11745393_10153513086369936_5081631925544638985_nJesus saw his message of love and reconciliation as a word that should touch nations. He instructed his followers to teach the curriculum He taught them. Evidently the disciples did so because religious leaders complained to the Apostles “you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine.”

What did these early followers of Jesus do that so impacted their culture?

1. They continued to teach and practice Jesus’ core curriculum.
2. They lived as a community of genuine friends, built upon the practice of the presence of God made manifest in their lifestyle of fellowship, prayer, and mutual affection. They continued as a ‘band of brothers’ and taught others to do likewise, meeting from house to house and in the Temple.

As a result the first century followers of Jesus experienced and demonstrated extraordinary love, generosity, joy and powerful answers to prayer. This is what happens when the teachings of Jesus fill a city.

Any ideas for putting this to action in YOUR city? (Or if you are already doing so, please share your examples to challenge others)

– Lance


15846_10153512215794936_5192763662078848230_nWhy I love watching Washington Insiders have SPASMS over the Donald!


“The American people haven’t seen something like this in a long time. I’m serious. They have not seen an embattled public figure stand up for himself, double down, and tell everybody to go to hell. What they’ve seen in the past is an embattled public figure emasculated, shamed, apologize and shrink away.”

(Thus spoke a bold media commentator. I liked his thinking and copied in his transcript with my own comments sprinkled in.)

The entire McCain situation is interesting to me for a whole lot of reasons. There’s a conventional wisdom out there, and this is generally how it goes. Public figure slash candidate, makes politically incorrect statement that offends…. Somebody (could be any aggrieved category of globally overheated species or sexual behavior.)

The Washington establishment and media react in selective “OUTRAGE”

The media then REPLAYS whatever the offensive comment was over and OVER AND OVER, news stories never ending about the outrageous statement that the public figure made.

And then the 7 mountain establishment gets together with the “7m” media, and they ALL demand that the public figure immediately apologize, beg forgiveness, and either withdraw from whatever the public figure is seeking to accomplish, or to stay in properly chagrined and rendered irrelevant.


That conventional wisdom plays out practically every time this circumstance happens. And the reason it does is because people make the mistake of assuming one thing, and that is this… They make the MISTAKE of assuming that the collective outrage of the WASHINGTON, L.A. and NEW YORK establishment elite and their media outlets are reflective of American public opinion.

That’s an automatic conclusion that everybody in those lofty HIGH PLACES atop the 7m STRONGHOLDS of America makes. BUT – they are gatekeepers who are often out of touch.

So let’s use Trump as an example. By the way, I’m no apologist for Trump, but I’ve looked at this. Sharyl Attkisson has written a great analysis of this, and it is a fact that Trump did NOT say what he’s being reputed to have said. He said it ONE time, he was answering a question, and he said that McCain’s not a hero, captured, and he changed and said FOUR different times he is a hero, he is a war hero. McCain is a war hero. He said that four times.

The Washington Post, for example, did not report that at all, never reported that Trump said it once, much less four times. Anyway, see, the facts don’t really matter in a circumstance like this. That’s another thing. What actually was said by the offending party and the context in which it was said are purposely blurred, lied about, or ignored.


So the convention wisdom erupts into full bloom. The media, the Washington establishment, conservative and liberal both, immediately demand that Trump apologize. And then they add that Trump can’t survive this, that we were all just waiting for this to happen. We knew it was gonna happen. We knew it was gonna happen ’cause Trump steps in it all the time. So now all these people are saying, “We knew it was gonna happen. We knew it was too good to be true. We knew Trump didn’t have what it really took to run a campaign. We knew he was gonna say something totally embarrassing. He embarrassed himself and everybody that supports him. He’s gonna have to apologize, and have to withdraw.”

Except one thing hasn’t happened… Trump hasn’t apologized! Not only has Trump not apologized, he has DOUBLED DOWN and he has to added to his original criticism of McCain. He’s calling McCain a bad guy. McCain’s a lousy politician. McCain talks a lot but doesn’t do anything, Trump says. The VA is a mess. Illegal immigration’s a mess. Everything we hear McCain say he supports or cares about, it’s all going to hell. He’s a bad guy. He’s not a good politician. I’m trying to save America. I’m NOT gonna apologize.

This is Trump.

NOW THE ARCHITECTS OF CONVENTIONAL WISDOM DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO because by this time they’ve gotten their scalp.

By this time, the guilty party has apologized, is begging for forgiveness.

And Trump is not.

Now, remember, there’s a common assumption made every time one of these things happened.

Why were they wrong? Because THEY MADE THE ASSUMPTION THAT THE WHOLE COUNTRY WAS OUTRAGED. And that’s the key here with this Trump thing. This is the fascinating thing to me. This is something we’re gonna learn.

When the reaction of outrage over Trump’s comments came, Washington establishment, Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, the media, accompanying it is the ASSUMPTION that the American people, a majority of the American people also find what Trump said unpalatable, unforgivable, unacceptable.

That’s one of the things that makes these work, is the ASSUMPTION that the media is simply reflecting public opinion. But we never really know.

The POllING DATA on this is gonna be fascinating in a week or two, or less, maybe, because, remember, the real key to this is this automatic assumption that everybody’s outraged; that everybody wants Trump gone; that everybody finds this objectionable; that everybody thinks it’s over the top; that everybody thinks Trump has gone too far.

And that assumption is always erroneous, I think. ( He will take a hit and surge to the top again – that’s my opinion. And he will start to scare a bunch of conservatives who fear a Ross Perot style 3rd party split…which will put Hillary in as next Pres.)

That’s the thing that’s always gotten me is this presumption that the media speaks for a majority of the American people. I know for a fact that’s not true. A majority of the American people don’t trust the media. A majority of the American people consider the media a problem. And, yet, here is this automatic assumption every time something like this happens. It’s pretty much the case in every story they report. There’s this presumption… Now, let’s take GAY MARRIAGE.

Let’s take a story in Indiana with that little pizza shop that got shut down.

There’s a presumption reporting it that the entire population thinks that that little pizza shop ought to go away. And it’s part of the reporting. It’s just as though this is what’s normal, as though this is what is. By the same token, massive NATIONWIDE SUPPORT FOR GAY MARRIAGE. Anybody who doesn’t is a KOOK, a MINORITY so visible you can’t even see ‘em. That’s how small they are. So, I want to see what happens here, ’cause they’re doing everything they can to destroy Trump by acting like he’s destroyed himself with voters.

Conventional wisdom is that Trump is finished with voters.
That is what presumes this new political reality, and I don’t think it’s the case. But it won’t take long to find out. And just think how the conventional wisdom is going to be shaken upside down if Trump is not damaged.

I don’t know what they’ll do publicly. Maybe they’ll talk about how stupid the American people are, how gullible, or maybe it’s white angry men, Tea Party crazies or evangelicals in pick up trucks.

They’ll fall back on some caricature that they’ve used of CRAZY voters in the past to explain why Trump is still doing okay. They can’t let this incident show them as being wrong about the fact Trump has to go, because he’s just unacceptable. This is over the top, just don’t let people talk this way, is not done, and so forth.

The danger is that conservatives who genuflect at the altar of political correctness are in danger of missing the real issue.

1. Fetal tissue is being sold by Planned Parenthood – and Trump is the issue?

2. Iran has been given funding for terror and shouts “death to America” and Trump is the issue?

3. Gay marriage is the new normal and Christians better get in line, and Trump is the issue?

4. Muslims are the largest group coming into America- one just killed 5 good young men who were left defenseless due to Liberal logic about no fire arms at recruiting stations, and Trump is the issue?

The price “the elite” now pay is that “their” D.C. Beltway and N.Y. cocktail party and L.A. celebrity issues no longer matter to a great many people.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? Any ministries out there weighing in on this?

Ever think about this?

15930_10153501089194936_7019108960642627779_nEver think about this? Man was created to “till the earth” and give God its God has ground He wants to take but has to wait till someone wants that ground.

Man was breathed into by God Himself and this put him in a unique class to bring forth what God wanted. Man in Gods image tilling the earth and subduing it…till it became a global garden filled with the reproduced offspring of the new creation! Many sons and daughters of Adam and Eve would go forth and multiply. Fill the earth. Make it a global garden.

(Genesis 2:5) “Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the LORD God had not sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground.” There was no man to cultivate the ground as God wanted. The word “culture” and cultivate have the same root. “Go make disciples of nations, teaching them…” cultivate nations…bring forth fruit…a harvest for God.

After man fell, the second Adam, Jesus came and took the place of the first Adam. One failed in a garden and the other overcame in a garden and then was buried in a garden and rose from the dead in that garden. The garden mandate is back in motion and the second Adam once again did what was done with the first Adam… John 20:22 “And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

Man is now once again made in Gods image, tilling the earth and subduing it…till it becomes a global garden filled with the reproduced offspring of the new creation! Many sons and daughters ‘born again.’ Go forth and multiply. Fill the earth. Make it a global garden.


11752173_10153508219244936_2570135620877459051_nHERE IS YOUR SANITY PILL

– Take orally three times a day. Just SPEAK this out and THINK about what each confession means in your life! No Kidding.

This is the ancient technology of Israel in action…meditation and the muttering of truths to ones self. This is what David did “to make” his way “prosperous.” and to guarantee “good success.”

1st. God is NOT NEUTRAL in seeking you or wanting to bless you – DAILY. Don’t you be lazy, distracted or NEUTRAL IN RECEIVING- daily. Move TOWARD Him with your mouth and your mind- every day! That’s right, David said: “Let the WORDS of my mouth and the MEDITATION of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord.” (Psalm 19:14)

Therefore you can say: “Thank you Lord for helping me grow spiritually EVERY DAY.” Every day God has something to tell you. There is “daily bread” and a daily anointing for your head.

2nd. “…YOU are RENEWING my mind.” That’s right. Every day your mind is getting sharper and clearer and more like Christ. Your “mind” is also called “the spirit of your mind.” This is HUGE for those who get older. Your mind never ages. Your brain ages. Operate out of a renewed mind and you bypass the fatiguing body parts of old age. Begin to believe your mind is being renewed every day. It is a promise for a sound mind in an age of stress.

3rd. You lack nothing. Everything you will ever need is within you now. Therefore you can boldly say “I am COMPLETE IN YOU!” Amazing. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Because YOU are in Christ – and He is in you and has promised He will not leave you.

No kidding. Say things like this three times a day and your mind, your spirit and your body will thank you.

There are a couple of other really powerful meditations and confessions I will share along the way. This is the ultimate technology.

What do you think? Try repeating this just once and see what happens!


11745921_10153501526619936_7694610223973511642_nWHAT WOULD JESUS SAY ABOUT THIS?
It is going to require unique discipline to not get hooked by world events in an era where the world boils over with conflict, and information and images travel at the speed of smart phones.

I remembered something the often unpredictable founder of the Christian faith once said when people asked His opinion on current events and political outrages.

“Now on the same occasion there were some present who reported to Him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. And Jesus said to them, ‘Do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all other Galileans because they suffered this fate? I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. Or do you suppose that those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them were worse culprits than all the men who live in Jerusalem? I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.'”(Luke 13:1-3)

First off, there is no historical record of either of these events so it is likely that in the first instance Pilate was suppressing some sort of local defiance, and the tower incident most likely involved bad construction.

Three thoughts stand out to me.

1. Jesus was up to date on two current events in the life of Israel. He was aware of what was going on around Him and where appropriate, made use of the events to make a point. Here He dealt with the superstitious mindset among Hebrews that believed bad things happen to people with bad karma. Not so. Those sudden deaths had nothing to do with the condition of those people.

2. The fact is that people can and do die suddenly. This is the real story behind the story. Death comes to all mortal men. Life is fragile. Jesus stressed that His audience needed to be less occupied with the outrage of current events and more concerned with their own relationship with God. He was always an evangelist as well as a teacher.

3. The warning “unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” implies something interesting. Note the word PERISH. To those who repent, death no matter how sudden – cannot cause you to PERISH. The words from John 3:16 take on a new light. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall NOT PERISH but have eternal life.”

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. You shall not perish.

This is the real story Jesus would have us think about when we are inclined to outrage and turmoil over news updates at the end of the age.

Thoughts? What do you think our priorities should be as Christians in this hour of history?


Enoch and Noah: Two stages of Overcomer’s!

Enoch and Noah: Two stages of Overcomer’s!

The word “rapture” and the theology around it suffered a great deal of distortion and incrimination at the hands of folks like me and the preachers of my generation.

The idea of “escape” never played well in America, a land of incurable and often inspired optimists.

However I think we missed something. Forget about correlating the “rapture” with an escape, try substituting “translation” for “rapture” and look at the “translation” as an act of ultimate defiance on the face of death by a remnant who refuse to succumb to the spirit of the age. That’s what I get in this track — DO BIG! Breaking the appointment with death is the unique achievement of the “overcomers” making up this “translation generation” of Enochs.

OUR CHILDREN will go beyond us. This is true for spiritual and natural offspring

NOTICE THE PROPHETIC NUMBERS… “Do Big!” was recorded by my son on the 7th day of rest with the family in Aruba. The 7th catches the spirit of Enoch.

Jude describes the significance of the “7th” and Enoch this way: “Enoch, the 7th from Adam” was “translated” because he walked with God. Interesting, but why mention 7th? He was Adam’s 7th offspring spiritually and naturally. Adam to Abraham (2000 years) Abraham to Jesus (2000 years) Jesus till right about now…(2000 years) that’s 6000 years ending and 7th day dawning. So…if a day with the Lord is as a 1000 years…we are stepping into the 7th day from Adam.

The 7th from Adam is the “translation generation.”

TWO PHASES of END TIME ACTIVITY for the “Overcomers.”

After Enoch the 7th Generation departs by “translation” we have a new story in Genesis… Noah. He is of particular interest because Jesus referred to His coming as a time like Noah. Luke 17:26 – “When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day.”

One type (Enoch) is translated BEFORE the flood and the other (Noah) is delivered THROUGH the flood. (This teaching is gonna flip some switches off and on in my readers so hang with me…)

The Arky Arky is a prophetic statement about the church that makes it through the flood.

50 cubits wide…number of “Pentecost” the Spirit Filled church.
300 cubits long…the number of a complete remnant (recall Gideon’s remnant of 300?)
30 cubits high…the full stature of time and maturity for entrance into the high calling of priest or ruler or deliverer…(Daniel, David, Joseph, Jesus)

Those delivered THROUGH the flood are a remnant people (meaning you are in the minority) who are FILLED with the Spirit, GROWN UP and ready to enter into their office and assignment. This applies both to the Enoch Translation Generation and the “Overcomers” who defy and frustrate the devil right up to the point of martyrdom thereafter.

Curious…when Elisha was tracking Elijah on his way to his TRANSLATION he was almost delayed by a company of 50 Prophets who knew something was happening (2 Kings 2:7). The Prophets of Pentecost, the last great feast are watching as the next generation of Prophets (under the spirit of Elijah) are crossing over into the yet coming great End Time FEAST OF TABERNACLES. The two groups are separated at the moment of the CROSSING JORDAN under Elijah’s mantle is highly symbolic as it leads to the “Translation” encounter… and a double portion mantle on Elisha.

What does all this mean? Not sure, but I know when I am onto something. We shall see.

I know this – “Do Big” – captures an aspect of the “sound” of the TRANSLATION generation who will break the appointment with death. Not a “rapture” but a translation – like Enoch. The translation generation will make the Word flesh and “translate” the message of the kingdom into the language of every sphere to AWAKEN every nation. There will be a fountain in every mountain. A song of “Ascents” is what it’s called in Psalms. “Come let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord.”

Day 7 is a prophetic track for the 7th from Adam and those Enoch’s who will surpass me and my generation.

– Lance


1069145_10153500960079936_1314975806110499998_nINVISIBLE FOUNDATIONS.
When you see a beautiful tall building nobody ever says “Wow, what a beautiful foundation is under that!” The foundation is never seen – it’s invisible.

Jesus taught that a house “built on the rock” could withstand torrential waves and winds. Other houses, no matter how lovely, were shattered and destroyed when built on a faulty foundation. It isn’t the house that is strong, it’s what’s underneath the house that counts. It’s not you – it’s the revelation of His Word, deep inside you, that makes you strong and long lasting.

Apostles lay foundations. Some of the work done in ministry is not glamorous. It is hard and it is hidden. Some of us have to pioneer a message. But the payoff really does come later. The deeper the foundation, the higher the building can go.

For me the joy is hearing someone tell me how something I taught years ago, is producing fruit in their life right now. I laid a foundation but they built something beautiful. That’s the reward a teacher gets.

Realize that time spent, really mastering something, is not time wasted. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to produce mastery in any skill. Or rephrased: you can become a master at anything you invest 10,000 hours in doing.

I read something awhile back from Bill Johnson: He said that it’s easy to build layers of revelation if you have the right 8 or 9 pillars of fundamental doctrines beneath you. That’s cool.

Take the time to invest in deepening your foundation grasp of just these three subjects and they will open higher realms of revelation to you.

1. Your Heavenly Identity- who you really are in Christ
2. New Creation Realities- what you have and can do in Christ
3. Your Spiritual Authority- how to rule over what God has given you

Let me know what you get!



11731946_919697044757753_2322730212286478062_oPROPHETIC ALERT!

Principalities in transition…

As Daniel wrestled in prayer a high raking angel broke through to tell him to keep on praying. The angel was sent to give him insight into the things he was picking up on in his prophetic radar. The BIG point is that a shift was coming between ruling spirits over the age of man. A principality over Greece was involved and so was a Principality over Persia…modern day Iran and Iraq. Is it not interesting that IRAN and GREECE are once again dominating the headlines?

Daniel 10:20: The angel said…, “Do you know why I have come to you? Soon I will return to fight against the PRINCE OF PERSIA, and when I go, the PRINCE OF GREECE will come.”

THIS SCRIPTURE DEALS WITH THE TRANSITION OF NATIONS AND ERAS OF HISTORY. Daniel was shown that Alexander the Great was on the horizon.


GREECE IS “SYMBOLICALLY” IMPORTANT BECAUSE- it is the cradle of Democracy. GREECE laid the foundation for an idea of representative government based on consensus, logic and laws in pursuit of freedom. This could not work without merging it with another idea- FAITH. Faith provides the moral compass to restrain the passions of people seeking their own self interests.

Americans in the 1770-80’s debated and finally forged the best of both worlds into a new experiment balancing and benefiting from the tension between freedom and faith. A new highly productive model was formed for wealth creation and expansion of liberty.

Marc Nuttles picture refers to “the realm”…he is talking about the realm of Government operating as a secular elite over an economy driven by voters unhinged from economic reality. This is a virus effecting more nations than Greece. The piece Mr Nuttle caught is that in the American experiment GOD is sovereign over the people and the people in turn elect their representatives. This is the whole “one nation under God” idea. Remove God as an influence over people and you have nothing left of his influence in democracy. You have the realm of exalted man in the realm of government taking Gods place.

A big “Bozo no no” of historic proportions…as we are about to see.

THEREFORE We should note from GREECE and IRAN in headlines that
…the powers are shifting again!

IRAN – is now an ascending regional and global power with an Islamic political agenda and nuclear capacity for war and destruction developing in its wings.

GREECE – is a descending power, heralding the fall of the West as an economic power when cut free from the moorings of its moral foundation as a “Christian Civilization.” ( the words Churchill used to describe Europe in its last spiritual convulsion – manifest in a struggle against Hitler.)

The UNITED STATES – is the leading ship representing Democracy and free enterprise. It is a ship with no moral rudder taking on 18 TRILLION GALLONS of DEBT. No longer functioning as an experiment in freedom balanced by the moral constraint of a vigorous “Faith” community, freedom will become license and this license will become lawless and lawless with increased debt (spending without responsibility) – will make us like – Greece!

Only there is no Germany to bail us out.

So watch what is happening with a prophetic eye. Don’t be fearful. Don’t be negative. AND don’t be in denial. Be sober minded and full of the Spirit. There is a way out of the storm…but a true Issachar company first “understands the times” and then secondly, “knows what Israel (Gods people) ought to do”.

Am I making sense? Denying reality is not a function of spiritual maturity. Seeing reality and staying victorious is a far better strategy for leaders.

THIS will be our FINEST HOUR! (another Churchillian quote- but true none the less)


11227552_10153483134449936_5229085855373248921_nTHE HOLY SPIRIT IS PROPHETICALLY WARNING HIS PEOPLE…

…the only way to thwart a coming dark spiritual season is to heed Christ’s warning and apply His prescribed solutions. Here in the United States the winds are blowing with such hostility and contempt toward Christians that things are said against believers that would never be said against a Muslim, or Minority.

Even notice the rooster on the weather vain? It is there because Pope Nicholas I decreed in the 9th century that all churches must show the symbol of a Rooster on its dome or steeple, as a symbol of Jesus’ prophecy of Peter’s betrayal (Luke 22:34). It was a reminder that the fixed laws of North, South, East and West will not change or move even when the winds of persecution can cause us to bend with the times.

When the church has no affixed, absolute, biblical truth on which it stands – when it has no “line in the sand” truths, it has ceased to be the force withstanding the gates of Hell on earth. The danger is this – with this mindset the church is reduced to a good will, humanitarian organization with only a weak Christian philosophy.

Rick Renner says: “It is no secret that the spiritual environment in the world is undergoing a radical change and a great gulf is beginning to divide those who are moving away from established truth and those who see what is happening and are responding by making personal re-commitments to absolute truth. The winds of change are blowing and it is producing a sifting, a dividing — a separation of wheat from chaff. The rift has become so severe that who is wheat and who is chaff may be looked upon differently depending on which group to whom you belong.”

Our job is to recognize these truths, then re-calibrate and upgrade our own lives so to honor Godly principles. A changed Church must start with us.

Chime in. Thoughts?

– Lance


11101388_10153489819639936_8172679895229816311_nSPOTLIGHT AND SHADOWS.
To everything there is a season…a time for the stage and a time for the shadows. And during those high times when you are popular you need to steel your soul for the times when you will not be popular.I think the shadows are an important contribution to the development of a truly rich life and diverse life message. It’s an unhealthy burden to always feel like you need something new to say. The pressure to be novel, new and interesting has produced a culture of flash fads and twitterisms in the place of really deep thinking and living.

Isaiah says that the Messiah would grow up as a “root in dry ground.” Interesting language. Evokes the idea that life springs forth from barren places and the same is true for the seasons of wilderness in our own formation.

Don’t leave your message – deepen it. Take it to the next level. Be addicted to advancing your ideas and indifferent to the issue of visibility…

As One!
– Lance

(Watch tomorrow for the next chapter of this message)