message-from-godFRESH, PROPHETIC WORD FROM GOD FOR YOU IN THE AIRPORT: Did you know this weekend is when Israel celebrates Pentecost? God put these feasts into His calendar in order to help us calibrate with His “times and seasons” in the earth.

I realized this yesterday in the airport in Dallas where I just found out that the Bahama “Dream Trip” I host this weekend is happening during PENTECOST. I knew God wanted us in Bahamas on this date but only now do I see the reason behind the timing!

I think God is going to show up in a HUGE WAY this weekend and not just in my meeting but all over. Heaven is stepping up the invasion of earth and Hell can’t stop it.

As I sat in the airport the Lord was dropping down a fresh download. I think the spirit of Elijah is beginning to fall upon the earth… and the first layer is about to arrive!

This weekend is the time to be “clothed upon” with an endowment of “power from on high” (Luke 24:49). My sense is that this is the first of a series of installments of an Elijah Mantle for Nations.

The Lord is saying that “this is the season when the crossing over takes place and we enter into the territory of promise. It is a different territory than before and with this territory comes a changing of mantles and an expansion of spheres of authority and influence and a whole new capacity to “occupy”. Even as natural tornados and winds are stirring and rain is falling the rain of instruction and winds of movements are swirling in key regions of visitation and opening of the heavens. There are winds from above and winds from below but God’s winds shall come even as the Upper Room of Old in a “suddenly” that fills His people with boldness to ACT! “

“This is a new season of the book of ACTS, the book of ACTION and the book of Heavenly ACTIVISTS that will deactivate Hell’s activity! This is the time to catch the wind for cleansing and releasing from the past. It is the time of CROSSING OVER INTO YOUR FINEST HOUR! New supply lines, business and “cause alliances” will arise. I HAVE PREPARED THE PROVISION FOR MY PEOPLE TO ENTER THE LAND OF PROPHETIC PROMISE. You shall have what is needed to enter and occupy your territory. DO NOT FEAR the shaking, but rather look to the one who shakes the heavens and the earth, for in the shaking I will remove the obstructions from before My people.”

You are loved, dear friends.

– Lance

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11202947_10153343952429936_8509891325544735170_oONE OF YOUR MOST INFLUENTIAL TOOLS.
Wouldn’t the devil rub his hands in glee if he knew our preoccupation with his messengers was exhausting us, making us miserable and shortening our lives?

Consider. You don’t wrestle with flesh and blood, you wrestle with the voices speaking thru them – to you!

Forgiveness is enlightened self interest.

One writer put it this way: “When Jesus said we should forgive “seventy times seven” he was teaching a message that breaks the power of our enemies.”

Even if we can’t love our enemies, let’s at least love ourselves more than we hate them and thus make sure they do not control our happiness.

Even Confucius taught “To be wronged or robbed, is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”

Want to succeed in the marketplace? Forgiving is a good key to unlock your influence and potential.

– Lance


Why I Believe A Revival Will Hit New England!

11187185_10153323404464936_7523474563820290618_oWhy I Believe A Revival Will Hit New England!

FIRST the good news – Top Bible-Minded Cities in 2015

As in past years, the South—the “Bible Belt” of America—still has the most Bible-minded cities in the country. All of the cities in the top 10—where at least 46% of the population qualifies as Bible-minded—are southern cities. Why is this? I do not know.

Tennessee still holds the second and third spots. Good work!
Other cities in the top ten include Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA (48%) are Bible minded…Probably Liberty University plays a BIG role.
Shreveport, LA (46%),
Springfield, MO (46%),
Jackson, MS (46%), Charlotte, NC (46%),
the Greenville SC and Asheville, NC area (46%) and
Little Rock, AR (46%).

The Least Bible-Minded Cities in 2015 are where the GREATEST GRACE IS BEING POURED OUT!!!!!

The bottom 10 cities are heavilly located in the Northeast

New York City—the country’s largest media market—entered the bottom ten for the first time this year. The Big Apple is ranked 91st on the 2015 list, with only 17% of its residents being Bible-minded.

The least Bible-minded city in 2015 is once again PROVIDENCE, RI, where only 9% of residents are Bible-minded.–

Other cities in the bottom ten include the
Albany, NY area (10%),
Boston, MA (14%),
Hartford, CT (16%),
Buffalo, NY (16%),

With competition from San Francisco, CA area (15% Are Bible believing)
Cedar Rapids, IA (15%),
Las Vegas, NV (15%),

Phoenix, AZ (17%)
and Salt Lake City, UT (17%).

Where does your city rank?


A KEY TO SUCCESS. Of all possible success attributes which one is the most power…

11127666_10153322301934936_6032656203473456533_oA KEY TO SUCCESS. Of all possible success attributes which one is the most powerful?


In the Last Days mankind will be “without self control.” This will keep pressuring you from a thousand sources: Terrorism, out of control government spending, entertainment such as raunchier TV sitcoms and movies, media marketing. We are already half numb to the perpetual coarsening of culture.

The antidote is to be filled with the Spirit. The nine fruit of the Spirit starts off with “love” then “joy” and “peace” – all altered states of being, but they lead to “patience and meekness” which look more like choices we must make and ends up with self control, probably because self control is the foundation that supports every other virtue.

In the last days “self control” may be the greatest distinguishing mark between those who walk in the Spirit and those who are controlled by their own appetites. Without this we are likened to a city without walls broken into. Imagine invisible walls protecting you – made out of the substance of self control. The power that forms boundaries in your life and keeps in what you cherish and keeps out what is evil.

Frankly some people are by nature very disciplined and others are not. In fact some people, like myself, are entrepreneurs by nature. They are hard driving, stimulus oriented people, but their work is driven by passion more-so than discipline. In fact when the work gets boring they move on to something else that engages them. They test low in “self control” as an attribute.

My friend Rick Joyner reminded me that self control comes as a gift however and all can grab it.

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” You and I have a spirit within us that operates in power, love and self discipline….the essence of self control.

So if you lack this aptitude – ASK for it! God gives to all men freely.

With Self Control – the master aptitude or skill in place, you can be 100% of who you are called to be and do 100% of what you are called to do…and leave nothing undone in all God has for you.

Make sense?

– Lance



11009355_10153322554824936_5064726266770931452_oHEAVEN WANTS PARKED CARS TO MOVE.
You may be missing divine direction because – heaven isn’t in the habit of directing parked cars. If you are called to go, but don’t know where, just start going wherever makes sense. The act itself is an act of faith and releases angels into the journey. This is right out of the Bible (Acts 16:7-8).

The Apostle Paul tried to push open two doors that God Himself kept shut. He didn’t beat himself up for “missing” the will of God. He kept taking action till the right direction showed up. What a contrast with the years I would not risk anything for fear I was “in the flesh” (to use Christian-eeze language).

If you are not getting any direction one way or another TAKE ACTION and see where you end up! If what you’re doing isn’t working – try something else…anything else…whatever you do- don’t stay still waiting for a perfect leading.

“Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia. When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to” (Acts 16:7-8).

God will be faithful to direct you. Don’t be afraid you’ll go in the wrong direction.

So … what’s your next step?

– Lance


To all the mothers

11167978_10153316733099936_3867259036770550506_oTo all the mothers, who sacrificed in secret, lost sleep when their children were sick, and who were suddenly “not hungry” when that slice of pie was in front of them because someone else really wanted it.

To the mothers that helped heal us from the wounds of puppy love and sat up waiting till we got home, when we were old enough to go out- but not old enough to be on our own.

To the mothers who did the laundry, cooked, cleaned, and never once asked for a dime….we own much more than we could ever pay. But I know that all that debt would be paid in full to simply hear…”Mom, I love you.”

Mothers may you be abundantly blessed THIS year. May you see children come home, may old wounds be healed, may prayers be answered, redemption be found, and may YOU know how precious you are in the eyes of the Father.

Thank you to all mothers.

– Lance

THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF LIFE. Be open to spontaneity

Be open to spontaneity. The greatest moments of life are moments we did not expect. The greatest things that ever happened to you were unmanipulated, unpremeditated, divine appointments.

The moment you met your future wife or husband, the moment you became a believer, the moment that opened a door to your last big opportunity – were out of your control.

God is able to do “above what you ask or think.”

Heaven never invades our circumstances in predictable ways, it is always “above” or beyond what we thought.

The key for you is this – to experience moments that are “above what you ask or think,” you need to be “asking” and you need to be “thinking.”

So what are you asking for? What are you planning to do to position yourself to receive? You do your part…. and watch what happens!

– Lance


11200969_10153314521504936_8312661609146028986_oA DEEP WORD THAT WILL ADVANCE YOUR SKILL.
To everything there is a season…a time for the stage and a time for the shadows. And during those high times when you are popular you need to steel your soul for the times when you will not be popular.

I think the shadows are an important contribution to the development of a truly rich life and diverse life message. It’s an unhealthy burden to always feel like you need something new to say. The pressure to be novel, new and interesting has produced a culture of flash fads and twitterism’s in the place of really deep thinking and living.

Isaiah says that the Messiah would grow up as a “root in dry ground.” Interesting language. Evokes the idea that life springs forth from barren places and the same is true for the seasons of wilderness in our own formation. Don’t leave your message – deepen it. Take it to the next level. Be addicted to advancing your ideas and indifferent to the issue of visibility.

Jesus’ frequent withdrawal into the wilderness or a mountain was so that he could drill down and intercede into what was most important – His mission, message, and the molding of the handful of men entrusted to Him who would carry on His work. These are the ones who you too should pour into – the ones who continue with you in your tribulations.

It is in the times of being unseen and hidden that we go deeper. For this reason we have to have times when we are the groundbreaker and times we have to back up and let others lead….rejoicing in the progress of the message, independent of our recognition.

Sometimes you need to be your own best friend. Learn to be detached from praise and popularity because both are fickle. Choose rather to deepen the deposit of your message and the progress of those who have committed themselves to what you teach. You will know who they are because they will stay with you.

Jesus told his core team “you are those who have continued with me in my tribulations…” Get that? The disciples had to endure his tribulations. Hence there was appointed to them a kingdom…or an inheritance in the leader’s mission when he was finished. The message would live on in those that he loved, and that loved him to the end.

Make sense?

– Lance


11157560_10153312877749936_8209402635663506263_oINVEST IN THE HIDDEN ONES AMONG US.

It would be a shame to let those who do not love or respect you to eat up the golden currency of time available to invest in the precious ones who do love you.

I am often troubled by the verse that talks about those who have walked among us “…of whom the world was not worthy.” I think I know some of these people. They do not demand your time or your money. They live quietly, compared to those who are driven by the need to be seen and heard. They do the little things that make a big difference in the lives of others. They can be trusted with a wallet accidentally dropped in a parking lot, or a stray child parted from a distracted parent. They are reluctant to laugh at humor delivered at the expense of the dignity of another. They feel more deeply and care more profoundly.

Take a moment to ask the Lord who these hidden saints are and don’t be surprised if you discover them right under your roof.

Use this season to honor them.

– Lance



11244729_10153312916004936_3848607026168926246_oYOUR FUTURE ACHIEVEMENTS WILL BE PROFOUND. Always remember: GOD IS A REWARDER of those that do diligently seek Him!

A FOCUSED life is a life dedicated to exclusively carrying out God’s unique purposes through it. That is you.

Every now and then the Holy Spirit introduces me to some historic figure that is famous in heaven, but largely unknown on earth. These saints will be greatly rewarded in the age to come and occupy positions in great proximity to the Lord Jesus. This was the reward sought by James and John – to sit near Him in the age to come.

One saint who will be celebrated and rewarded with proximity to Christ is: Robert A Jaffray (1873-1945.)

His father owned the Toronto Globe Newspaper, but Jaffray left his great wealth and social status to become a statesman/missionary.

After 31 years of missionary labor in Asia, he was given an opportunity at age 55 to return home to Canada and serve. God however gave him a prophetic dream where he saw blood on his hands and knew that this meant that he needed to go where men were lost but had no witness of Christ.

Instead of passing into retirement he dove aggressively into the entirely new mission territory of – Indonesia. Indonesia today has 250 Million people and hosts the largest intercessory prayer force on the earth. This country is the only prosperous, democratic, Muslim nation that co-exists with Christians. An immensely strategic nation regarding influence on Islam.

For Jaffray, the next 13 years saw more impact than the previous 31 years combined! From age 55-68 he entered “the convergence zone” at a new level.

Sensing the threat of World War II at the end of his furlough in 1938, Jaffray said prophetically, “If I do not go back now, there is little likelihood I can ever go back at all. I must return to the Far East. I want to die out there where my life has been.” Speaking of those left behind in the conflict he said: “They are my brothers, how can I leave them?” He decided to stay with his people.

His wish became a reality just two weeks before the war ended. Lying on a prison cot, under Japanese occupation in a former pig sty in the Toradja Mountains of Indonesia, Robert Jaffray succumbed to disease and starvation July 29, 1945. An eyewitness said his spirit was victorious to the end.

When he died in 1945 there were about 13,000 Christians in Indonesia. By 1990 the long term results of Jaffray’s work included:

* 496,935 believers in Churches
* 1,604 organized churches.
* 2,212 national ministers

What if he hadn’t gone in?
What if he had considered himself too old?

For many of you – “Your most lasting achievement may happen in the next years of YOUR life.”

That would certainly be what brother Jaffray would want you to know…..Think about it. Especially since you will no doubt meet him.

– Lance