I Just got A Prophetic Word Regarding the Ebola Virus

cdc-quarantine-stationsI Just got A Prophetic Word Regarding the Ebola Virus

Thus Says The Lord: “Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them.”
( Isa 8:12)

Notice the words “they” and “them.”

As I flew back into Dallas I could feel the anxiety of this city regarding the breakout of Ebola. In fact the whole national conversation about “The Harbinger”, Blood Moons and that other book about 7 year cycles is counterproductive if done the wrong way.

I feel like some ministries are “milking” this subject. Look, the secular world isn’t listening to our talk shows and all we are doing is freaking each other out.

Believers who are worried about national shaking need to separate themselves from anxiety about the judgement of God on America by simply judging themselves – “for if we judge ourselves we shall not be judged.” Its a good habit even when not in a national crisis.

If we all did that we might just change the entire situation because the promise of healing the land isn’t given to the unsaved anyway…

“IF MY PEOPLE, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.” (2 Chron 7:14)

We are promised that if we humble ourselves God, in due season will lift us up! It will be really redemptive to the situation. Isaiah said: “When gross darkness covers the earth, Kings shall come to the brightness of YOUR rising.”

The anxiety you are FEELING may be coming from your spiritual sensitivity to what OTHERS are experiencing. It’s called “the burden of the Lord” and I’ve REALLY let slip the art of old time pentecostal prayer. An intercessor carries a “burden” for an issue. Its a real distress that won’t lift till they have prayed the matter through… then they have great peace. You take the anxiety or the issue to the Lord’s throne till you can park it there.

Then WATCH how you return from the throne with power. Your peace then can come upon others. Literally, you can impart peace with a quick prayer and touch of your hand.

This kind of prayer is called “Prevailing Prayer!” At its best its “travailing prayer.” I don’t think most people even know what I’m talking about because I myself have not walked in this for years. Its coming back now and it’s powerful.

If this prayer realm kicks into a lot of people these will be REVIVAL days with harvest and increase for those who are willing to watch, pray and be used as Ambassadors of the kingdom of Heaven.

Can I get a witness?

– lance

AMAZING HISTORY (Secular Scholars Don’t Like)

In an overlooked chapter of history General Douglas MacArthur, upon taking oversight of Japan at the close of WWII pleaded with denominational leaders, “Send me Bibles and give me Missionaries and I will give you a Christian Nation.” Japans ancestral deities and emperor god were no longer omnipotent in their eyes. The General knew they would become a Christian Nation – a Sheep Nation – if they met Jesus. The God of radical goodness, healing and provision.

Some answered the call but overall the American response was weak and we lost a window to a nation. America won the ideological battle against Nazi Germany, Emperor worship in Japan and even later with the collapse of the Berlin wall we won against Stalin’s Soviet style communism. Our failure was that we won the battle of Global influence but lost the war of ultimate ideas! Much like toppling Saddam Hussein in Iraq – we knew how to win wars but not how to occupy what we landed in once we got there.

What did we export to the world? We exported our idea of democracy, economics and consumerism. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would belt the world with computers and smart phones. The music industry evangelized with Rock-n-Roll sex and drugs and Hollywood belted the world with…well, Hollywood. Ironically, after Iraq, Jerry Springer became the number one exported television show into the Arab world educating god fearing Moslems on the decadence and decay of Americas godless Christian culture.

Curiously, even if Japan did not get what MacArthur wanted, South Korea has become the number #1 mission sending nation in the world.

You won’t find MacArthurs request in most history books.

What do you think?


Here’s a couple of insights worth thousands or millions of dollars!

(Revised from earlier post)

If you have a high “I” personality you are: “people oriented, trusting, persuasive, influencing, verbal, fun loving and creative. You make things happen and are frequently a source of inspiration.”

Heres the catch… Any strength overextended is a “weakness.” You will be TOO TRUSTING and at times, you who sell others so easily will be too EASILY PERSUADED yourself.

Here’s the rabbis warning – You are setting yourself up for disappointment, because people will promise you things they will NOT deliver. These will be some REALLY NICE people. True believers.

And you will have three battles you could have avoided.

STEP 1. Disappointment. You won’t get paid or delivered what you failed to get in writing. The hand shake and the hugs are not in ink and people have a tendency to rewrite history in their heads.

“By some peculiar axiom in the economic universe 9 times out of 10 anything involving money will be misunderstood by the party that owes it.” (Lance Wallnau)

STEP 2. Bitterness. You will realize something went wrong and will need to forgive them.

STEP 3. The other party knows deep down they didn’t do the right thing and will avoid you. Sometimes they justify avoiding you by finding faults in you recently that they never saw so clearly when they needed your help. So now IRONICALLY you’ve lost a relationship you could have kept IF you had trusted them LESS and guarded the connection by having a letter of understanding about what they would do and what you would do.

Especially if this is not a straight up financial transaction and involves “bartering.” Bartering is done in the currency of some sort of service you will provide that is equal to money. It could be a service from them to you or you to them. Its best to put a dollar figure on the barter so there is no misunderstanding of the currency.

LISTEN: You won’t want to do step 3 because it feels untrusting. What you don’t know is that failing to do so leads to another scriptural rule – “give no place to the devil.” You expose the other person to temptation if you don’t get your agreement in writing.

I’ve made this mistake so often I decided to write it out and explain it to myself in this post.

Point- trusting people err by being too trusting. Protect untested friendships by getting things in writing. You don’t need a lawyer unless its a big deal. Just grab a piece of paper and write out with them what you are doing and what they are doing and date it and sign it and make a copy. Let them keep the original and put a smily face on it next to your signature.

Thats a classic high “I” personality style contract you’ll be comfortable drafting.

P.S. theres another HUGE step to add to this but this is enough jewish meddling for now.



Years ago a wise sage said – “your problem is you see all these problems in pieces…you must see it as a whole.” We see ISIS, the Presidents uncertainty, immigration, debt mounts, riots in Ferguson, athletes caught on video doing violence…these are the pieces but what is the unifying whole?

The unifying ingredient is a spirit of “lawlessness.”

This came home in a quote from Chuck Pierces book “The Future War of The Church.” – he says, “LAWLESSNESS means to be without regard for the principles and regulations established by a governing authority. It means to be uncontrolled. In a spiritual sense lawlessness is a disregard for Gods laws and His order.”

Chuck made an interesting point in his book – that LAWLESSNESS and ANTICHRIST are linked together.

“Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the REBELLION comes first, and the man of LAWLESSNESS is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.”
(2 Thess 2:3-4)

“For the mystery of LAWLESSNESS is already at work; only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way. And then the LAWLESS one will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming. The coming of the LAWLESS one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders”
(2 Thess 2:7-10)

The spirit of Antichrist is increasing in America and manifesting in increasing LAWLESSNESS. As demons are given ground they build structures that bind the minds of people so that people are further pulled away from Gods laws – any sense of right or wrong.

I don’t want to write a long post but will share what the Lord told me.

1. Take a walk and break all spirits of entanglement and accusations off by the blood of Jesus Christ – off you and your house. Mention each family member by name. Declare there are NO charges against you that are unanswered by the blood. Keep the spirit of the age out of your home.

2. Command CLARITY to come and call back into alignment all Gods plans, purposes and blessings for your life. (Lawlessness creates a spirit of confusion.)

3. The first phase of recovery for America is not a religious or spiritual confrontation. The church is in no condition to reprove anything yet. The battle must not be over faith and religion. It must be over “irrefutable principles” and common sense.



NO demonic spirit of lawlessness will be able to resist the wisdom and power by which these oracles will speak. They will push back the enemy and mess up his timing.

I’m taking a midnight prayer walk before bed. Will pray for you also.


Midnight Watch Word

1972401_10152673406659936_4377055364674753343_nMidnight Watch Word

Prayer is often stored up in the heavens, awaiting the appropriate time of release. The Bible describes a “fullness of time” that signals a release of pent-up prayer reaching a tipping point and being poured out upon the earth.

During the 1980s, through to the last decade, there have been many desperate calls to fasting and prayer. Many 40-day and 21-day fasts have been called for. What happened to all those prayers for revival in America? What ever became of all those dedicated hours of intercession? I will tell you what happened…they have been stored up for the right time.

Like money in the bank, the currency of intercession can follow one generation and fall on another. Many kings in David’s lineage were blessed “for the sake of David” long after David was gone. Likewise the prayers of many saints are stored up for the Last Days’ outpouring on many Nations.

The time is nearing when God shall pour out His visitation upon Nations. America is sensing a crisis…it is near. But so is the outpouring of Amazing Grace. What does Heaven wait for?

When the dove left Noah’s Ark it went looking for a place for the sole of its foot. The Spirit of God is looking over the people of God and preparing a company for the dove to land. God will have a fresh company to carry a mighty Apostolic Evangelism mantle. It will arise in the midst of trouble. “When the enemy comes in…like a flood…the Spirit of The Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” Some see the enemy coming as a flood. Others teach that the Lord’s standard arises like a flood. Either way, the heavens are about to unleash the pent-up prayers of the ages. The latter rain is upon us.

Get ready!


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.03.51 PM“UNLEASH THE COMEDIANS!”

It’s a strange utterance, but that’s what I heard God say. What’s even stranger is that I heard it out of my own mouth. I arrived late for a dinner meeting with several earnest leaders and well-known ministers who were discussing, before I arrived, the likelihood of an economic collapse, lost election and increased Muslim invasion of U.S. society.

“What do you think we should do?” one of them asked. I looked at them all, faces long and dour, as they probably should have been, in light of the conversation. From somewhere inside me, I heard the words…”Unleash the comedians!”

The shock on their faces was unforgettable. It was as if I had released some sort of verbal pulse bomb and all our mental circuitry was fried. The words themselves caused confusion. “What do you mean?” one of them said.

That’s when I knew God had spoken something only He could come up with. It was so out of left field it actually made sense.

Comedians are the new media Sages. Where Colonial Pastors once stood in the place of wise counselor and advisor to the community, it is now media icons and comedians with news shows, in particular, who people look to as the honest broker and interpreter of what’s going on.

The Stewarts of today explain the meaning of complex world events in the form of witticisms and sound bites that do the job journalists once did, before they became the lap dogs of their favorite political ideology (or the owner of their paper.)

Comedians are the levelers of the self-important elites and supposed experts who strut their demagoguery on the world stage. Everyone from high to low is fair game to the comedian – so long as it’s funny.

The fastest way to kill the immense psychic power of a terrorist or would be dictator is to LAUGH at them. Indeed, Psalm 2 specifically says that at the very time when nations and rulers, in the last days, reject Christ and seek to establish their own world order – “God laughs.”

At first I struggled with this idea of Christian comedy, but I cannot deny the real influence Jon Steward, Bill Maher and Steve Colbert have on viewers mostly 18-30 yrs old. (Millennials)

Then I thought of Elijah on Mt Carmel as he confronted the priests of Jezebel. He was brutal in his sarcastic dealings with the false prophets calling on Baal…when Baal was not showing up. I’m not trying to build a theology for sarcasm; I am saying that we have failed to rally this all-important division in the Army of God – the TRUTH TELLERS armed with irony and wit and humor and the power to deflate the haughty wisdom of man.

Every art form can be redeemed: film, journalism, theater, music, so why not comedy? It’s a moot point really. It’s obvious.

Let’s form a new enlightened version of: Monty Python’s Flying Circus! —– (maybe we should sit on that one for a while)

Still I say…


And for the sake of all of us – PLEASE – let the Christian comedians have some latitude! I’m talking about more than being funny. Jack Benny reruns are funny…I’m talking about being dangerous. Politically correct church humor fails its loftier assignment of exposing error, unmasking falsehood and humbling the high thing that right now is exalting itself against the knowledge of God.

I believe God loves comedians and is now unleashing them to assail every false idea in the arsenal of Hell.

Watch Stewart reframe ISIS and the lame U.S. response in 3 min 10 seconds…and have you laughing all the way.



What’s up with those Hollywood disguises?

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.12.57 PMWhat’s up with those Hollywood disguises? They don’t fool anyone. You know…the sunglasses and the hats – INDOORS? These outfits are a dead giveaway.

I have a theory that anyone who knows how to dress like a CELEBRITY trying NOT to be noticed will succeed in making people think they actually ARE a celebrity.

Especially if someone is taking pix of them!

Sooo to try my theory out I just arrived at L.A. Airport. Goofing around with Annabelle I asked her to video me.

Guess what? 40 seconds into my explanation of my disguise a lady comes up out of nowhere and asks if I’m a celebrity trying NOT to be noticed!!!!


just happened a minute ago.

All that’s needed is a photographer, sunglasses and a hat.

Next week I will try the same test in Washington D.C. , dressed like a blathering politician. Studying Joe Biden wardrobe as we speak.




“In the end of the age, because of lawlessness the love of many shall wax cold”
(Mt 24:12)

We live in the hour of increased lawlessness. Why? Because a major shift has come into our country, and perhaps the world. It’s a shift around an idea. The idea that there is a standard outside of man that can judge man is offensive to the sophisticated intellect of the enlightened lawless elite who teach in our Universities, entertain us on television and supposedly serve us in political office. To them the Christian is a Neanderthal.

What was that offensive “standard” where was that “law” that dates to measure man and deliver a verdict on his behavior? That “standard outside of man that judges man” is what the Bible represents. It’s the standard that built the worlds most blessed nation.

That book looms large in our history. You swear on in court, the President puts his hand on at his Inauguration. It is the foundation of western civilization and it has been rejected by enlightened 21st century man. The result? If there is no standard all standards are valid and all ideas equal. Just a small step till “every man does what is right in his own eyes”… The essence of Lawlessness.

The fruit if this new culture is in the rioting we see in our cities. It is in the satanic caliphate ISIS is building on the bodies of children and decapitated journalists. They broadcast that they are coming to us. And who doubts that a nation that will not manage its own borders is an easy target?

It is not unexpected therefore that we feel “coldness” creeping over our hearts as we find ourselves increasingly agitated at the lawless. The Bible describes Lot as a righteous man who was DAILY “vexed” (provoked) in his “righteous soul” by the brazen deeds of Sodom. (Implication being, if you’re so spiritual that you are not vexed – you are probably not righteous.)

Though Jesus describes such a time as ours coming, He does not condone our love becoming cold. Keep love fervent because angels will set up our path to meet the one who is broken by life’s cruel blows and we shall be to them a tonic all the sweeter, because in a day of cold hearts and lawless deeds a genuine lover of souls shall minister life. When it gets darkest Christ and Overcoming Christians will plunder hell, for a multitude of souls will want what we’ve got. They will long to be in the community of those governed by the law of love.

Short Webinar by Lance Wallnau: “Your Gate of Influence!”

Prophetic Message!

Did you hear the network news tonight? They are shocked how everything got so “hushed” and “quiet” in Ferguson?

I think it is a combination of factors and prayer is a big part of it.

Before all this broke out I was praying about hosting a live webinar to share the things the Lord is talking about.

GRAB IT while its available and “live” on Facebook!

Just click on the icon and hear about new doors and opportunities coming your way as the heavens and the earth shift yet again!

Can you feel it? “BE BOLD!”
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Prophetic Message! Did you hear the network news tonight?

Short Webinar by Lance Wallnau: “Your Gate of Influence!”
Watch and get fresh clarity about new doors opening for YOU in the near future.
Prophetic Message!

Did you hear the network news tonight? They are shocked how everything got so “hushed” and “quiet” in Ferguson?

I think it is a combination of factors and prayer is a big part of it.

Before all this broke out I was praying about hosting a live webinar to share the things the Lord is talking about.

GRAB IT while its available and “live” on Facebook!

Just click on the icon and hear about new doors and opportunities coming your way as the heavens and the earth shift yet again!

Can you feel it? “BE BOLD!”

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.16.55 PM