump, in Isaiah 45 and the 45th President.
    Moreover, what the Lord has shown me, (sent this to you in an email), is that in order for the Great Wealth Transfer to take place (for funding the end time harvest, and all other Kingdom business).
    I humbly submit to you, in order for this “mountain” of finance/economics, of the 7M mandate, to be taken back from the corrupt, selfish elite, a couple of things of paraMOUNT importance must take place.
    1.) The appointed time and season must be reached on God’s timeline of events!
    2.) In order to fully engage/activate the Great Wealth Transfer (Proverbs 13:22 & James 5:1-8),
    a “king” who has the mantle of gathering, multiplying, and distributing wealth, MUST be in power,
    so that the “kings” of the Melchezidek order may emerge to take their appointed places, and do the same, gather, multiply and distribute the Wealth that all belongs to God, as He supernaturally releases from the hands of the wicked, all the stored up hidden treasures and wealth in secret places that the “kings’ decree and declare! (Isaiah 45:3 & James 5:1-8).
    This is not just a mandate for the U.S., but rather, since “money answers all things” (Eccl.10:19),
    this “mountain of economics” must be conquered first!
    Prophet Kim prophesied a few years ago regarding Hillary and her quest for the Presidency,
    “I will not allow that witch in the White House!”
    No question any discerning believer can see a powerful spirit of Jezebel in operation on Hillary,
    but, just as the Lord used the prophet in (1 Kings 21:23) to declare the end of Jezebel, it is happening again. The Bible says in Eccl.1:9, “That which has been is that which will be!” (HIStory repeats itself).
    As I mentioned to you in an email, an important thought to keep in mind, “God does not choose the qualified, (Moses, Joseph, David, etc.) HE QUALIFIES the CHOSEN!
    As one of the same tribal mantle as you, we are rightly discerning the times, and this man is indeed the
    modern day King Cyrus, with a very similar, yet even more powerful mandate, mantle and anointing!
    Thanks for allowing me share, I know that I know this will resonate with you!
    For His Glory,

  2. Absolutely love your messages, and ive been looking for some meaning to Lk 16:8. The Shrewed Manager, being shrewd but not of this world, listening to the Holy Spirit on what to say and when, how to act, going into the world with your Identity firmly cemented in place. My whole life has been in the alcohol industry, what a mountain that is, but i read Jesus first miracle, water into wine, and if you ask me He is none too happy about it as I’m sure it gets misunderstood. How to be shrewd, Is David at the King of Archish pretending to be insane Shrewed, it saved his life! Are we so Loving and Unwilling to believe that people in this world will not take advantage of us, is there a Lance Learning Course in “Shrewding Up” , put your “shrewd safety boots on” ” Your Shrewd Safety Helmet of Hope”
    Once again you bless me with all your messages

  3. Lance, I shared a post of yours on FB regarding what Christians should think about when voting. My atheist daugher-in-law (teacher) responded and among other things said:

    “Donald Trump embodies hate. Hillary Clinton is criticized for her belief in access to “reproductive health” and beliefs in marriage …. etc.

    When I enquired of God why Trump makes it so hard for those that want to support him. He says some terrible things, weird and offensive things, and so on.

    I got a very strong impression that God despises “political correctness” (PC) maybe even more so than abortion! I was surprised, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. PC is garbage, lies, foul ideas, murder, and all wrapped up in a pretty package so that it can be sold to many and for some, it is to help clear their conscious. Then I thought, there were other Christian candidates, why did He not pick one of them and I believe it is because they would have compromised and being politically correct at some point. They would have done it to win. God hates it so much, he wants none of it.

    As atrocious as the things Donald Trump says, is how God see political correctness! It is atrocious to God – the lies! He is making a point.

    For instance “reproductive health” is a pretty word for killing unborn children. The problem with PC is it is deceitful, hidden dung, it worms its way into all situations and tries to make awful things palatable, and it soothes the conscious. It takes away or tries to hide what would normally be abhorrent! I think this is a huge revelation. I believe God hates the lies!

    As I told my daugher-in-law – at least call it what it is. Reproductive health sounds like getting health so as to have a baby – not to kill it!

    God Bless

  4. I would like to receive your blog or emails.
    Also, for 2 days I’ve been unable to access your Facebook page. When I go there, I am thrown out of Facebook altogether.??? It may be something I’m doing, as things involving computers keep changing, but thought I’d pass it on in case others are having problems

  5. I think what many Christians are missing in Trump and their discomfort for his style and running commentary is they are not acknowledging how far along we are in sin and rebellion in this country and its enshrinement in govt and the 7 Mountains.

    The days of polite political discourse are long over. God is not PC as has been mentioned and we have had so much PC we are choking and drowing in it and Christians are being sued left and right or persecuted for daring to say or do something contrary to cultural and governmental political correctness or dictates.

    When a group of well funded, well connected and highly motivated people have sworn to make us conform to their will or be destroyed I am not interested in whether I hurt their feelings or wading into the strife that is inevitable.

    If it becomes personal nary a Christian would hesitate to speak out or act to protect their family or business but we tolerate it all around us because it doesn’t mean enough to us to say or do anything.

    God raises up Trump and if you honestly and truthfully watch what he says. He is merely speaking very uncomfortable truths about the 900 pound gorilla in the room that the genteel are unwilling to acknowledge publicly.

    Liberals don’t fight fair because they have no fear of God or right and wrong absolutes. We act like our enemies are going to conform to polite protocols when in fact history has proven that godless socialism ends up in the bloodiest purges of humanity we have ever known. I am not talking merely of abortion but the hundreds of millions killed in their own countries last century by socialists turned dictators.

    So playing pretty is nice for the church nursery and playground but when our nation and our future is at stake as well as the fate of the Kingdom of God we have to be willing to call sin, sin and call the world to repentance no matter if makes people mad or uncomfortable.

    • I have seen postings on Facebook by Trump supporters that are crude and disrespectful and that disturbs me. I am replying to some and telling them it would be better to speak respectfully rather than hatefully and with vulgarity. I am supporting Trump since he was nominated and was so pleased with Mr. Wallnau’s article. I would pray that those who support Trump would be respectful in their remarks.

  6. Dr. Lance we have been with you for several years and every night with you on utube.
    Our major proble in receiving you on utube is constant buffering, often times
    having to give up and end the lesson early. Any suggtions. God bless to all.

  7. I am not that active in partisan politics and certainly have not been that much of a supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy but your piece in the October Charisma, “Why I believe Trump is the Prophesied President,” was a clearly stated prophetically anointed analysis of the Trump phenomenon. If the Holy Spirit did anything in this piece, He put Trump’s characteristics in a proper and Godly perspective.
    You need not thank Steve Strang for giving you that forum; he and Charisma’s readers should thank you for being the obedient conduit through which the Holy Spirit is speaking into this election.

    • well gee wizz Dick, that is terribly tidy. God, maker of the entire universe and beyond, has spoken and here we have it all in a nut shell. superb.
      and we can understand it all in half an hour of reading. blurb even more superb. now, with all matters understood, the lord of All can go back to making a new star in a distant galaxy since we have lost perplexity. yipee. thanks Lance, i mean Lord.

  8. I just read your article in Charisma and I have to say that it lifted me up and made my day. I have been so worried about this election and have been unable to give it to God. I am hoping I can get a copy of this to send to friends and others by e-mail and mail. Thank you so much.

    • made your day? how about decision that may affect the rest of your life. you heard something and it swiftly cuddled your concern into a cocoon. how swift we are to love what we hear if it is easy on the ear.
      well time will tell. for it cannot foretell. after all as christians we are not fortune tellers.

  9. Interesting,
    The name Donald is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Donald is: Great chief, world mighty.

  10. How can I continue defending and supporting Donald Trump? God’s “wrecking ball” seems to put his worst foot forward so often. He said something horrible 11 years ago in a private conversation. I believe he could have changed. Hillary Clinton lies every day. see no changes in her. I am praying that faith is the still the answer. Can Donald Trump be God’s triumph?

  11. I am calling the “church” out! If Jesus’ blood covers your sins then He also covers Donald Trump’s sin and they r forgiven as far as east is from west. He is a NEW creation in Christ! In that place he is making a lot of messes if you get the drift! If you r calling yourself a Christian then protect the new born Trump! I ask those that insist on voting for Hillary by write in or abdication – Do you really want to let this nation become a third world nation? Your children & grandchildren will NOT BE ABLE to rise up & call you blessed. Their mouths will be full of dust!

  12. A friend showed me a post on FB today and I was amazed with the article you wrote concerning Trump and his ‘sin’. I find it interesting that people are deserting Trumps camp. I think the phrase, “Let he that is without sin throw the first stone” applies here. Trumps sin is not fatal and he can recover. We who are Christian must stop throwing stones and pray. America is in trouble and we need a strong leader – Hillary is not the answer to our nation’s needs. Many of our nations woes are due to Hillary and her corrupt friends. Pray for America!

    Blessings, Joyce

    • this really must be the first time that someone is going for a job and every qualification they dont have, is concidered /condoned as a sin that jesus died for and so just does not count /discount.
      in an ordered world people get jobs suited to their abilities not inabilities. since when has president of the united states become a place where someone who stands for nothing somehow is turned into a stand in for what we believe in. trump acts as a person who will stand on what he is told, as long as it means he will stand, he will stand on whatever it takes to stand. he is the essence, not the essence. he is the principle, not principles.
      my opinion i know. my option.

      • i think that if in this election the Democrats had had a weak wishy washy candidate (ie no eagle eyed Hilary) and therefore would have had a gap for someone else on their ticket, and if the Republicans had a clear loud leader that could not be beat by another republican nomination, then Donald the don, would have gone Democrat. Donald wants to be don. however its done.
        after all, he used to be one. why not again, had it served him.

        • i just dont see that anyone has a SERVANT in Donald. i think Donald wants to be served.
          my thinking does not come from some sort of special anointing connecting dots and lions and marks and querks. it comes from watching behavior.

          • therefore Donald would be as dire as a democrat as a republican President. it is the person that is the problem. not their party. he holds a position , in my mind, that is indicative of the first sin – pride. ‘i want to be, i am’ and the highest position polution.
            if we are going to have to come up with a biblical analogy, how about the King of Tyre.

  13. If Donald Trump has done nothing more than to cause us to examine our relationship with God, than Trump has done a service for God.

    Let he who is free from impure thoughts cast the first aspersion.

  14. I saw Trump as a Cyrus. What God showed me last year, I just heard from you. Pray prophets aren’t found dead in the street by American Christian voters who appear to be like Jews of Jesus’day…blind.

  15. I have been trying to ge this same thing into the heads of everyone I come in contact with. This is no time to stand still for the gut feeling I have. I have been sharing this same message since Mr. Trump got on board. Can you send this to my facebook.
    I am Judith Plummer.

  16. Hi Lance,

    Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell are two of the best men you could possibly share platforms with. That speaks a lot to me. I listened to your prophecy on Trump. Over 8 years ago when Obama was running, my wife was the very first person to use the term “Obamanation (the abomination of the Nation?) of desolation”, and now we are hearing the term “The Last Trump”. I believe God is capable as you quite picturesquely say of using the jawbone of an ass, as He has tried to use me too, with my own battles where we live. And Trump may well be the very LAST Trump for us as a nation. We need to get it right this time. However may I suggest you look at some alternative thoughts for one thing: and His studies on the “con” stitution as opposed to the Laws of Yaweh, that Perfect Law of our ONLY Elohim, Yahweh. Also consider one other element of confusion.. All the talk of a “supernatural” being called Satan….. when in reality Satawn means Adversary and is more of an adjective or a title, and Peter was called Satawn, even as in Job, God very clearly defined himself as Satawn, when he said to the messenger (I believe he was a human) “You provoked ME TO LIFT UP MY HAND against Job.” We are just as guilty in this nation and Christians in general of Creating another in the Stead of Yahweh, and this “another” is just one of the many dieties of polytheism. Give God the Glory and not some imaginary being. I realize that what I am saying is not popular, but I honestly tire of how professing Christians glorify this “being” by talking about him so much. This being does not have the capability to fly and flit from one Christian to another and “he” if he exists at all, has more important work to do. But, in all deference to your enthusiasm which is quite contagious, I appreciate the message that you are giving. I hope what you are saying is true, but our biggest problem in American Christianity is we have left our first love and we are looking for human answers, when Yaweh has already given us “the Hope of Israel”… in short we need to get back to His Law. Keep up the fervor and good work, and don’t forget to include the Law of Yahweh as the supreme law of the land. Ken

  17. Omg You are so refreshing. So welcome now, when Kim Clement has been silenced. Thank You & thank You for letting God use You.

  18. I truly hope that Donald wins but we must not look at him as a savior figure. Let us not forget II Chronicles 7:14.

  19. howdy
    i concider myself a christian for the last 35 years and faith in Jesus is the foundation of all i hope to think or am. however i do not see the direct link between this fact and percieving the donald as God’s man about the rescue of the earth so on and so forth. the linkage seems to come from nudges and winks of the inner ear, and God knows where such things have to come from…could be man’s interpretation, as well as a host of other posibilities. i like actualities, science, reason, psychological instruction as well as spiritual sense. any half wit can deduce donald has a massive ego, acts as though he is actually god on the earth, and fits the diagnostic bill of Narciccism absolute. have the dogmatic christian whosoevers not concidered that Donald in his rush to be king is of course going to court the evangelical brigade and parade wahtever it is they want in front of them. abortion tick, supreme court tick, tick tock. i personally cannot see personal belief in donald in anything other than his own command bringing.
    i also, cannot see what is so dog gawn anti christian about Hilary. sure abortion is a dire thing to have to choose, but life can send people in dire directions. she says its about choice. not instructing people on what to do, but freedom to do. appart from that, what is hiliary up for – helping those who have less, get more education, better medical aid etc. i live in europe. for gods sake its not satan is into social concern. which is how it appears to be represented by a really strange attitude at play in your country. i have also lived many years in africa where social needs cannot be met beccause the money simply is not there. you are fortunate in america that you can assist the less fortunate.
    listening to donald, sure is entertaining, as text book overdrive ego unable to comprehend reality sort of game. he is attached to conspiracy theories. and i am afraid that the christian church you proclaim probably doesnt find this candidate looney because its also seeing devils on trees everywhere through its own perspective. we need some science, some reason, some level headedness, some psychological sense. and i am the fool to be writing to someone who makes, who forces their living from the gullible with their incredible. ‘tm’ for the 7 mountain. really these ultimatums are as much a cult zone as any ‘liberal media’, if not way more.

  20. yup
    the problem is too many soundbites. too many simple suggestions. too many off the cuff understand in a few seconds of a person’s time. that is about how long it takes for lance’s theology to lance a person’s brain. it appears as though evangelise has become another term for lobotomise. the ‘christian church’ is full of characters. capital C. capitalising. men and some women, brandishing, whooshing, swooshing.
    and here , God, yes God help us all, is more of it.
    poor you lance, if only you could lance the boil. yes my analogies are pathetic but no more so than the dominant dominionism. yes, we must take the world, but this is not how. this is not who.
    God is far more within things hidden than without. where there is pride – he is not. where there is humility he is. big frigging pastor warriors brash posters, poseurs, pastors, trumpers, no thanks
    in the still small voice
    or no voice, at all.
    God is in humanity, human acts of kindness, legal bills that help those who need help, that raise the poor, that insist the rich give back. that sort of thing.
    not business men who dont pay their contractors and boast about women as if they were chicken legs on a plate.

  21. and the last most ghastly thing about some of this Christian Paraphenalia America is the speaking of America as if it were the world. as if it were God’s place. as if the rest of the world the rest of the where?
    America America America. do you know how foolish that sounds to us over here?
    do you know how incredibly bizzare it is to hear that God basically Is an American.
    i am not anti American. but i am anti ownership of this Authoritarian Authorisation of Absolutism

    ps…why is there a crown on the top of your logo? is someone intoning they are a king?

    lance is very definitive on what things are. we really are not encouraged to discuss perspective, merely instruct directive. that is always a worry, being told its all figured out just follow.
    no. thats hollow. shallow. and dictatorial.
    the comments simpered back at Lance by the readers, have me more boiling than lance’s boils. oh boy.
    we in the west are not as of yet living in an entirely puss filled abyss. get your imaginations straight and notice facts. if you want to live under that it will take little or no imagination to suffer it under a totalitarian regime…somewhere like being a servant in saudi arabia, a slave in nigera, or a citizen under sadam hussein. get real folks. barack obama and a baracuda….scientology has nothing on this, when people can see what isnt real if they have not been subject to suffering under what is.
    if you had been brought up in the soviet union under stalin, then there would be a point to rant about your country’s leadership. get real and understand the difference between prison and freedom of expression. leave your imagination – to the dustbin.

  22. Please put me on your blogspots, Dr. Lance! Thank you so much. I’m going to YouTube every day to see what you are saying and discovering about Trump’s run for presidency. I want to hear from you EVERY DAY!!

    I got your book from Amazon today and can hardly put it down! The below is what I shared with a friend just today about my reading of it so far:

    “Got my book today (being Feast of Tabernacles!!!) by Lance Wallnau, ‘God’s Chaos Candidate.’ Can hardly put it down! How wife, Melania, quietly told her husband, ‘If you run now, you will be President,’ following dinner and watching escalating violence and riots in Baltimore on tv, he was surprised, even shocked from that response from his wife. ‘I thought you said I was too bright and brash to get elected?’ he said. She turned back to the plasma screen and said, ‘Something has changed. They are ready for you now.’

    “Talk about poignantly powerful!!!

    “Those are the words Lance wrote in his book. Put me in tears! Yahoo tears!! :)”

  23. What is happening imo is that the Lord is revealing the sheep & the goats on both sides of the aisle to Donald Trump and thereby eliminating those that would b wolves n sheep clothing. Very obvious to me Who is n charge. The same One who let Lucifer gather his cohorts & at the right time they were cast out. This earth is the Lord’s & the fullness thereof & they that dwell therein. Open your eyes those who call upon the name of the Lord. 1 cor. 1:26-29

  24. Offer your recent “Trump” video to Trump for an election commercial for these last two weeks of election campaigning.

  25. What a battle we are in. We’ve been defecated on for years by spirits of hell, vultures (see Rick Joyners visions) Deceptions Lies Hypocrisy. False peace. Spying. False flags. Twisted spirits. Spirits of Babylon, spirits of Antichrist. Witchcraft, warlock spirits…oppression, abuse, surveillance, deception everywhere !

    I like what Alex Jones said recently “Donald trump is a gift from God” Do many Christians even take theses things seriously? Vladimir Zhironovsky said if Clinton gets elected it will start world war 3!!!
    Donald Trump loves America. He’s patriotic. Loves freedom .Loves to build. Wants to protect..

    Scriptures say “who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions…..out of weakness were made strong..” – Hebrews 11

    Dont let the devil steal the authority we have in Gods word!
    I’ve been surveilled, defecated on by monsters for years! Its horrible! oppressive, abusive I need freedom, we all do. All they know is how to abuse, oppress harass, manipulate.
    They hate Freedom. They hate God.
    You should cherish both your natural freedoms and your spiritual freedoms.
    The whole conspiracy is against God, against truth and the influence that you have.
    Don’t let the devil rob you! Fight Pray. Speak faith! Speak faith! Build yourselves up Reject the Devils poison!!!.Meditate. Confess the Word of God.
    When you touch Heaven, God can flow through you on earth.
    “the people of God have an unlimited resource of the Holy Spirit available to them”

    “be thou exalted Lord in thine own strength so will we sing and praise thy power”- psalm 21
    “I will set my glory among the heathen…”
    ” I have set watchmen upon thy walls O Jerusalem which shall never hold their peace day or night: ye that make mention of the Lord keep not silence. give him no rest till he establish”- Isaiah 62
    ” a little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation. I the Lord will hasten it in his time” -Isaiah 60
    Say like that radio show host said one time he said “say this is the voice of freedom” “this is the voice of freedom”

  26. Lance
    Blessings! I thank God for you and for using you with your prophetic gift! I heard of you recently from a friend when I was so undecided what to do this election. I knew I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary but had my doubts about Trump. Then your book came out. I’ve been following you since then. Facebook and Periscope. I saw you on the Jim Bakker show too. That was so great! I already bought 5 copies to give away. Please add me to your weekly blogs/emails. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and he heals Annabel completely! In Jesus name! Amen!

  27. Dear Dr. Wallnau,

    Thank you for all that you do for our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Kingdom, which is an everlasting Kingdom.
    Please allow me to share a most unusual spiritual encounter I had, supposedly, with Donald Trump. My first call from the Lord is intercessory prayer, so I believe this encounter I am about to share is for prayer.
    On August 29,2016, at 6:26 a.m., I was being still before the Lord and listening. My cell phone rang loudly with its normal ringtone. But it was not a physical ring, but a spiritual ring. The phone was right beside me so I looked to see who was calling. The name that appeared on the phone said “DONALD TRUMP WAHLENBERG”. That was the end of that encounter. I was puzzled and said, Lord, I know of Donald Trump, presidential candidate, but who is TRUMP WAHLENBERG. If its DT why is WAHLENBERG attached to Trump? I got no response from the Lord, but thought the name sounded German. Found in my research that theres a town/city in Germany with that name, with the same spelling. I never heard that name before. Not satisfied, I called a friend who is a psychiatric nurse and a captain in our military. Long and short, she told me about a wahlenberg syndrome which has to do with a stroke and how it affects the brain. Ever since, I have been praying for Donald Trump and cutting him off from Wahlenberg syndrome and any arrows launched against his nervous system that could cause a stroke. Indeed, events that have followed since that encounter, especially the release of those 11 year videos was, I consider, such an assault, but for God’s grace and protection of Donald Trump. I would like to hear any comments you may have on this. Thanks.