I heard it said, we go from “glory to glory”

10897004_10153063546144936_2788018959723448782_nI heard it said, we go from “glory to glory” but hidden in the word “glory” is “GORY” and that is sometimes what progress looks like.

Everybody loves the pictures of the snuggly baby in the blanket but few find the birthing process pretty.

Hang in there. You’ll look a whole lot prettier when the process is finished.



PROPHETIC WATCH WORD Jesus is the Word of God.

10950729_10153061400124936_548322878591463390_nPROPHETIC WATCH WORD

Jesus is the Word of God. You are a specific word from God. He is the rock upon which we are built and we are a stone placed upon the structure.

David was a type of Christ taking on the Devil and the world system. You are a stone in davids sling. You have a target you must hit. A battle to fight. A giant to slay. Right now it may be a battle in your mind or in your work or your family or body. It does not matter. One single word from heaven can turn your situation around.

God has much to say to this generation and you are a portion of that utterance. Your life delivers a specific aspect of the Word God is speaking.

Lance Wallnau



Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.44.06 AM2015- PROPHECY OVER THE NEXT 10 MONTHS

Cindy Jacobs and a roundtable of seasoned and emerging prophetic voices met and came up with the following for the year. What would you add or update?

2015 is the TURN AROUND YEAR!
God is giving His people the chance to recalibrate in the midst of what will seem to be a whirlwind year. To recalibrate means to correct in mid-course, modify, amend, change, metamorphose, renovate, transform, or turn.

Don’t take your focus off the central things God is giving you to accomplish… “Don’t take on assignments that God will not hold you accountable for, things that will hinder your ability to complete with excellence the assignments for which He will hold you accountable.” …don’t be pulled off of your God-given assignments.

This is going to be a year for divine midnight turnarounds. There is a significant contrast between what was and what is to come. The midnight hour is that dark time when we have to choose between believing God or the devil, where we either say that God is faithful or we experience a faith failure by letting our emotions rule.

Paul and Silas worshipped God when in chains, and at the midnight hour, God gave them the turnaround (Acts 16:25).

Samson lay down until midnight but then got up and tore the doors off the city gate (Judges 16:3).

Deliverance from the Egyptians came at the midnight hour (Exodus 11:4).

Esther 9:1-4 speaks of the turnaround from the plans of their enemy that God gave His people. Interestingly, in verse one, this Hebraic word “turned” in the Strong’s Concordance is the number 2015! It means “to overturn, to turn around, to transform and reverse.”

Esther 9:24-26 says that the evil scheme the Jews’ enemy, Haman, had worked out came back onto his own head (boomeranged). This was a divine turn around at the Jews’ midnight hour!

So what has the enemy been plotting against you? It’s going to boomerang right back onto his head!

This will be a year when God will hear your cry. In 2 Kings 20:1-11, Hezekiah was told that he was going to die, but he turned his face to the wall, cried out to God, was given 15 more years of life. Hezekiah had a turnaround from death to life.

The 15th day of the month in the Hebraic calendar represents rest. There will be a new emphasis on the Sabbath’s rest…Everyone, in some manner, needs to make a change in their lives to enter into rest. This will empower you to overcome the giants you faced in the last season and be refreshed as you enter into a new season.

We are now in the Jesus People Movement that has been prophesied about for years. The great harvest of souls is now upon us, and with it, another Great Awakening.
This is the age when God is releasing a new wave of evangelists and evangelism into the church.


Join me at “Start the Year Off Right” prophetic conference
(January 22-24) in Tucson Arizona!

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Lance and Cindy – Thur PM, Fri AM

Feel It – See It – Drive It Into Your Subconscious!

10827961_10153041322124936_8535996190382694585_oFeel It – See It – Drive It Into Your Subconscious!

Lately I have been looking closer at the strangest of secrets, namely that people produce in their circumstances the material equivalent of what they most deeply feel, think and believe in their inner man.

Think about it. Circumstances are like the ever changing kaleidoscope that mirrors back the dominant thought structures and imaginings we nurture in our heart. We attract or repel the people, ideas and circumsances that most deeply correspond to our hearts emotional condition. If you don’t like the world you are atracting you can create another one! Start by noticing who has your ear.

The Bible says that Davids troubled son Absolom, “sat at the gate and conversed with anyone who was discontent saying ‘if only I were king I would do this differently.’ ” Gradually he “stole the hearts of Israel” and led a rebellion against his own father. Scary to think about how much of politics, church and the office is driven by the spirit of Absolom. Don’t make friends with the discontented because their discontent will rob you of your own stability. The same goes for an angry man or colleagues driven by a lust for money.

Solomon the wise gave a formula for those seeking wisdom. He heard the Holy Spirit whisper to him these words:

“Keep my commandments and live, And my teaching as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; WRITE THEM on the tablet of YOUR HEART. (Proverbs 7:2-3)

Amazing – you can write things on the tablet of your heart. Out of your heart are the issues of life! Here is a winning formula for life – KEEP front and center the Word of God and commune with the thoughts God is speaking. This creates a sanctified chamber of imagery into which you can safely place the PURPOSES, PLANS AND PURSUITS that rise out of your heart. Wealth is no longer a lust or longing or distraction, it is simply a byproduct of the desire created by the PRIMARY PASSION of your communion with God.

When you fill your heart with Gods Words you energize your spirit to entertain Gods thoughts. Out of those thoughts your desire will be formed and created. If you guard that deep inner communion with God you can then trust what is being conceived. You can feel intensely about any goal or image or idea that has been cultivated out from that impregnating conversation. If the same desire and image keeps coming up it is likely that God is the one birthing it! GO FOR IT! Let its hold on you grow, increase and enlarge.

Ambition formed in this union is permission formed by communion.

Make sense?


THE NUMBER #1 REASON people do not succeed.

10629872_10153039016279936_2408602750833971622_nTHE NUMBER #1 REASON people do not succeed.

Strange as it seems, most people do pretty good at knowing what they want. They may even have a good plan to get it. The problem occurs in the moment they need to take that one critical step that puts them over the top. What happens? Consistently, the focus and energy SHIFTS from moving TOWARD the vision and instead the energy refocuses on AVOIDING what they FEAR.

Not surprisingly the thing feared most is failure! Soooo some sort of procrastination or other self sabotaging antic shows up to make sure failure or embarrassment never occurs. Ironically, this pattern guarantees that SUCCESS in the manifestation of the vision never occurs either.

This cycle breaks the moment you discover that 90% of humanity will put more effort into avoiding what they fear than they will in perusing what they really want.

Singles stay single trying to avoid rejection. Employees stay under compensated avoiding the rejection of a raise or negative feedback on their performance. And even Pastors drive away the very people who can build their church out of fear of competition and comparison.

The remedy? SEE THE PATTERN and push past the fear. Everything you want is on the other side of a courageous choice!

What do you think?



DID I NOT PREDICT THIS? I’ve been saying for a year…

1922293_10153029628869936_1337502079710572617_nDID I NOT PREDICT THIS?

I’ve been saying for a year…”Unleash the comedians” and to date we’ve unleashed NOTHING. The world however uses the gifts God gave them and they become the tip of the sword.

How I long for the day when kingdom comics arise who have Elijah’s sense of Mount Carmel chutzpah while waiting for fire to fall – “where is Baal? Perhaps he’s going to the bathroom…” Sadly most Christian comics have to be neutered and domesticated to please the local Sanhedrin. By the time they pass the whiff test of the Pius they have no bite. Hence they avoid controversy. Oh they can be funny- they just can’t be a force for social change.

Not so the children of this world…

Notice who the devil attacked in France? A controversial humorist. At Golden Globes there’s a buzz over comedy pointed at North Korean leader. Why did he Attack Sony? Same reason as attack in Paris… “Sticks and stone may break my bones but brilliant satire destroys me.”

Note- with advent of television and late night
Comedy NO-ONE who hopes to get to the Oval Office avoids the late night comedy talk shows. It’s a right of passage. (Or “rite”
of passage depending on which spelling is right. In this case two rights will make one wrong)

The GLOBES hosts opened the show saying….

“Tonight we celebrate all of the great television shows that we know and love as well as all the movies that North Korea was ‘OK’ with,” added Fey later, with Poehler contributing: “The biggest story in Hollywood this year was when North Korea threatened an attack if Sony Pictures released The Interview, forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it.”

Margaret Cho plays a fictitious’North Korean general’. This is her second Golden Globes appearance. She is a
US comic, who is of mixed North and South Korean descent, and appears alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a grumpy film journalist ‘Cho Young-Ja’. She argues her character is justifiable given North Korea’s human rights record. “I’m not playing the race card I’m playing the rice card” she says.

The comic’s appearance as “Cho Young-Ja” a North Korean general and supposed member of Globes organising body the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was a running gag during the ceremony. Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler incited their guest to take a selfie with Meryl Streep – a moment captured by Michael Keaton on his phone and photobombed by Benedict Cumberbatch.

On another occasion the general, also a purported contributor to gaudy fictional Korean film magazine Movies, Wow!, complained vociferously at the Globes’ lack of razzmatazz. “You no have thousand baby playing guitar at the same time. You no have people holding up many card to make one big picture,” she said. “You no have Dennis Rodman.”

The riff was part of Fey and Poehler’s merciless sending-up of the recent cyber-attack on Hollywood studio Sonyat the hands of hackers working, according to the FBI, for North Korea. A group styling itself Guardians of Peace began leaking private Sony correspondence on 24 November, apparently in response to the studio’s proposed release of the Kim Jong-un baiting comedy The Interview.

The hosts opened the show by labelling assembled luminaries “despicable, spoiled, minimally talented brats”, a reference to Hollywood producer Scott Rudin’s embarrassingly leaked comments about Angelina Jolie in an email to studio co-chairman Amy Pascal.

Cho has lampooned North Korea’s leaders before, appearing as Kim Jong-il in 2012 on Fey’s TV series 30 Rock. Korean-American actor Randall Park, who portrays Kim Jong-un in The Interview, leapt to her defence. He wrote on Twitter: “I heart @margaretcho.”
Cho has lampooned North Korea’s leaders before, appearing as Kim Jong-il in 2012 on Fey’s TV series 30 Rock.

Change your audience rather than change who you are

10906156_10153020517609936_3078874337737457277_nChange your audience rather than change who you are.

What happens when you grow? You change.
What happens when you age? You change.
Hopefully the two go together and we change as we grow older. Truth is – not everyone who ages grows.

Yet, eveyone who grows changes.

There comes a point in life where it takes so much energy to fit into and connect with places you’ve outgrown that it would be better to graciously move on.

There came a “fullness of times” when Jesus quietly layed asside his carpentor tools. No doubt, as a responsible first born son running the family business he explained to his mother that he would be leaving for a season and went off to the wilderness for a 40 day transition. When that 40 days was over he was changed. He could never go back. Local townsfolks thought he had lost his mind and even his “friends” were concerned about him: “And when his friends heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him: for they said, He is beside himself.” (Mark 3:22 KJV) Some translations say it was Jesus “family” that thought He was beside himself. Remember, “James” the first senior elder in the Jerusalem church, was Jesus brother by the same mother. And he did NOT follow Jesus during His ministry. When did he get converted? He was visited by Jesus personally after the resurrection.

“After that He appeared to more than five hundred brethren at one time, most of whom remain until now, but some have fallen asleep; THEN He appeared to James, then to all the apostles; and last of all, as to one untimely born, He appeared to me also.…” (1 Cor 15:7 KJV)
Now THERE is proof of Jesus divinity. If anyone knows your sins its your kid brother. James did not believe his brother was the Messiah till He was raised from the dead. BUT he could not discount His claim to being sinless because he never once saw Jesus sin while growing up!

I am intrigued with these corner areas of the Gospel and in particular I wonder about what Jesus was like before His public ministry. Not much is known about Him in this period. What was he like while he was a local personality? What changed about Him when He cam back from His 40 day fast and baptism in power? In some ways He was the same, but in some significant ways He was totally different. He grew. He changed. He could not go back- even when He tried to do so. To them (even family) he was mad.

However… a new crowd began to form and they liked what they heard. The same will happen to you. A new crowd will be drawn even as a former audience will scratch their heads and wonder what happened to you!

Don’t think it strange. If you are a communicator or a leader your thoughts will always cloth themselves in the nearest physical equivalent to the message you carry. Your audience is attracted and connected by the “Word” you herald.

This is an exciting concept because it means that as you change your audience either grows with you or turns itself over. Don’t try to hold on to those who won’t go forward.

Simply be true to your message and be the embodiment of that message to the best of your ability. The right people will love the real you and if the old friends don’t like it- don’t change who you have become. In time they may find themselves moving down the same path and will meet up with you later.

James went from being an unbeliever to becoming the senior statesman of the church in Jerusalem.

For many of us there is one more important spiritual upgrade in us that must be manifest. Some important changes. The year 2015 in Strongs hebrew concordance is “Change.” In Greek the number 2015 is “Manifestation.” Put together…this is your year of change and manifestation.

But thats another post for another time…

Lance Wallnau


The Unknown Jesus About To Be Manifest

1907929_10152992474214936_1671604423810374595_nThe Unknown Jesus About To Be Manifest.

Years ago Mike Bickel made a comment I can’t forget. He wrote it into an outline I found online. I cherry picked a few items. Check this out.

1. The Lord visited me in Cairo, Egypt, in September 1982, and said: “I will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the earth in one generation.”

2. Changing the understanding: speaks of the way unbelievers will perceive the Church. Today, many unbelievers see the Church as irrelevant (Acts 5:11-13).

3. Changing the expression: speaks of the way the Church expresses its life together as a people of prayer and intimacy with God, walking out the Sermon on the Mount in the power of the Spirit.

4. It has forerunner messengers: Forerunners will proclaim Jesus as Bridegroom, King, and Judge and declare what the Scriptures say about the unique dynamics related to His end-time plan as He transitions the earth to the age to come. Forerunners will equip God’s people so that they are not offended at Jesus’ leadership, deceived by the enemy, or fearful of the future. Forerunners are messengers—some are preachers, artists (singers, musicians, actors, etc.), writers (Internet), media, marketplace, intercessors, or those who disciple people one-on-one in the Church, on campus, or at home. (Moms are some of the most important forerunners.)

Lance: The whole set of mikes notes can be available here. Copy and paste this link….

The point I want to make is that there are some aspects of Jesus personality we have not embraced. There is an edge to Him. A shrewdness and power in his person that made him a dangerous figure in the eyes of his human enemies. EXPECT history to repeat itself as the body of Christ takes on more of the genuine image and expression and MANIFESTATION of the Son of God!

Anyone else see this the same way?




1513169_10152987222049936_1156837619725761696_nWhat have we stepped into? The HEBREW YEAR 5775 corresponds to our new year 2015. It’s a year to read closely what the Prophetic is saying.

1. The year to see the whirlwind of God.
2. The river of glory and wind of glory will converge.
3. A year of turn around!

This is the ultimate season of “seeing and watching,” the power of knowing who you are will become very important! How you express your faith in the midst of the tremendous conflicting interchange between Heaven and Earth will become a major issue, in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

We are completing a season of our path leading us through a new door.

In the Hebraic Year 5775, the sound of Heaven permeates your new land. (Don’t ask me how…I just repeated that from the prophets)

So the year ahead looks like a whirlwind. The whirlwind will release seeds to sow for your future. Doors will be blown off storehouses where seeds of our future have been locked up.

Prophetic Perspective TAKE THE LONG VIEW ON 2014-2018

Every Hebrew Number is also a word. This week a lot of people have been revisiting the meaning of the year in Hebrew. Numerous Prophets have historically sought to align with and celebrate the Hebrew Feasts. Bob Jones, Chuck Pierce and others….


Each new year adds another ingredient to the previous year’s. It’s an interesting study. Look at it as a cake recipe that has knew elements put in every year. Looks like this year the cake goes into a traumatic process with the blender (whirlwind) and then gets baked until fully cooked to maturity in the fire!

Chaos in a whirlwind is like reorganizing with a wrecking ball…. but somehow every piece lands where it needs to be in the end. Paul’s shipwreck is an example.


Glory and warfare are going to meet and produce God’s outcomes. For those walking with God the kingdom agenda will advance.

Like you may have personally experienced, I too got tired of waiting with baited anticipation for the unfolding revelation of the Hebrew number and word for the last year. I could have whacked myself upside the head when I realized (last week…duh) that the numbers are sort of accessible – on Google of all things.

It all comes down to knowing what numbers will show up. So….it’s not like we don’t know the Hebrew number that follows 5774. It’s going to be after 5775, right? Anyone shocked that the next number after 5775 is 5776 should be flagged from the conversation.

So, I researched the Hebrew meaning of every year coming up.

BUT – I also believe the previous years within this decade will layer on each other to tell a story. So why not look forward and go beyond this year of 2015? Let’s go back 4 years and forward 2 or 3 to see what the words say.

LETS SPY INTO WHAT IS COMING IN THE FUTURE…knowing we will still need the prophetic anointing to make sense of it.

Here is the prophetic journey from 2011 to 2018.
1: 2011- Aleph (an ox or bull = strength, primacy, leader)
2: 2012 -Beth (a tent, house, in, into = household, family)
3: 2013 -Gimel (a camel = to be lifted up)
4: 2014 – Daleth (a door = opening, entry, pathway)
5: 2015 -Hey (a window = behold, the, to reveal, inspiration, what comes from)
6: 2016 – Vav (a nail, hook, and = to fasten, join together, secure, add)
7: 2017 -Zayin (a weapon = cut, cut off)
8: 2018- Chet (fence, enclosure = inner room; heart; private; separate)

I think a SNAKE or something comes in after 2018. A bit too much to speculate on at this time.

So if each year adds a new prophetic ingredient that mixes with the past to interact with the cake, what do you see coming with the next 4 years?

Check out the words and let me know.

Based on what we have seen:
In (2011) God begin building up a new reserve of leaders with energy and strength

Then (2012) He began getting into the relationships of our homes and the legacy in our homes making them the rift place to visit with His presence. The same was felt in many churches.

Then – (2013) A promise of new pipelines of provision would be coming, even across dry places, yet the provision was on its way.

Then in (2014) God has opened doors for us in the natural that correspond to doors in the spirit and as we go up we go through.

(2015) Now here you are barely going through and ending a long cycle but your spiritual seer eyes see a greater whirlwind of conflict coming. These winds have power to disorient you if you don’t press into the river of God’s revival at the same time. This is a glory revival that will mingle with the whirlwind and in some places produce a divine storm of kingdom advances. God has His way in the whirlwind is your motto this year!

what else have you heard?


“How do you rule the world?”

10540786_10152933079439936_8399523148575154432_nAn Audible Voice Spoke to Pastor Doug Schneider in Canada asking,

“How do you rule the world?”

Immediately this Pastor stumbled upon the subject of Alexander The Great and found keys that are of interest to those who seek to see the rule of Jesus made famous in the earth.

PAULS MINISTRY TRACK literally shadows much of Alexanders. Paul was led one after another to preach where Alexander had been 300 years earlier. He was walking in the same steps as Alexander because both knew the value of key cities.

Doug says:
“Alexander knew a strategy that would establish and keep the victories that he and his loyal army had fought hard for in battles throughout the world.”

1. “In brief, wherever his ruling influence went, he would choose certain cities to become “colonies” or “city-states”. ”

2. “These places would become BEACHHEADS of influence to secure and entrench the victories previously won.

3. “Each city would have an “ORBIT OF INFLUENCE” so that the territory was still governed by him and his throne, yet away from him.”

a. “The larger the expanse of the territory would simply mean that more colonies or hubs would be selected.”

“Remember though, Alexander’s goal was to have a Greek world, out of love for the richness of its culture.”

4. Consequently, he would commission 200 or more retired soldiers from his army, and their families, and have them relocate to one of the numerous colonies throughout the world.

5. Their influence was to permeate and enforce all of the spheres of society with the culture and customs of Greek life. The people of these colonies would speak Greek (Koine), know and practice the ideals, customs, laws, literature, myths, dance, money, medicine, government, art and theatre of Greek life. In essence, these colonies would really be a slice of Greece away from Greece.

The kingdom of Greece would have displaced the previous culture and replaced it with an immersion of Greek life and society.

So important was this coming of Greek culture and influence into every region and nation he conquered, that he literally named about 20 cities (Alexandria), after himself.

“Dead or alive, he wanted his presence to be felt always.”

“Years later the Roman Empire took this same template and used it to establish their kingdom. Is it any wonder why Jesus Christ came to earth on the heels of this with the Roman Empire and not during a time that would have existed a thousand years prior? The Roman empire, with its Greek infrastructure would most resemble God’s prescribed plan for what His Kingdom should look like, and how it should function here on earth. It’s for this reason we’re told in Galatians 4:4, “But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son ….” The Roman empire with the Greek ruling strategy was the “fullness of time”.


On one of those study days while reading from Philippians 3:20,

(LW: this city made its inhabitants legal citizens of Rome. They knew their dual citizenship)

I was captivated by just one two-lettered word: “For our citizenship IS in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ ….”

I couldn’t get over the profound implications of this discovery. It didn’t say “was” or “will be” but “is”. A believer’s citizenship in heaven is a present day reality while here on this earth!

The writer, the apostle Paul of this book of Philippians was fully aware that Philippi was one of the colonies of the Greco-Roman world. Dr. Luke says, “… and from there to Philippi, which is the foremost city of that part of Macedonia, a colony” (Acts 16:12). It had been awarded the ius italicum, the highest legal privilege obtainable by any provincial municipality. The citizens of Philippi then were also citizens of Rome with all of the rights and privileges awarded to any Roman born in the imperial city. To live in Philippi was to have a slice of Rome, away from Rome. Previously, the Greeks called this, “home, away from home” (apoikia). You’re not in your own country, but the essence of your country has been brought to where you are. In modern understanding, isn’t that what some elite hotel chains promise … “you’ll feel like you’re at home in one of our rooms”.

When Paul wrote this above verse 20 to the Philippian church, he knew that they could easily relate to the parallel and picture it presented. Just as Philippi was a colony of Rome (with all of what that meant), so too this young apostolic church in Philippi was a colony of heaven, with its members here on earth all enjoying the benefits of the heavenly culture and sovereignty of Christ.

Clearly, as believers our home is in heaven and here on earth we are a colony of heavenly citizens with full rights and privileges. By the pattern of Alexander the Great’s blueprint, our responsibility is to secure the culture of heaven to where we live here on earth and let its richness be the dominating influence.

Doug goes on to explain how the word for city- is the “Polis” is also the “policies” “politics” and law…”police.” Greek culture shaped all society and kingdom culture shapes all the Polis! The City!


WHAT DO YOU SAY? I will share more of Doug’s book tomorrow!

Love you all,
Lance Wallnauu